Film Theory: What Everyone Got WRONG About Squid Game! (오징어 게임)
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It feels like EVERYONE is talking about Squid Game, the Korean action / drama about a deadly series of children's games.
My Embarrassing Past EXPOSED! | MatPat REACTS to Old Videos
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Theorists, I trust you. We've built up the kind of relationship where I feel like I am safe to share my past. By that, I mean my old ...
Game Theory: Minecraft's DARKEST Timeline! (Hermitcraft SMP)
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Theorists, I may be in DANGER! Or well, at least a Minecraft version of me may be. If you haven't caught up on the Hermitcraft ...
MatPat reacts to losing all his subs!
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Film Theory: Don't Trust A RAT! (Ratatouille)
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I'm ready to ruin your childhood once again! Today, I've set my eyes on Ratatouille - or more specifically our little rat chef Remy.
Game Theory: 97% Of You CAN'T Name The Most Popular Video Game In The World!
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* I am very sorry for the mistake at 7:06 and all following moments where we wrongly used the Costa Rica flag in place of the ...
FNAF, Secrets In The GLITCH?! (Freddy & Friends On Tour Reaction)
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It's time to analyze a new episode of Freddy & Friends On Tour, as well as some other new insights into FNAF Security Breach!
BENDY AND THE WOLF (feat. MatPat) [by Random Encounters]
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(Did you find The Beard in every musical? Tell us his timecode in the comments!) ✸BECOME AN ENCOUNTERER✸ Hit the Bell ...
Game Theory: I Solved The Wilbur Soot ARG... And It Only Took 3 Years!
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If you know Wilbur Soot, then you likely know about his infamously unsolvable ARG. For those NOT in the know, it's time to catch ...
Film Theory: The Tragic Secret of The Walten Files
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When I last left off with The Walten Files, I told you there was something else... something that deserved its own episode.
I BEAT Squid Game... in Roblox! (오징어 게임)
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I've been asked to do a theory about the show Squid Game CONSTANTLY since it came out. Well, I may be working on that... but ...
Game Theory: The End of an Era
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Theorists, welcome to my State of the Union: BGpost and Digital Media Edition. From Twitch to TikTok, the face of online media ...
Losing the Battle
Показвания 15 млн. преди 3 години
We've had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but today is, without question, the saddest day in the history of the Theorist ...
Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF
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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the ...
Game Theory: Nurse Joy is a Pokemon!
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You read the title right. Nurse Joy is a POKEMON and I have the proof! We are going old school Game Theory with this episode ...
Game Theory: 3 New FNAF Timeline Theories!
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It's time for another 3 New FNAF Theories video, where I cram a bunch of new theories too short for their own video into one!
Film Theory: The Monster in the Comments... OwO
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Theorists, something has been lurking in the comments... and not just mine. Meet OwO, the commenter. Now that may seem like ...
MatPat is Being Cancelled...
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MatPat is Being Cancelled... People On Twitter Are Really Trying to Cancel MatPat. So Today MatPat did a Charity Stream, And In ...
Food Theory: The Hot Ones Challenge EXTREME Edition (How to Survive Spicy Food 2)
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Last time we tried the Hot Ones Challenge, we SCORTCHED our mouths but ultimately came up with thewinning remedies for ...
MatPat Reacts To MatPat/Game Theory Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos
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MatPat reacts to his own top 10 videos, watch to see his reaction. Content featured: Can Gamers SURVIVE the Real Mirror's Edge ...