Kayel преди 16 часа
AdmiralOddSock преди 16 часа
I’m pretty sure that’s a Roman centurion costume Tyson Fury wore to the ring, not Spartan 😂
reviews with pappy
reviews with pappy преди 16 часа
Why use hay he's such a turd
Sirk Mar
Sirk Mar преди 16 часа
What a fookin fight.
Navid Khany
Navid Khany преди 17 часа
Wers all the wilders fans ran off to wats ur excuses now
♎ScottishVapes♎ преди 17 часа
A fight for the ages, what a brawl.
P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz преди 17 часа
11:46 Just quick question about the braille at the bottom of the sign... How would a blind person know it's there?
P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz преди 17 часа
11:10 Just shut up, Tommy.
Anony Mous
Anony Mous преди 17 часа
Way way better effort from wilder, but fury took his best and beat him for the 3rd of the division are ez pz
Gborge преди 17 часа
"No filter boxing" but beeps out naughty words hahaha
NoName преди 17 часа
All those morons, filming the fight on phone, wtf.
Tom Reeves
Tom Reeves преди 17 часа
Ricky Hatton there what a LEGEND
Azarul Ahmed
Azarul Ahmed преди 17 часа
19.10 I don't disrespect anyone.... the first thing he did was diss Arthur's coach about his sunglasses.
kkochismile преди 17 часа
this little skinny spaghetti hoop man 😭😭 stop that’s so funny
Leighton United
Leighton United преди 17 часа
This guy is an absolute idiot. Bad for boxing. Wants to be a bigger star than his boxers. Hope Yarde is beat again and this fool is exposed!
YN WA преди 17 часа
Haye got his prediction wrong And it wasn't fury best performance either but still won*
Mick Moron
Mick Moron преди 18 часа
Whats with the two bottles in Wilders corner? The clear one and the one with the red top?
Adam B
Adam B преди 18 часа
This video makes it seem that wilder had more shots/rounds until he was knocked down.
Leighton United
Leighton United преди 18 часа
This should have been an hour long. I'd have loved to see Wilders entire prayer? Man choked him out. He'll be using that as an excuse next!
Kobe Hartford
Kobe Hartford преди 18 часа
It’s sad that he ended up getting bribed to throw away his career, money is a sick thing and sadly people will throw their self respect out the window for enough of it. Combat sports are turning into elementary playground fights and the generation coming up nowadays is genuinely sick in the head and think people like KSI are good boxers
Isaac Yousuf
Isaac Yousuf преди 18 часа
D000Ds D000Ds
D000Ds D000Ds преди 18 часа
Been waiting for this for two weeks, and it didn't disappoint.
kakadots преди 18 часа
Put Henry Cejudo on Joe’s shoulders they still won’t be as tall as Fury 😂😂
noctem 123
noctem 123 преди 18 часа
Amazing to see how different the 2 are lol. Wilder serious as feck and Fury acting like its all fun as usual lol.
A Man With No Name
A Man With No Name преди 18 часа
They sound exactly the same if ya close ur eyes
Ashari Osman
Ashari Osman преди 18 часа
To say Joe Joyce is slow is an understatement
GaFFLe преди 18 часа
Jim Reaper
Jim Reaper преди 18 часа
Absolutely amazing fight to have watched live, so stressful, my nervs where shot by the end, and Tyson Fury is the man, but credit to Sugar Hill too, the mans corner work and pep talks won the night
Scott Mallory
Scott Mallory преди 18 часа
And they hug "there is one of the great things about boxing." Until the 2nd and 3rd fight don't go Wilder's way...
Rawandi преди 18 часа
He's an exact copy of his father. The voice, the facial expressions. Incredible
Muhammed Ibrahim
Muhammed Ibrahim преди 18 часа
Wallin vs whyte would’ve been sick
Baba yoda
Baba yoda преди 18 часа
Wilder was finished in Fight 2 aswell.. Would been stopped by 10 11 in that one.
Mythic Pie
Mythic Pie преди 18 часа
Tyson is such a great guy I often forget what a dangerous man he is!
Ryan Jon
Ryan Jon преди 19 часа
Of the 3 fights that was by far the worst performance by fury
Misba Khan
Misba Khan преди 19 часа
IDIOT WOMAN screaming like that.
Blackjackmaestro 650
Blackjackmaestro 650 преди 19 часа
I've got severe mental health problems,and to see Tyson Fury act as an advocate for people like me,just makes me love him more. This man nearly threw it all away,and came back better. Boxing legend.
Football genius
Football genius преди 17 часа
I'm down right now but we can climb back up man. No excuses... let's go c'mon
xDeathxGunx CF
xDeathxGunx CF преди 19 часа
'no filter boxing' Sugar Hill: 'Jab the m******* '
The Fusilier
The Fusilier преди 19 часа
it's like it's from a movie. Awesome editing.
BT Sport
BT Sport преди 19 часа
Most Devastating
Nacho Vidal
Nacho Vidal преди 19 часа
He should change his name to: DAVID HAYE-TER Never gives any credit to Fury, even after the third beating he handed out to Wilder.
MadJ-T.O2UK преди 19 часа
At least wilder didn't take a knee like Joshua... Just saying 🙃 Wilder is a warrior 💯
Quarantine Quagmire
Quarantine Quagmire преди 19 часа
David “TheHate” Haye is such a creep
Anthony R. Brass
Anthony R. Brass преди 19 часа
Mike Tyson is the man.
TheOutlaw преди 19 часа
Gotta love Sugar Hill ✊ He gave Fury the bollocking he needed
Dan M
Dan M преди 19 часа
FACT!!... my heart rate was higher that wilder's during this fight 🤣
Craig Ransley
Craig Ransley преди 19 часа
I love these no filter videos. Great fight and Tyson Fury deserves all the glory.
michael m
michael m преди 19 часа
Born to fight , yeah everyone except Mick Theo 🥊
puresim316 преди 19 часа
Fury's resume is full of dustbin men's and cab drivers FFS 🤣😂😂
Mostafa Soltani
Mostafa Soltani преди 19 часа
میاوی شد
David Turner
David Turner преди 19 часа
Never thought much of wilder. But both the 2nd and 3rd fight shows how much of a geezer he is. Fighting fury has given me untold respect for wilder. It's taken him this long to gain my respect for him as a fighter however he is now in my eyes a legend. He would never have earned his legend status without the effort he put in on fury.
Alexander Park
Alexander Park преди 17 часа
100% agreement. This is one of those rare situations where the loser of the fight comes out with just as much or nearing the same amount of kudos as the Victor. Wilder showed the heart of a warrior. He was boxing strong early in the fight too before he gassed.. He's added in feints, jabs and uppercuts to his muscle memory now which people have been screaming out for. If he keeps up that technique he can beat anyone in the heavyweight division bar usyk and fury over the next 3 years. It just so happens its impossible to knock fury out cold. I've come to that conclusion because that right hand he took from wilder in the 4th was enough to spark out most fighters and it was a concussive blow as furys legs went to jelly... However fury gets up like its nothing lmao. Incredible.
ENDZ преди 19 часа
America took a massive permanent L in this. Fury didn't even try its as though he was going to a stag party with his boys. Imagine beating their best man in his home town 3 different times at 50-60%. Sorry Yanks but There's no coming back from this.
CheckDisOutpeeps преди 19 часа
After watching this.. Jake Paul is going to win. Couldn't stop a guy with over 100 losses?
Dave Clark
Dave Clark преди 19 часа
I’m glad David Haye doesn’t like to bet as he would have no money
WatchingNow преди 19 часа
That last punch from Fury, total "Finish him" move 💯🥊
Alex Alexis
Alex Alexis преди 19 часа
Ash Mohd
Ash Mohd преди 20 часа
This was the best fight this decade at the very least... The best fight I've seen anyway, and I've seen a lot. Credit to both Fury and Wilder.