The Last Duel | 20th Century Studios
Jon Snow
Jon Snow преди 23 часа
I am waiting already 1 year for this movie
iRena Dubrovna
iRena Dubrovna преди 23 часа
.... the penalty for baring false witness ... 2:10 .... " Take me, to the pole ! "
iRena Dubrovna
iRena Dubrovna преди 23 часа
twist ending ? shapeshifter
2UGLi 4 Hollywood
2UGLi 4 Hollywood преди 23 часа
5$ bin at Walmart presents…..
Vincent Fox
Vincent Fox преди 23 часа
Hey 20th century studios, where can i actually watch this in the uk? Theres no theaters showing this film.
Ed Konstantellis
Ed Konstantellis преди 23 часа
What is, with the half face helmet?
etsop kanada
etsop kanada преди 23 часа
i got gooseBumps.....of course Spielberg being a Master helps alot......
mayrena cano
mayrena cano преди 23 часа
Exodus: God an Kings (there is one God only)
XFiorentti преди 23 часа
You can't remake a classic..this is a sign that Hollywood just doesn't want to explore original films 🙄...why reinvent the wheel. The 1960's version was and is still amazing. The music is rich and the choreography is way unbelievable. What a crud :(
Jimtendo преди 23 часа
Is this a British version 🤣🤣🤣
قطرة من بحر
قطرة من بحر преди 23 часа
#### so disgusting
CCY 2007
CCY 2007 преди ден
Bio-Weapon N
Bio-Weapon N преди ден
What the kid isn't a black, trans, female, lesbian, hipster, lgbtqzxvpit ctrl R cap T Bold G super Q icon. So insensitive of these producers.
cmolodiets преди ден
it's a school for monsters. Parents won't claim they haven't been warned anymore
Ankit Das
Ankit Das преди ден
Matt Damon v Kylo Ren. Never would have guessed the outcome. Had to cautiously avoid reading about the story before watching the movie. And it was all worth it.
Cleide Januario
Cleide Januario преди ден
Bom, agora explicações ao polícial...
Stephan преди ден
0:14 Harvey Dent, can we trust him? OMG i love this guy
Not so good as the old one, home alone part 1 and 2 is irreplaceable
Groot :D
Groot :D преди ден
SoulsHunter преди ден
I watched it, very good movie !
Tj Burton
Tj Burton преди ден
Wall E ?
Artieful преди ден
Please tell me it's a joke
Ashlyn Burgess
Ashlyn Burgess преди ден
I honestly think this is such a clever concept. Having a robot to make friends. It’s basically our phones in robot form. But it does look like Bay max lol
Phil Badone
Phil Badone преди ден
Stick to the foreign actors, Damon and Affleck, really?
Storm Trailer
Storm Trailer преди ден
best film ! love it thanks to make this film :)
hey XxStorm-SlasherXx
hey XxStorm-SlasherXx преди ден
YOU COULDVE GOT MACAULAY MACULKIN!! Hes the og and we need him🐐
Berge1616 преди ден
I didnt know Jim Carrey as "The Mask" played Piccolo in that movie!!
MrsRubGrub преди ден
No, just no
Alex Does GoAnimate
Alex Does GoAnimate преди ден
Wilson Camacho
Wilson Camacho преди ден
Looks good but, back then PR's never used the word gringos, that was a word used on the west coast by Mexicans, and PR's dressed up mostly white and black clothing, the Dominicans were well known for thier bright yellow outfit's. Rita obviously did not have much say power on this, cause even the accents were horrible. Not trying to be negative, just disappointed.
Human Being
Human Being преди ден
A-train before shooting up compound V
shadowwq преди ден
i love this movie. just watched it
TheOutsider0099 преди ден
Disney is cancer.
Mark преди ден
No, just no.
The gaming pro
The gaming pro преди ден
just Watched rons gone rons at cinema, and i can say it was a good movie i liked it a lot there was a lot of twists. Recommend this movie if you like animated adventure
This Leprechaun Writes
This Leprechaun Writes преди ден
Bore off, Hollywood. Another self-indulgent, grim , medieval 'epic' no one asked for on the month of Halloween. So out of touch. No one likes these preachy A-Listers.
SONICBOOM1889 преди ден
vx преди ден
Spacepauls преди ден
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon преди ден
This was an excellent movie. My only caveat is that the woman is portrayed as flawless and better and smarter and kinder and cleverer than everyone else, and that's never believable. But all in all, really well done, and the final fight scene was incredible.
legobrick311 преди ден
Trailer Editor: So, which songs do you want in the trailer? 20thCF: Yes
Marc Carvalho
Marc Carvalho преди ден
I saw this trailer in theaters and, I sh*t you not, for the first 30 seconds, I was convinced it was a trailer for The French Dispatch.
Blanket Flunky
Blanket Flunky преди 23 часа
For the first 30 seconds I was thinking to myself “I swear to god this movie came out like 2 years ago” and sure enough the trailer for it first dropped in like July of 2019 lol
Frank Woods
Frank Woods преди ден
That’s what happens when you order home alone on wish 🤢
TiMERZ преди ден
Congratulation U got a lot dislike
closinginonclosure преди ден
0:57 There's that nasty little toe thumb 😂 Those things gross me out.
Șobolan de Cartier
Șobolan de Cartier преди ден
Ohoo Buzz
cams преди ден
Is he the same kid in jojo rabbit?
MikeyMotion Stories
MikeyMotion Stories преди ден
“You do realize that my ten. Year old son. Is at home. By himself.”
WEIRD ZONE преди ден
America has stateman British has kingsman.... Can't wait for the Vietnam's....BUSHMEN
pannir selvan
pannir selvan преди ден
And I watched this movie again today
Heisenberg преди ден
What a joke!😂😂
Giselle Arce
Giselle Arce преди ден
i want to wach rons gone wrong at my hose
Jason Hogan
Jason Hogan преди ден
This is what you call an atrocity. This is like the poor mans version of the masterpiece Iron Giant.
Wave Ninja
Wave Ninja преди ден
I JUST Saw it and i already want a 2nd movie 😩
Biggie Cleetus!
Biggie Cleetus! преди ден
What has happened with the movie industry. Why like this.
khosoo buinjargal
khosoo buinjargal преди ден
Bull sheeeet anglosaks propoganda
Down Loads
Down Loads преди ден
Great Movie!
Protus преди ден
Now we need a Chester Bennington movie
JDM преди ден
Say no to fishbowls!
Izan Yzam
Izan Yzam преди ден
Hah take dat 20th century fox. good try
Jay преди ден
Whats the title of the background music??
Funky Monk
Funky Monk преди ден
Underrated movie.
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth преди ден
The original will always be the best this looks terrible
k k
k k преди ден
No no no just no
Only Jahlase
Only Jahlase преди ден
Truly disappointed
Пра До
Пра До преди ден
Почему из яиц не вылез лицехват из чужих .?
Night Bot
Night Bot преди ден
Who From Twilight Daycare Roblox Guys?
davehack100_ on iG
davehack100_ on iG преди ден
👆👆👆💯 🇺🇸 🌎he got my spying fixed permanently
davehack100_ on iG
davehack100_ on iG преди ден
👆👆👆💯 🇺🇸 🌎he got my spying fixed permanently
Moataz Aboueleid
Moataz Aboueleid преди ден
Does anybody know if this "digi daga" dance is an actual song? If yes do you know the name?
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar преди ден
Wow i love this movie its defrent
Arthurplayz преди ден
CalixcoCat преди ден
When Ron shows a picture of baby Barney I think Barney in his mind would be embarrassed if you actually took it away from him
CalixcoCat преди ден
Barney sounds younger in the movie but in the interview he sounds older I dont get the difference
cҼsarin ғɊshіon
cҼsarin ғɊshіon преди ден
What is this movie even about..
Thrimurthiz преди ден
After kanakam kamini kalaham🙂