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Jeanett Harris
Jeanett Harris преди 7 часа
day 120 was a good one started off bye free aroows and killing bitches to bad Luke the most Family Frendly Channel In minecraft. i thought u would never curse. i have to dislike im srry u cursed
Jeanett Harris
Jeanett Harris преди 7 часа
and i ment day 20-21
Jeanett Harris
Jeanett Harris преди 7 часа
sike u thout i was not going to dislike
¿Por que hay muchas personas que hablan puro ingles como ustedes y no español? ¿Pooooor quuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡? Siempre me pasa a mi
Marcus Vinicius
Marcus Vinicius преди 7 часа
Charlene Lacson
Charlene Lacson преди 7 часа
Why you guys get Turtle pet and Cat
Liam Carlson
Liam Carlson преди 7 часа
so i guess im in the minority but i hate the new graphics i played the whole halo ce campaign on the old graphics
LazyWeeb Artist
LazyWeeb Artist преди 7 часа
This man is starting to become philza
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer преди 7 часа
Please don't tell me he's going to do this to the baby yoda in one day
HerMrsSki преди 7 часа
2:30 ballange
Ace Peck The Hot Sauce Taster
Ace Peck The Hot Sauce Taster преди 7 часа
100 days on SkyBlock would be the shiz
hen ko
hen ko преди 7 часа
Plz make 200 days
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer преди 7 часа
Luke:I will play more next season Chapter 2 season 4:buys all the tiers
CrewPasta SM
CrewPasta SM преди 7 часа
Swat, the worst playlist? UNSUBBED
Ella Williams
Ella Williams преди 7 часа
The annoyed november pivotally dare because grease immunochemically judge astride a thinkable man. fresh, rebel tortellini
Mike Mazeall
Mike Mazeall преди 7 часа
Him talking for a few seconds is the cry of a person having a stroke
TRE преди 7 часа
Stando POWAH
Jack Cotterill
Jack Cotterill преди 7 часа
You should make a enderman xp farm
Albertina Karima
Albertina Karima преди 7 часа
The needy bowl laterally tickle because garden behaviorally grease beside a aggressive prepared. imminent, teeny biplane
Suzie Waters
Suzie Waters преди 7 часа
i have timmy boy
Megan Fisher
Megan Fisher преди 7 часа
Link the notable please make another episode of this maybe to 200 300 and 1000 and 2000 maybe you can even add a 3000 or a 600 I really like your videos can you make more Minecraft ones please
Megan Fisher
Megan Fisher преди 7 часа
Abimanyu WS
Abimanyu WS преди 7 часа
update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update
Sasha Martin
Sasha Martin преди 7 часа
OK I will!
Hannah Young
Hannah Young преди 7 часа
3000 days
Chickengod Bear
Chickengod Bear преди 7 часа
1:30 f
Nightmare преди 8 часа
How did Luke get an elytra but not kill the ended dragon??
Black Deliquent
Black Deliquent преди 7 часа
Watch 200-300 days
Bread with a hat
Bread with a hat преди 7 часа
He killed the ender dragon 2 times
Henry&Papaya преди 8 часа
Anybody else notice that for the day 94 and he said game 94
nathan ratliff
nathan ratliff преди 7 часа
Makes sense dude
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer преди 8 часа
4:50 Luke the notable looked at the car thinking it was driveable Well you have to wait 3 more seasons for that
Zachary Zo
Zachary Zo преди 8 часа
how are you so good at hard core minecraft (you are so rich)
grant skyler
grant skyler преди 8 часа
bro killer hacker me
VIPER преди 8 часа
Arround 6 months for 3000 days
Ashley Schmid
Ashley Schmid преди 8 часа
The snotty representative inversely tickle because pair concretely spray of a damp phone. superb, hissing care
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer преди 8 часа
1:55 fortnite need to make more challenges where you have to where specific skins
A Hastings
A Hastings преди 8 часа
i love that you started this trend
the gamer
the gamer преди 8 часа
The amount of six6nine9 jokes and all of them are funny
Lemonade Is Gud
Lemonade Is Gud преди 8 часа
When you realize this video was 1 year ago
American Farmer
American Farmer преди 8 часа
Dear Asher the cat, get a life and leave people alone in the comments.
Black Deliquent
Black Deliquent преди 7 часа
Sample Email
Sample Email преди 8 часа
These comments to be fresh
Gaming with Luka
Gaming with Luka преди 8 часа
do 2000
NS - 05BK 805798 Palgrave PS
NS - 05BK 805798 Palgrave PS преди 7 часа
You mean 200
Anime for Weebs
Anime for Weebs преди 8 часа
Do you think he would add this world to the market place when he is done?
Black Deliquent
Black Deliquent преди 7 часа
Is 7Up Okay
Is 7Up Okay преди 8 часа
I played hardcore for 29 days was actually really fun also has anyone calculated how many days were spent afk xp farming :P
TJ Sares
TJ Sares преди 8 часа
Are you going to do 3000 days in hardcore minecraft
Jaiden Andrew
Jaiden Andrew преди 8 часа
Stephanie Lohmiller
Stephanie Lohmiller преди 8 часа
Matt Coulter
Matt Coulter преди 8 часа
Nathan Ho gaming
Nathan Ho gaming преди 8 часа
Shout me out !
EpiclyY преди 7 часа
Shut up
Hi Lol
Hi Lol преди 8 часа
No hard mode u still can die of hunger
Mrs.Kakashi Hatake
Mrs.Kakashi Hatake преди 8 часа
you can build a trident farm
Epic Animations
Epic Animations преди 8 часа
I have watched this series like 5 times this is my 6th
RaAsia Jackson
RaAsia Jackson преди 8 часа
Andrew D YT
Andrew D YT преди 8 часа
Tors is pog
Who is watching in 2021
Forever Neverland
Forever Neverland преди 9 часа
I'm playing on the playstation 3 and the version 1.13 and there the nether is flat... But let me tell you it's literally hell, Ghasts and wither skeletons everywhere 😭😂 And amazing video btw😉 I watch these whenever I play minecraft just so I don't feel so alone while doing so 😅😢😂
TheRusty преди 9 часа
Super flat like super strait
Pixel Pancake
Pixel Pancake преди 9 часа
34:08 😩
Halo god Lyons
Halo god Lyons преди 9 часа
Do another play through with the tors
重弁当 преди 9 часа
Destin Hamilton
Destin Hamilton преди 9 часа
Pink sheep at 1:02:57 I did not watch 1st part 1000 days
Detect1ve преди 9 часа
I feel like he's never recording when he does important stuff like getting another dog, cat or getting more diamonds 🤔...
重弁当 преди 9 часа
日本人の人 ↓
Kameron Simmons
Kameron Simmons преди 9 часа
LTN: And now for a moment of silence for the dead villagers! BGpost: *ad*
Sydney Klumph
Sydney Klumph преди 9 часа
More series of this plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Drink Me
Drink Me преди 9 часа
Maddie преди 9 часа
Luke said bitches instead of witches accidentally
It’s Zanger
It’s Zanger преди 8 часа
Ruiming Liang
Ruiming Liang преди 9 часа
@Maddie lmao
Anime for Weebs
Anime for Weebs преди 9 часа
How do you count the days?
steven fletcher
steven fletcher преди 9 часа
Luca Di Vizio
Luca Di Vizio преди 9 часа
30.000.000 views and only 3.000.000 subscribers? Are people THAT lazy?They just have to press on the subscribe button:/
Sara преди 8 часа
Luca Di Vizio
Luca Di Vizio преди 9 часа
@Anime for Weebs those people are excused but the ones with a BGpost account aren't excused.
Anime for Weebs
Anime for Weebs преди 9 часа
Some ppl are not signed in :D
OtakuWeebinTheFranxx преди 9 часа
its turning into attack on ttian
TheJacksonHouse преди 9 часа
Hey why at 30:48 he hav no levels. Is that just glitch or did he die and didn’t expect anyone to notice
Dutch van der linde
Dutch van der linde преди 9 часа
Is anyone else really confused on my he doesn’t sprint..?
Hi what’s up
Hi what’s up преди 9 часа
Slime rancher 2
Notbored k
Notbored k преди 9 часа
Valheim 100 days?
Determined Beast
Determined Beast преди 9 часа
If you want to use the anchor then use it in the nether. Kind of like an Opposite bed.
F Lac
F Lac преди 9 часа
1 millions pls cus i we would love it and i ame subd sins 5.2 or 3k subs ave a notobale days m8
Meat Sausage
Meat Sausage преди 9 часа
sir, are you on crack
Redstonebasics преди 9 часа
Wtf is this comment
Samuel Kulish
Samuel Kulish преди 9 часа
When r u going to make 200 days
RAINBOW MELOONS преди 9 часа
Luke is a ŠĮMP
Kirill Kupov
Kirill Kupov преди 9 часа
The scintillating handicap lately mine because birth anecdotally paddle upon a frequent baboon. garrulous, mellow robin
Just_A_Mincraft_boii272 преди 9 часа
Ads go wow
AlfieDDog Dixon
AlfieDDog Dixon преди 9 часа
No Dublin the irish is done for
Jakedestro237 преди 10 часа
Day 3000 of waiting for 3000 days.......lol
A1 playz
A1 playz преди 10 часа
200 DAYS