e jd
e jd преди 21 час
talking about slavery with chain worth more than his bank account just a few years ago
The Ronin
The Ronin преди 21 час
He should chill out let Dillian get the well deserved title fight and rematch him for the belt if Dillian wins or rematch Tyson again if not.
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain преди 21 час
Lyndon gonna do the business again
Scott Hands
Scott Hands преди 21 час
Boxing aside he is great funny man 👍
Terry Donnelly
Terry Donnelly преди 21 час
Be good opportunity for him
Infinite8 преди 21 час
I do understand some of the hostility projected towards tunde but here I think pat took it far with the 'punch your head in' talk, tunde objected to lyndon interjecting and tried to make it clear that when one is speaking, one should listen and vice versa not in an egoic sense. But because of the emotional attachment team arthur has, along with the belief that their feelings align with public opinion, it spurred them on to berate tunde hence the rise in pat's blood pressure and storming off like a child. This will cloud judgement come fight night and may cost them the fight. I like the way yarde conducted himself here, people chastising his behaviour after his loss to arthur clearly have no back bone, yarde acted exactly how a devastated fighter should after a loss, if the sport means that much to him; none of this 'fair play I lost' or 'I'm so humble even in defeat' and saying to the press its no big deal and will come back stronger! A lot of people criticising were only repeating what they heard others say, bunch of sheep like idiots who want to feel important cos in their own lives they're a fuck up and always say the wrong shit so they seize the opportunity to feel redeemed in comment sections online.
St pendrobay
St pendrobay преди 22 часа
Ok its tunde. Not tundi or tondi lol. Tuunde is still delusional btw
M.A.I.A !!
M.A.I.A !! преди 22 часа
Said no body...shawn is not wash up.. finally Crawford fight not washed up!!!!
hiiipower iii
hiiipower iii преди 22 часа
Shit got real AF when he took dem sunglasses off lol 😂😂
Joe Krypt
Joe Krypt преди 22 часа
Pat could of handled Tunde's goading of Lyndon differently but I will say Tunde is a top class prick. Now I want Lyndon to win so badly.
L.F.C all the way Y.N.W.A.
L.F.C all the way Y.N.W.A. преди 22 часа
Fair play 👏👏
Peter McHugh
Peter McHugh преди 22 часа
Well done Radio Rahim 👍
Peter McHugh
Peter McHugh преди 22 часа
Fury knocked him out twice and should have won the first goodnight wilder 🤛🏿🤛🏿🤜🤜
matmaism преди 23 часа
Got to feel sorry for Wallin on this - he deserves that fight - hope Whyte and his team come good on this.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones преди 23 часа
Sam Jones
Sam Jones преди 23 часа
I believe it to be knock you out
Tommy Lawton
Tommy Lawton преди 23 часа
Fake all for the moneyyyyyt
Andrew преди 23 часа
He should fight the Gypsy King again. Wallin deserves some good paydays. He's a very good fighter.
Marcel Marizu
Marcel Marizu преди 23 часа
Fast forward to 2 fast-forward to 2021 , Tyson Fury defeated Vladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder . His predictions were correct.
Robbie Brenn
Robbie Brenn преди 23 часа
I don't see the drama, Wallin was a voluntary fight, he is ranked like number 20, go get up the rankings and then complain. He isn't even a top heavy weight but now he complains. Look at the WBC rankings, someone show me Wallin? Top two are Fury and Whyte. End of.
cwil преди 23 часа
Legend has it that Frank shrugs a car 100x after breakfast
bambiclart преди ден
I like yarde, he seems like a good guy, he's very personable, I had Arthur winning the first fight and yarde doing a lot of posing and posturing, I think both men will be better this time round and if yarde doesn't get the ko then Arthur wins on points again
Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives
Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives преди ден
This gentleman commands respect!! The voice of reason!!!
noidea4name преди ден
Man boxing is a dodgy sport...
Darth Wave
Darth Wave преди ден
Sadly that pent up anger and talk of catching bodies cost him his career. Any true boxing or mma fan knows that once you lose 3 in a row to 1 man. Your career is toast. Hell get a few big fights and wins for the payday, but his 🏆 rain is all over. He could've been one of the greatest. Smh.
GB7 преди ден
Jamchester преди ден
I love Sugar Hill such a cool guy, 🇬🇧
Jay Jay
Jay Jay преди ден
Why is the winner fighting Fury? Man U re given a fight, not a mandatory.
Q преди ден
This bogus fake rage is why this clown got his just desserts.
Mel soso
Mel soso преди ден
Give that guy a pillow
Grant O
Grant O преди ден
a real athlete
David Logan
David Logan преди ден
It's great to know now what we know about the first fight
DC videos
DC videos преди ден
Otto stands a good chance of beating whyte Eddie hearn not daft you won't be seeing no mri's, doctors guaranteed 🤣
treyakasprings преди ден
Josh Taylor is an ELITE fighter jack Catterall is not unfortunately for him. He’ll get stopped in round 7
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts преди ден
Basically fast Eddie's golden goose AJ ,got cooked, so he'd be taking, a huge risk letting , Dillon fight, that's why he always puts in a rematch clause. He does the same , on the golf course in case he loses
Wesam_way преди ден
This fight was supposed to be like the Luke campbell fight , but it ended in round 1 , this shows how good Ryan is
2009rickyj преди ден
Eddie's plan to use whyte again to dethrone tyson then get aj to on whyte you heard it here first x
Kristofer Dandy
Kristofer Dandy преди ден
Good man!! Anyone involved in any sport will know that consistency and attitude will always make the best YOU. Respect Anthony ✌
Glen Leon
Glen Leon преди ден
So his career is probably over with serious shoulder injury 🤔 yet in 3 weeks he will be crying for a Title shot !
prettyluh_skye преди ден
logan is actually good lookin lmao
azysheff преди ден
Damn they are out here desperately begging.... feel sorry for him but that’s boxing.. ur not getting a rescheduled fight nor have any legal standing to demand one, just move on and don’t embarrass yourselfs it’s not happening
Nendnnen Snnn
Nendnnen Snnn преди ден
Fight Luis
TEZ BARBER преди ден
Yardes faking grief
Dali Singh
Dali Singh преди ден
A fact! Wallin is far more dangerous fight for Whyte, before everyone barny, allow me to explain. Whyte is expected to get smashed by Fury, but if he gets beaten by Wallin, his stock plummets in the dumps. In my opinion Wallin for Whyte is the Usyk type dilemma AJ just had.
Allan Murphy
Allan Murphy преди ден
Both these 2 will be a nightmare for any1
2009rickyj преди ден
Fact of the matter is dillian deserves title shot more than wallin deserves to fight whyte peace ✌
John Ut
John Ut преди ден
He slags off tyson for his mental health and then his ego makes 100 excuses when he gets knocked out TWICE
Ben Finesilver
Ben Finesilver преди ден
If he can't fight Whyte, Hrgovic has a deal with matchroom...but would they risk Hrgovic's profile (he fought someone ranked 235 in his last fight in basically a no contest).
Ben Finesilver
Ben Finesilver преди ден
The fight's been Whyte-washed
George Mason
George Mason преди ден
Mybaby преди ден
White is slow and weak ,never will be champ.Usyk is real champ
littlejonnywonny преди ден
Top interviewer
Rangda Rangda
Rangda Rangda преди ден
What on earth is on his hoodie, is it God and the Devil doing a Thumb War?
Steve Michaels
Steve Michaels преди ден
Who’s the guy yelling in the audience 🤔
LR266 преди ден
Happy to see Cattrall finally get his shot at the titles but he's really up against it with Taylor.
Bacon n Eggs
Bacon n Eggs преди ден
Did Otto do the right thing when he got injured leading up to the Brown fight... 🍻
Wyn Lewis
Wyn Lewis преди ден
Taylor on another level to this lad. He'll be brutally stopped within 6rnds
Paul De Ville
Paul De Ville преди ден
I don't believe Dllian Whyte is injured. Wallin is just to much of a risk. I suppose it is understandable when you consider Dillian has a potential fight against Fury and a loss to Otto at this time would cause him to lose his number 1 ranking in the WBO for the World title and put Otto Wallin as number 1 and Dllian as number 2. And Dillian has waited long enough to be fair. In fact it would be silly for Dillian to jeopardize his title shot opportunity by taking a fight he doesn't really need.
Keppo G
Keppo G преди ден
"Probably call me a terrorist" we're getting there
GBGuthrie преди ден
You Whyte fanboys need to remember that Wallin's out of pocket for both the camp and the time he's spent on his training. He didn't have to fight Wallin but still chose to, and put everything in motion by doing so. If he's not injured, he needs to shut about people screwing him over since he's doing the exact same thing. You can keep saying he's overdue a shot but Wallin shouldn't have been messed about like this.
mysterious billionaire
mysterious billionaire преди ден
thought Whyte's shoulder would go the way he was throwing punches from over the head in his povetkin fight
Channel 55 and a box of tissues
Channel 55 and a box of tissues преди ден
the doctor released a statement confirming the shoulder injury. the doctor is also credible. This was 2 days ago And his doctor Harjinder Singh is confident that the issue can be fixed with rehabilitation and recovery and will not need more urgent treatment. "Dillian sustained a shoulder injury during training in preparation for his planned fight on October 30 2021, which I have assessed and confirmed with diagnostic imaging," Singh said. "I have treated the injury, but the injury will unfortunately prevent him from fighting in October. With immediate rest, physiotherapy and rehabilitation there should be no enduring concerns."
G-man преди ден
Nice lad Jack but Taylor as been operating on a whole higher level since making O'hara quit, beat top champion's and ex champions some in their back yards, it's good to have belief and confidence in yourself as Jack seems to have but I cannot honestly see him beating Taylor by any means and he could be stopped before it gets to the judges cards, but no shame in losing to the undisputed and ring magazine champion, just hope it's a good domestic Scotland V England fight, i'm backing the Scot.
GRIZZLEY!! преди ден
Just hope it's not like aj v cornish, what a let down that was
Adam Mcvay
Adam Mcvay преди ден
Why are you not fighting Charlo, he has the WBC Strap, its strap season.
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury преди ден
This will be a brutal knockout by TTT
Marcus Jean Pirae
Marcus Jean Pirae преди ден
Poor bugger got ‘ Hearn’d’ 🤣🦆
JmC69Hd преди ден
Man if was in Wallin's position i would going in on whyte so hard, its only thing he can do right now anyway
gary davies
gary davies преди ден
taylor in a different class
Ronnie Smith
Ronnie Smith преди ден
As if zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Karl Williams
Karl Williams преди ден
Respect David👍
Guessedcard преди ден
He’s the biggest joke ever
Albert Steptoe
Albert Steptoe преди ден
NCP Realty
NCP Realty преди ден
How could any of you scumbags give this video a thumbs down, it’s disgusting this guy gets nothing zero and he still a gentleman, this world is terrible.
Lee Kew
Lee Kew преди ден
Everybody talking crap dillian has waited years for a shot. This guy already fought Tyson boring shitshow. It's unfortunate for him but stop crying you would do exactly the same as Dillan.
OZ преди ден
Otto had his shot. Let whyte have his then fight whyte and stop being a pick me pick me boy for the WBC