Outcry Premiere TVMA
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DAY IN CAMP: Brandun Lee | SHOWTIME Boxing
Nepnep Mo
Nepnep Mo преди час
cramps vs blister ahahahaha
George Morenstein
George Morenstein преди час
Leo will drop him with that chopping right.
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia преди час
Leo is great but we need to see tank fight real contenders in the 135 weight class. He going for the smaller guys
Beans Graham
Beans Graham преди час
Tko before round 8
luisito cuz
luisito cuz преди час
I think Leo is gonna give a surprise
187kill-um преди час
I don't see this going the distance. I think Tank will win by KO some time after R6. Good luck to both fighters on Saturday.
Most Hated
Most Hated преди час
Vamos leo tú puedes échale muchas ganas
Carolina Sandoval
Carolina Sandoval преди час
Im Mexican but i got 10 k on tank
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez преди час
Bet me another 10k on Leo 😈
Guillermo Pelayo G-mo
Guillermo Pelayo G-mo преди час
Santacruz great champion
Edward Musgrove
Edward Musgrove преди 2 часа
They not understanding with Leo is saying... Leo said dude was 36-0 w/30 ko’s and Leo still beat him he said it with no emotions... he was serious
Starts around 13:00
dee 40
dee 40 преди 2 часа
Gervonte you gotta know what to say you be tripping over yo words
Shabazz Prophet
Shabazz Prophet преди 2 часа
He ain't no public speaker he a fighter
Tu mama
Tu mama преди 2 часа
Vamos Leo si de puedo, aqui no hay miedo. Vamos con todo 🇲🇽🔥
Johnny Hughes
Johnny Hughes преди час
Ap Trader
Ap Trader преди 2 часа
Thats the tank I wanna see he's focused and growing as a fighter a real Champion...
xvillian преди 2 часа
Sponsored by proper 12 boxing?! Is this a sign there will be a 2nd fight with fm or nah?!
Tony Partridge
Tony Partridge преди 2 часа
Lol!!!! At 4:37 Brandon said "don't hit me" 🤣🤣
Damianz71 преди 2 часа
Ya’ll sleeping on leo. If it gets passed the 5-6 round and leo isnt on the ground, then its over for Tank.
Sergio Sergio
Sergio Sergio преди 2 часа
I like Leo! Very humble guy! I really believe he can take tank to deep water and gets him
Hunter Ashton
Hunter Ashton преди 2 часа
lol 😂 not buying if Tank makes weight. Sheesh Santa Cruz better buckle up.
Andy Ham
Andy Ham преди 2 часа
Hey look it’s espinosa the wiesel
JakobeMyers преди 2 часа
If Gervonta beats this man. We need to see Him vs Ryan Garcia
JakobeMyers преди 2 часа
@Hunter Ashton I agree completely but I think it’s a smart choice career wise for tank because Ryan is pop in on social media. Knocking him out would bring a lot of attention to tank tbh.
Shabazz Prophet
Shabazz Prophet преди 2 часа
You meant when and ryan undercooked
Hunter Ashton
Hunter Ashton преди 2 часа
Ryan not ready for that yet. Neither is Devin Haney they both dogs but they’re young as fuck. At least one more year before Ryan and 2-3 years before Haney. I’d rather see Ryan And Devin fight :)
Lyden Botelho
Lyden Botelho преди 2 часа
41 minutes until either of the fighters started talking. This press conference system sucks
Mugen1874 преди 2 часа
Boring ass press conference expected more trash talk from davis
Peter McCanon
Peter McCanon преди 2 часа
“ till the Bully gets punched in the mouth” Tank Laughs...lmao... Tank gonna break Leo.. Should be a good fight tho no doubt about that
Jason D
Jason D преди 2 часа
Time 2 take this tank to the scrap yard, A tank is heavy an easily blown up... Leo for the win!!!! Who wants to bet i got $50
Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙
Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙 преди 2 часа
Ohhhh! Psychological warfare! Training/ pulling up in the TBE LAMBO/ TMT WIP. 😉
Karma Tashi
Karma Tashi преди 2 часа
Coach of Mayweather is his father#1 champion . Coach of khabib is his father#1 champion. Coach of loe is his father so he be the champ💪💪💪❤️
adolfo rodriguez
adolfo rodriguez преди 2 часа
I feel leo has a chance in the later rounds if tank runs out of gas
T Canales
T Canales преди 2 часа
Tank is drained. Leo wins by decision 🦾
Jason Au
Jason Au преди 2 часа
First play was a blown responsibility even tho he had no responsibility. He avoided the C (i think) gap to get caught up in traffic.
Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera преди 2 часа
I love how they don't trash talk each other and will just leave it all in the ring. But the fans... that's another story 😂
Meeche преди 2 часа
Leo better listing to his daddy it’s going to be a early night
Parmesan Cheese Productions
Parmesan Cheese Productions преди 2 часа
no crowds hurts the defense. they need that energy
Brown Water TV
Brown Water TV преди 2 часа
After the check clears from this win he needs to invest into a speech coach . The sponsors and drops are coming soon and this won’t cut it lol
CraetonDaDonBeats преди 2 часа
😂😂😭ion think it can improve it's his insecuritie he shy around ppl but shit Mike Tyson got away with it
Gustavo Vidales
Gustavo Vidales преди 2 часа
I hope Santa Cruz wins to shut up these tank fans that think he’s good foo is fighting a Bantamweight Foh 😂😂
Michael Bassett
Michael Bassett преди 2 часа
Dem gloves lethal. Pow dow.
Zen Maestro
Zen Maestro преди 2 часа
17:34 lol pedquiaos face reaction, he knew he lost 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
iRetrify преди 2 часа
My prediction is that Leo will knockdown Tank round 4 but tank is gonna K.O Leo round 8 💯✅
Sikandar Hussain
Sikandar Hussain преди 2 часа
in boxing, judges are corrupt, especially when money making fights are judged. LENNOX VS HOLYFIELD 1, FURY VS WILDER 1, GGG VS CANELO 1, CANELO VS LARA, FLOYED VS MANNY. EVEN LOMA VS LOPEZ was controvercial.. I think modern tech should be used in judgements.. Boxing is running on old fashioned principles.
Yoshiling преди 2 часа
Ray just does everything at 100%. Pure passion. Love him.
Pac Man
Pac Man преди 2 часа
Coach Calvin with the 💍 outside the gloves 😂
J Brown
J Brown преди 2 часа
Rays fingers tearing that TV up 😂😂
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez преди 2 часа
That Tv was going through it
Chris Green
Chris Green преди 2 часа
Shut up and learn something Brandon
Germany преди 2 часа
i love how they have respect for each other
Jay Gee
Jay Gee преди 2 часа
Claims he doesn’t have brain damage from defense! Interviews like he has brain damage -Mayweather
williamramirez87 преди 2 часа
Leo has a good chance of winning by decision he stays very busy. I don’t see him winning by KO. What do you guys think?
Sdecar H
Sdecar H преди 2 часа
Mentally loss when you want to defend a 135 belt at 130 in hopes Davis dont make weight. Cruz for the L!
Johnny Hughes
Johnny Hughes преди 2 часа
God please heal Mr Cruz he is very needed 🙏
D. Jay
D. Jay преди 2 часа
Cant believe i used to watch these guys ball out and now im still watchin em ball out
Gusty9229 преди 2 часа
i'de love to see ray lewis explain why no one on the raiders can beat their man 1on1 to get some type of pressure.
Harry Legge
Harry Legge преди 2 часа
The hype for Davis is ridiculous, Cruz is not a easy task.
Hunter Ashton
Hunter Ashton преди час
Yeah yeah yeah
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia преди 2 часа
But Remember, Cocky Fighters That Go For Early Knockout From Beginning Too End GETS FRUSTRATED AN GETS DESTROYED!!!! And That's A Fact, Look It Up.....
Marquise Phillips
Marquise Phillips преди 2 часа
Ya when the power puncher lacks skill, that's not the case here.. iN fact Tank has more power, speed and skill than leo.. look that up 😂
Marquise Phillips
Marquise Phillips преди 2 часа
OldSchoolKidd преди 2 часа
Thanks for that
2k gawd 130
2k gawd 130 преди 2 часа
I hope tank doesn’t gas’s out
2k gawd 130
2k gawd 130 преди 2 часа
Ion know bout this one tank Cruz Hungary for this dub he doing it for his father
Trueblue TV
Trueblue TV преди 2 часа
Tank finna sleep him just like everyone said idk Floyd this person is hungry... 50 fights later no losses
Jason David
Jason David преди 2 часа
Leo Santa Cruz is not going against a buildozer, but he is going against a TANK!
Random Days
Random Days преди 2 часа
Who else realized that the coach went to coach Floyd a bit
Diego Lemus
Diego Lemus преди 2 часа
Y’all some hype riders on the comments this fight is legit 50/50 leo got moere experience I’d say he has the edge
Marquise Phillips
Marquise Phillips преди 2 часа
I got money on Tank and this ain't no where near a 50/50 fight are you drunk?? Tank is too much for him with speed and power and skill, all that stamina don't count when you're sleep lol.. Leo is a beast but if Tank is in shape he is a true monster and I think he is in shape for this..
Rogelio Rojo
Rogelio Rojo преди 2 часа
Gervonta davis is not even that good he couldn't even knock out 40 year old gamboa with his feet miskup cruz is going to fuck u up
Douglas Iglesias
Douglas Iglesias преди 2 часа
Tank looks zapped and very unenergetic.
Hunter Ashton
Hunter Ashton преди час
Boy look at your default photo 😂 u look full and unenergetic sir.
Arvind VS
Arvind VS преди 2 часа
I absolutely like Terremoto as a fighter and a person. But no way the Mayweather promotions prime fighter is losing anytime soon. Leo gonna be a scapegoat
Mugen1874 преди 2 часа
I don't think davis knows how to read ta ta ta today jr!
DEZN94 преди 2 часа
I got Cruz
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos преди 2 часа
Sergio Sergio
Sergio Sergio преди 2 часа
Taking tank to deep waters! Let’s see if he can hang
Javier Siliezar
Javier Siliezar преди 2 часа
Starts at 30:27
organizenoise преди 2 часа
Great Breakdown!!!
Omar Sito
Omar Sito преди 2 часа
“ i took my camp to vegas ...” aka Daddy floyd made me come train in vegas ,so he can babysit me and make sure my fat ass makes weight and dont fuck up his money
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos преди 2 часа
Leo fights at 120 tank walks around at 135 140 tank is to big for Leo
MTG. 600
MTG. 600 преди 2 часа
I like Cruz attitude may the best man win✊🏽
NickThaRealest90 преди 2 часа
Buddy on the mic corny 🤣 lolz
BenjaminLoud преди 2 часа
40:10 is what your looking for
Shabazz Prophet
Shabazz Prophet преди 2 часа
Heaven sent you are
Elijah Gbla
Elijah Gbla преди 2 часа
God bless
angel anguiano
angel anguiano преди 2 часа
Thank you bro.
Ty E
Ty E преди 2 часа
Ray just need to be a defensive coordinator in the NFL
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez преди 2 часа
Lol Hank couldn't even KO Gamboa and Gamboa was injured
laron Stuckey
laron Stuckey преди 2 часа
Tank is about to get in that assssssssss Saturday night!!!!!!! Pause!!!!!!
Eliseo Pineda
Eliseo Pineda преди 2 часа
I feel like Leo is gunna take him in deep waters and drown him. Tanks coach is taking Leo as light work from what I’ve seen in camp all that trash talk that he throws the same shit
Joloni Mason
Joloni Mason преди 2 часа
Leo is solid but if tank is locked in, there’s absolutely no chance for Leo.
Gilbert Gonzales
Gilbert Gonzales преди 2 часа
The people who want to get on Leo Santa Cruz 's broken English are those who only know one language and still speak broken English lol 😆
word gone
word gone преди 2 часа
you guys should now know wilder can only beat those boxers who tries to be punching bags, Fury showed us how to approach him, dodge his punches and counter punch and force him to box backward which he cant do. I said dodge his punches, I didn't say block them.
Omar Sito
Omar Sito преди 2 часа
Tank Vs The Scale thats the real fight
Kenneth Lloyd
Kenneth Lloyd преди 2 часа
Jakk P
Jakk P преди 2 часа
Davis alrdy punch drunk..or he slow in head
CraetonDaDonBeats преди 2 часа
I think he just naturally autistic