Mick Downs
Mick Downs преди 23 часа
Keeping this guy's business going is clearly far more important to him than saving people's lives. Is this arrogant fool seriously saying that lockdown has not saved thousands of lives? Look at the graph if you can bothered to pay attention to the facts. Lot easier to fling mindless insults though isn't it?
Super Star
Super Star преди 23 часа
Oi Starmer get out of my pub 💩
Svenka Mog
Svenka Mog преди 23 часа
No jab no pint 🍻 my old chap. Or if you have had it? you should have flashed him your passport to fun 🛂
Sam преди 23 часа
⚠️ Annoyed white people in comments section...... 😂
A преди 23 часа
Talking about the obesity epidemic, the poor national health from u healthy lifestyles and how essential it is to have vitamin d right now WILL save lives. All this is strawman bs for corruption. Its all bs. I'm personally so tired of living through this and having no means to escape.
Salty Sweets
Salty Sweets преди 23 часа
But can they beat the Emus in Australia?
Raven Demo
Raven Demo преди 23 часа
That’s no bird... that’s a robot!
MultiDesignGuy преди 23 часа
Great so they come out even at winter! Cant wait to go bush in the states...mmmm...yeah nuh, take my chances with out drop bears
Chris Buchheit
Chris Buchheit преди 23 часа
I remember when Trump did this entrance, he was responding to something a child said about him. Man, he was such man-baby.
Sayvzalth преди 23 часа
So what trump said apparently insighted the capital riots and the media pushed it and even tried to impeach him but when maxine actually does it blatantly she gets a pass?
Iacobvs преди 23 часа
They can pray even while cutting some heads off... an earthquake is a simple task.
Mark C
Mark C преди 23 часа
Sadiq Khan is the king of 'Jobs for the boys'
Sean Bradie
Sean Bradie преди 23 часа
Mark Symonds
Mark Symonds преди 23 часа
The standard of interview is shocking. Just looking at these comments below, this interviewer might learn something or maybe he is too much of a stooge. " How do you want the world to remember your brother other than a drug swallowing criminal he was " should have been the question. I have no problem with Chauvin being sent down for Floyd's death but treating Floyd like he was not a violent criminal is BS. I am not having this Merchant treated like he is the second coming of MLK
The Poglin
The Poglin преди 23 часа
now she will forever be remembered as "the fidget spinner lady
John Boy
John Boy преди 23 часа
Van Jones is that annoying kid who acts dramatic to get attention.
PengWin76 преди 23 часа
"We love being millionaires now"!!!
Andy Remfry
Andy Remfry преди 23 часа
A step forward in what hatred, aggression, violence, looting, its a step back for democracy,
Laker Ludz
Laker Ludz преди 23 часа
Why did I click this
Echoe преди 23 часа
Built in 19 days, lasts for only a year
Good Times !
Good Times ! преди 23 часа
That last bit is just a complete lie. “He was a gentle giant, who meant now harm to anybody”. His criminal record completely disapproves that claim, in fact he was the opposite. A violent drug abusing scumbag.
Sachin Nair
Sachin Nair преди 23 часа
Me an atheist who watching this 🙄
farley boo
farley boo преди 23 часа
A loving brother that meant no harm, is she on smack....
evilution преди 23 часа
Probably on the rest of the Fentanyl that Floyd left behind.
DarthRanger55 преди 23 часа
Boris puts the Con in Conservative.
AjitB07 преди 23 часа
Don't resist arrest or do drugs kids
Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas преди 23 часа
Please don’t turn a criminal into a super hero. Pick a law abiding person to look up too and use as a role model.
Tortured Monkey
Tortured Monkey преди 23 часа
At what price cuts tax for rich increases for poor
Steven Blair
Steven Blair преди 23 часа
This guy better not go jogging in Yellowstone, he will be food
IDK преди 23 часа
That's dumb af No offense
dappodan1 dappodan1
dappodan1 dappodan1 преди 23 часа
He needed to say racism instead of prejudice.
craig B
craig B преди 23 часа
1 step forward 2 steps back
Pete N Dade Brown
Pete N Dade Brown преди 23 часа
George Floyd. ,,,,,total waste of space and we are well rid of someone who holds a pistol in the belly of a pregnant home owner while his friends rob the place...Derek Chauvin,,,,a copper who did the world a favour by getting his choking timing wrong unintentually and is being punished for his error.......end of story.
Christ is lord
Christ is lord преди 23 часа
He will win his appeal if any justice is left in us
KC Awuor
KC Awuor преди 23 часа
Hidden history indeed.. Credit where it's due though, late action is better than none.
NUKE преди 23 часа
ah just one more year till it's finish
Socrates Plato
Socrates Plato преди 23 часа
“In the final stages of a declining society the law abiding citizens become the criminal, the criminal becomes the hero.” -Durant
John John
John John преди 23 часа
A Career criminal will ALWAYS be a career criminal .how about the lady who had a GUN held against her stomach by GEORGE !!! How does she feel ??? And other GEORGE’s victims ???
Twos Junk
Twos Junk преди 23 часа
Maybe we should report all shootings by police....see how many white people are shot as well. Are there protest and riots about that? Nope. If your a criminal, make threats, and or act violently towards a police officer or other human and get blasted ......oh well... Black white brown red yellow.... doesn't matter
insidegrowsite420 joeblogs
insidegrowsite420 joeblogs преди 23 часа
You mean like 26million dollars in weight off your shoulders
Stephen преди 23 часа
These must be the Sober ppl in Russia
Susan Reneau
Susan Reneau преди 23 часа
I was one of a handful of people across the USA that located permanent homes for six orphaned grizzly bear cubs whose sows were killed by careless humans in back country humans. You can see three of my babies at Bearizona in Williams, Arizona. Those babies were 11 pounds when orphaned last April. They now each weigh 500 pounds or more. Names are Sky, Crockett and Hanna. Bear spray was not used when a hiker came upon the female grizzly and her cubs. Again, bear spray and loud voices work. That biker did all the right things. THANK YOU.
Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle преди 23 часа
utter cack johnson
John John
John John преди 23 часа
These people want to rule the whole f world ? Even after millions of dollars ?
Helen Tucker
Helen Tucker преди 23 часа
Favor - Mr
Favor - Mr преди 23 часа
Bure waqt pe ghabrana nahi Acche waqt main paglana nahi
Twos Junk
Twos Junk преди 23 часа
Get you some free jordans you'll feel better
J Freeman
J Freeman преди 23 часа
The norm with labour everything is either corrupt or racist. James Dyson asked that there would be no tax implications if he drafted in his workforce from overseas to work on the pandemic (ventilators), ordinarily, there would be. Why should people working under extreme circumstances (to save lives FFS) be overtaxed because they live in another country? People think it's corruption because the prime minister removed financial boundaries so dying people had ventilators? What were labour proposing? That's right, nothing. And FYI Dyson made a loss.
Data Simplified
Data Simplified преди 23 часа
Takeshit nomore
Takeshit nomore преди 23 часа
You expecting another wave Boris?
Michael Birkett
Michael Birkett преди 23 часа
This is a 70 year step backwards. To a time when your skin colour affected your liberties.
MainCaboose преди 23 часа
30 year*, remember OJ?
Christ is lord
Christ is lord преди 23 часа
They to dumb and victim mentality to see it
S Brown
S Brown преди 23 часа
Joe Biden's gunna fix this in his second 100 days. BTW breathing and Covid are related. GF was positive Covid19.
camelpissflavour преди 23 часа
she's quite fit
Lionel Johnson
Lionel Johnson преди ден
Two sides of the coin women give us pretending to be different. Who will stand against climate cultism, the feminist march to power and the growing discrimination against men by female hiring managers?
Greenpoloboy3 преди ден
Well if you get arrested for not liking putin, its a werid country
Dog Poo Fairy
Dog Poo Fairy преди ден
A-a-a-a-a ca-a-a-a-a breathe, A-a-a-a-a ca-a-a-a-a breathe, A-a-a-a-a ca-a-a-a-a breathe
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler преди ден
Fast forward 1000 years. Climate same
Christopher Sarson
Christopher Sarson преди ден
Cool even left wing Guardian watchers are disgusted.
Edward Benson
Edward Benson преди 23 часа
Yes, im very surprised.
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons преди ден
Weird how this one hole gets so much attention when they’re in every reservoir 😂
WetriedIT преди ден
That's foolish and beautiful both at the same time.
かえるの温泉 преди ден
CryptoEejit преди ден
He had a right to speak his mind, and the right to refuse entry. We need to do this more to those in control, they are kept away from the normal persons views!
Jeff Atkins
Jeff Atkins преди ден
Das sum dum chick
Richard Howe
Richard Howe преди ден
Maybe he just wants to give you a big bear hug. hehe
Bonesmama 1
Bonesmama 1 преди ден
Racial exploitation to drive a wedge of divide of we the people.
Ramming Speed
Ramming Speed преди ден
Chauvin is innocent
T G преди ден
Shameful trial. Mob rule. America is weak.
The Casio Kid
The Casio Kid преди ден
It’s not over yet, major grounds for appeal coming !
Son of Somerset
Son of Somerset преди 23 часа
Well, Tommy Robinson was thown in jail merely for being outside a courtcase, so when there are riots outside and the preisident telling the jury what verdict to deliver, how is THAT not affecting the case!? So by the Guardian et al's own logic they will have to put Joe Biden in prison for interfering in a trial and influcing the jury.
Christopher Sarson
Christopher Sarson преди ден
Now so your job and go after Saville, Keir. Oh. Too late.
Bear преди ден
Trouble is everyone business, lawyer ect is in on all this corruption so nothing gets done about it.
Momin Warrior
Momin Warrior преди ден
Clearly the world is full of many more Chauvins evidenced by all the haters coming out in the comment section, some who lack respect and empathy for another human being raising doubt if they themselves were ever human, well now that justice has been served on a silver plate and Chauvin has been put exactly where he belongs, I suggest all haters should also get back in their box and turn the hate on themselves for being such a miserable bunch of losers
Christ is lord
Christ is lord преди 23 часа
@Allan Pickering civilisation is the thinnest veneer on what is still primitive base tribal instincts
Allan Pickering
Allan Pickering преди 23 часа
It’s not about hate I don’t hate anyone it’s about justice being seen to be done and the accused presumed innocent until found guilty you by your very attitude presumed him guilty because of the coverage on the tv the jury probably did the same which you probably agree with but don’t forget people make mistakes what if you or a relative are in a similar situation would you want to be treated the same. You think in America you have a great justice system but the rabid hate shown outside that court room was disgusting and like a third world country.
Derek Browne
Derek Browne преди 23 часа
Honestly it’s people like you and the hordes of white liberal teenage girls that ruin it for everyone. If you aren’t intelligent enough to see through the mist get a better light. Fed up listening to these do gooders who pontificate and label anyone that disagrees with there weak views.
Christ is lord
Christ is lord преди 23 часа
@T G we the people are still the majority ..never forget we can defeat these satanic minority trying to destroy the foundations of civilization
T G преди ден
Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose. His family disowned him years ago. Reasonable doubt is important regarding law and order. Most of us see through legacy media and it’s sheep.
Spike0007 преди ден
Has anyone asked the victims of George Floyd their opinion.
SugarTomAppleRoger преди 23 часа
No. And we ain't interested. Chauvin is guilty. Yessir!!
markbrave преди 23 часа
Well said
Son of Somerset
Son of Somerset преди 23 часа
Not the Guardian or any of the UK TV "news", that's for sure.
Jack Burgess
Jack Burgess преди ден
The difference between Chauvin and Floyd in relation to the matter of handcuffs is that Chauvin was not resisting arrest. It isn't rocket science.
Dave Oc
Dave Oc преди 23 часа
@Katsa Moonlight if Derek took loads of drugs then yes he would be dead... Your ignorance is the reason why this world is effed up
Katsa Moonlight
Katsa Moonlight преди 23 часа
If Derek did resist arrest, I don't think he'd be dead. Would you Jack? Your ignorance is the reason why the world's so f*uked
DanTheMan0581 преди ден
Are we? Really?
Dave Botticelli
Dave Botticelli преди ден
hey kids dont break the law and dont flee from cops
Danny Manley
Danny Manley преди ден
That is disgusting!! This has taken over a hundred years to come to light in parliament What should we call that?
Raisa Rabinovich
Raisa Rabinovich преди ден
I don't see the truth here! I understand George Floyd’s sister pain, I do! But George Floyd’s was a criminal! He was arrested for criminal activities and he was resisting arrest! She never mention that! No desire to see the truth!
r 24
r 24 преди ден
Starmer just takes multiple Ls
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly преди ден
And the nz prminister in an interview continues on lol