Jose_B_Snazzy преди 23 часа
Future Timberwolve
MAIZE преди 23 часа
Cdizzle Gaming
Cdizzle Gaming преди 23 часа
Atomic Boi
Atomic Boi преди 22 часа
Are you a Michigan fan
Eli Maiorana
Eli Maiorana преди 23 часа
1:38-1:43 How is that not a double dribble
TK 2016
TK 2016 преди 23 часа
He adds good character to any team he plays on. Very valuable addition.
Roblox With us
Roblox With us преди 23 часа
Brian Taremwa
Brian Taremwa преди ден
this young boy will become an nba superstar, mvp watch the space . call him steph
lia lialaia
lia lialaia преди ден
A truck driver during the week and an NCAA all star during the weekend. Respect
trevor bird
trevor bird преди ден
Go cry in your pillow Gonzaga. Baylor for the win!
Avier Sierra
Avier Sierra преди ден
Last mock draft he's projected to go to Utah Jazz. Good pick.
Anonymous_Raider преди ден
future rocket 🚀
HKim0072 преди ден
#1 seed UNC and #1 Memphis would have the next games. Davidson gave Kansas the toughest challenge.
C. K.
C. K. преди ден
Think about all the great Kentucky teams that didn't go all the way and somehow THIS team did. Jeff Sheppard? Scott Padgett? Give me a break.
Joe Flores
Joe Flores преди ден
Next year we will do it for John wooden
Sol Sol
Sol Sol преди ден
With the amount of talent and the draft this year plus the million draft picks, we will win a championship with him. Too bad he'll be backup, un reality he doesn't seem like a franchise leader! So backup for OKC in the new super team will be a great role for him🙌🏾
C. K.
C. K. преди ден
My least favorite player in college basketball history. The single flukiest National champ ever. UConn that year was utterly mediocre until that 11 game lucky run.
Suho Ryu
Suho Ryu преди ден
the thumbnail makes feel like he's doing a magic trick.
Jason преди ден
future hawk
アロハ英語NPO法人 преди ден
Muss bus!
C. Satia
C. Satia преди ден
He's gonna be the draft steal
Steven C Highley
Steven C Highley преди ден
Was BYU unaware of a little thing called a "jump shot"?
Steven C Highley
Steven C Highley преди ден
"Coach. we've tried shooting 4-footers on Shaq a hundred times and he blocks almost all of them. What should we do?" "Shoot a hundred more."
myopicseer преди ден
Hey look. It's Bird against Mich St.
Kreutz преди ден
Butler was so cool, calm, and collected this tournament, especially against Gonzaga!
Rob Kinstle
Rob Kinstle преди ден
Pelphrey was out of position he was supposed to front Laettner and he is off to the side
izan gilani
izan gilani преди ден
Juzang declared lettsss gooooooo
walterlv01 преди ден
USC was badly under-seeded. Oregon has always been a very tough out in the NCAA tournament under Altman and it was very unusual to see them get blitzed like this.
Jared S
Jared S преди ден
That's my name!
Daniel Goss
Daniel Goss преди ден
Gonzaga: We deserve respect and recognition as one of the premier basketball programs in the country! Also Gonzaga: 0-2 in championship games
LJ Gryphons
LJ Gryphons преди ден
Johnny Juzang is GOAT
DeadReckoning преди ден
I remember watching this game. MSU was dominant in that tournament & won their games by the biggest point margin at the time. And before the 3 point line. Now that's old school.
yo niha
yo niha преди ден
Well this’ll be a short vid 🤣
LJ Gryphons
LJ Gryphons преди ден
Tristan Ritsema
Tristan Ritsema преди ден
Scott Bancale
Scott Bancale преди ден
I knew he would be a great player since game number 1 in a Baylor uniform as a true freshmen. He came to Baylor as a transfer after 48 hours or less at Alabama then he contributed right away as a freshmen. He came to Baylor in the same offseason as Macio Teague and Davion Mitchell committed to Baylor. No matter if Jared decides to turn pro now or comes back I know he will do what is best for him. I could see him going pro or coming back to improve draft stock.
Matthew Ramsey
Matthew Ramsey преди ден
KingCesar92 преди ден
Rockets need this guy! Fade for Cade! 6’8 pg that can score and rebound?? 🤯
Champ The Maverick
Champ The Maverick преди ден
Dick Buttkiss
Dick Buttkiss преди ден
Boilermakers fans are still stung by this. they were THAT close.
Kyle Gaffney
Kyle Gaffney преди ден
Did I miss something? Why would you intentionally miss the second free throw at the end of the game when you are only up by three?
Sonic преди ден
They were never going to win a ship without Hunter so might as well have the 16 seed finally win!!
Demari Aponte
Demari Aponte преди ден
Proud of this kid. Known him since he was a baby
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme преди ден
It is ok Larry....Magic has AIDS and you don't
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith преди ден
You think magic got Aids lol.........? Okie doke
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera преди ден
Sequoia blues on BGpost
Chardonneret sauvage
Chardonneret sauvage преди ден
yeah very good match
Keimahnee Brown
Keimahnee Brown преди ден
Big brother Spida would be proud 😂💯 (btw i know that he and Donovan are not related so chill out)
Holden преди ден
He plays exactly the same today lol. These could've been 2020 highlights.
ThisIsNeo преди ден
I want one of Wagner too ngl
Thunderstorm преди ден
Imagine the scenes if curry played at KU, Allen field house would go crazy
Shimon Hawkins
Shimon Hawkins преди ден
He gets a full Camp Sanderson and some time in the lab with Coach Howard, yeah 〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️
Luke Zavislak
Luke Zavislak преди 2 дни
I’m a huge Michigan fan and I just hope the big guy returns
Luke Zavislak
Luke Zavislak преди ден
Thanks Omar Go Blue!! Yes Nate I agree he needs to work on the three pointer
omar khan
omar khan преди ден
Dude he’s back, don’t worry
Nate Frost
Nate Frost преди ден
You should be confident. He’s amazing but lacks enough key skill for the nba like a reliable 3 point shot (although i see him working on it) and the ability to use his right hand. We got one more year I think
Leo Thompson
Leo Thompson преди 2 дни
League him
Pizzacast Baseball Show
Pizzacast Baseball Show преди 2 дни
I want Hunter Dickinson on the Celtics
Bene G
Bene G преди ден
@Pizzacast Baseball Show would be funny because they just waived his older brother
Big baller Kell
Big baller Kell преди 2 дни
I do not want him or Wagner dune on my Celtics
Pizzacast Baseball Show
Pizzacast Baseball Show преди 2 дни
And Franz
Sports for Days
Sports for Days преди 2 дни
Kyle Vickroy
Kyle Vickroy преди 2 дни
Mister Butler said,lil'lingerie ON THE DECK.🤘🏀
LetsTalkSports преди 2 дни
One of those NCAA Tournament Games you always remember where you were when it took place.
Maddcapper преди 2 дни
Magic singlehandedly won this game...
Hunt Andrews
Hunt Andrews преди 2 дни
Jalen Suggs is going to be so good in the NBA.
JHJNC89 преди 2 дни
Thanks Arkansas for saving us from another Duke championship.
Espn Daniels
Espn Daniels преди 2 дни
Do Moses Moody
JHJNC89 преди 2 дни
Billy Packer really wanted to see UNC lose that game. Most biased commentator ever.
Steven Rivinius
Steven Rivinius преди 2 дни
Do all the younger people out there watching this Larry Bird Magic Johnson saved the NBA their rivalry was fantastic all through the years
Terry In Da Chat
Terry In Da Chat преди 2 дни
I remember everyone watching Melo during this time was shocked he was a freshman, he played like a senior.. Knew he was going to be a top pick in the draft.
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson преди 2 дни
@MarchMandess can I get a North Texas vs Purdue full game please?
User 1
User 1 преди ден
@March Madness coming soon for next uploads
March Madness
March Madness преди ден
Thanks for requesting, Matthew. We'll be looking into it.
Jeff Criswell
Jeff Criswell преди 2 дни
this game was not very close - msu really in control
steven neato
steven neato преди 2 дни
One of the best 7 footers of all time.
Shiair Morrow
Shiair Morrow преди 2 дни
Does anyone know his snap ?
Emmanuel Onyemem
Emmanuel Onyemem преди 2 дни
Years later and I’m still sick
poasamofo преди 2 дни
wHaT iS hE dOiNg?!? Give Wojo the award for best flopjob.
Blinks Stay fresh
Blinks Stay fresh преди 2 дни
Sacramento kings
Jason Lippert
Jason Lippert преди 2 дни
Mitchell, Butler and Teague was arguably the best guard trio in CBB history. They were 1A-1C, and each could create his own shot. Elite shooting, all threes could get to the rim, and all three had solid playmaking as well. One of the most dominant teams in recent memory
Enoan преди 2 дни
"models can get 75% accuracy" "tens of millions of brackets" if everyone sent in unique brackets using 75% accurate game predicting models (0.75^63)*10,000,000=~13% you would expect a winner every 7 or 8 years.
omar khan
omar khan преди 2 дни
What highlights?
C Spiegs
C Spiegs преди 2 дни
As an Illinois fan myself... I kinda saw an early elimination coming
Lunkers with Lucas
Lunkers with Lucas преди 2 дни