Is NIO the new Tesla?
преди ден
Supra DRAG RACE: 3.0 v 2.0 v Mk4!
Audi RS7 vs RS6 - DRAG RACE
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The craziest police cars in the world!
Timothy Dugan
Timothy Dugan преди 8 часа
Am I the only one who said BMW’s idrive when he said “come in everybody”? Lol
Tito Sanchez
Tito Sanchez преди 9 часа
I like the electric car it will be able to get a good lanch.
Choppa преди 9 часа
I need pics of that nissan gtr its so clean😭👌
κώστας θωμαϊδης
κώστας θωμαϊδης преди 9 часа
Mat is the most enjoyable car reviewer!!!!
noomy 663
noomy 663 преди 9 часа
There's probably almost no way to hire one even in a short term.
noomy 663
noomy 663 преди 9 часа
Names don't always guarantee tastes that consumers probably assume when hopping in cars.
Dom преди 9 часа
".. the next level up is Carbon & Black, which probably adds details in Carbon AND Black " .. 🤣👍 @ around 13 min mark onwards. I hope that was the so all popular British sarcasm ? 😂🤣.. oi loff it 😂🤣
Dan Latt
Dan Latt преди 9 часа
Being carwow is owned my Mercedes i can see why he was emphasising the bad points, audi being a mercedes competitor and all. I.E: the cat shit brown colour
Tito Sanchez
Tito Sanchez преди 9 часа
Yannes car is òooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Lucas Gabriel
Lucas Gabriel преди 9 часа
We need a 918 vs p1 vs laferrari!!!!
Tellem преди 9 часа
if mat didn't know that the gtr has tinted windows how did he get in
Raja Sultan
Raja Sultan преди 9 часа
rs7 for sure
Jay Bomb
Jay Bomb преди 9 часа
Only BMW Understands that we need to hear the engine in park or neutral lol
Mustafa Bashar
Mustafa Bashar преди 9 часа
Godzilla got slayed by a german horse? Nooooooo
Jhon Patric
Jhon Patric преди 9 часа
Confort mod why
Tito Sanchez
Tito Sanchez преди 9 часа
I do not like yannes car but he will be a pinut buter and jelly.
Shadow 23
Shadow 23 преди 9 часа
He didn’t know how to drive the demon
Did Matt ever recommended to Avoid a car in any of his videos?
Nathan McAuley
Nathan McAuley преди 9 часа
Got to be the tesla
Ken 757
Ken 757 преди 9 часа
You should do some drag races without automatic transmissions.
David Steele
David Steele преди 9 часа
It a halo warthog
badass1g преди 9 часа
Gosh you couldn’t even do a Supra test on dry roads?? Why even do the test this is a rear drive competition. The 2JZ is way behind with electronic assistance atleast give it some dry roads sheesh.
The Ike
The Ike преди 9 часа
7:41 Porsche: See Ya!!!
Populist gen x'er channel
Populist gen x'er channel преди 9 часа
Call me crazy but I wanted to put the P100D in my Saturn SL2 with the all wheel drive set up if I do a drive train Be running 9's easy, possibly low 9s, saw someone put on in a VW Bettle, Y not a
Simon Chen
Simon Chen преди 9 часа
You should do a tuned a35 vs stock a45
Tito Sanchez
Tito Sanchez преди 9 часа
The porshe is not that loud in
Tito Sanchez
Tito Sanchez преди 9 часа
The porshe is not that lowd.
BrockANX преди 9 часа
Does it come with a cassette player?
James King
James King преди 9 часа
These drivers have no idea how to drive these cars very imbaraseing
Vera Nevrt
Vera Nevrt преди 9 часа
He looks sexy in this car
terry leacock
terry leacock преди 9 часа
I always did think the host of this show was similar to a raving female. Funny how your true colors came out, a little jealous of Meagan are you Becky?
Carlotta Wuckert
Carlotta Wuckert преди 9 часа
I hope all of the best thing will happen to you
Les Acronym
Les Acronym преди 9 часа
And the supra still kills all of them easy
Daz Boy
Daz Boy преди 9 часа
Since when did a gtr a gtr A GTTTRRRR of ALLLL cars have a soft limiter. What on earth did Nissan and emission regulations do to this icon
noomy 663
noomy 663 преди 9 часа
The GR badge makes all possible to win an award in Europe. It's sort of intriguing to see how the series is recognized worldwide.
Jon Jeskie
Jon Jeskie преди 9 часа
"To keep it fair we are going to strip the demon down to its most basic form and then throw a mediocre driver in it who's driving it for the first time"... ok guys, sounds real "fair" 👍🤦‍♂️
urapts преди 9 часа
Everyone: uh we already know who wins Elon Musk: I have a surprise mat 😈 Mat: what is it Tesla plaid + Me: hmm Porsche vs Tesla plaid +🧐
Valentin Zavrl
Valentin Zavrl преди 9 часа
Why cant they modernise 500 Abarth as well,its same car since 2008 for fuck sake.
James Wallace
James Wallace преди 9 часа
Ferrari looks so menacing in all black 😍
Mauricio Luis Vega
Mauricio Luis Vega преди 9 часа
Nawaz Waseem
Nawaz Waseem преди 9 часа
Audis are also dull to drive 😂
Blue Eyes Willy
Blue Eyes Willy преди 9 часа
adam caston
adam caston преди 9 часа
Best drag race out of all of your videos!!
oussama dz dz
oussama dz dz преди 9 часа
We need a hatchbak race Drage race rolling race and brake test and with the new golf 8 R we need to see hem in the next vidéo with the new s3 and the a45s amg and rs3 and a35 amg
BL0XBOI преди 9 часа
Bently: *silence* Porsche: VROOOOOOOOOM
Corne De necker
Corne De necker преди 9 часа
Where's the purple hard too performante.
Blue Eyes Willy
Blue Eyes Willy преди 9 часа
Maybe if you shave that cheesy mustach off?
HIS преди 9 часа
You never had Yianni! You never had your car! Granny shiftin' not double clutchin' like you should. You're lucky that couple shot of Scotch didn't blow the welds on the intake! You almost had Yianni? Now, Yianni is going to rip apart the block... and replace the piston rings you fried. Ask any Carwow staff. Any real, paid staff. It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning and since it's not your car, you didn't lose anything important.
Musk_Just_An_Internet_Celebrity преди 9 часа
Germany Tech No.1!!
rufdymond преди 9 часа
Considering the price of this car, it’s just a non starter.....until they move it to a new, dedicated, all electric platform, it makes no sense at that price, too many compromises.
Maverick Custom Projects
Maverick Custom Projects преди 9 часа
If You are Interesting for model cars I make Great Stuff .
oussama dz dz
oussama dz dz преди 9 часа
4.04 in 0-100 for the this mk8 R its unbelievable im choked for the performances of mk8 R its like he have 380 hp 😂
Blue Eyes Willy
Blue Eyes Willy преди 9 часа
Just race the cars!!!!!!!!!!!
MVRDA MONXY преди 9 часа
I can't be the only one that hates the look of the new supra not to mention you can't even get a manual transmission when company makes something good they fuck around and ruin it everytime either make the supra better the the 2JZ or don't make it at all.
HAN NAV преди 9 часа
Taycan said to Tesla fan boys: "Hold my beer!!!"
VyroZ 3.2L
VyroZ 3.2L преди 9 часа
Should have gave that MT82 trans in the mustang a beating... until you get a lock out 😅
K Reid
K Reid преди 9 часа
if you didn't constantly ask me to like or click on things i would have,, don't be so spammy
marty1035 преди 9 часа
what rubbish rear seating for a new modern car. absolute crap at that price.
Joshua Hawkins
Joshua Hawkins преди 9 часа
Arvin Arvid
Arvin Arvid преди 9 часа
Get an iPhone ASAP
Bruno Begic
Bruno Begic преди 9 часа
9:38 "Virgin Radio" muted lol😂😂
Matthew Decker
Matthew Decker преди 10 часа
The porcsche always wins ... Always .
Dragon King
Dragon King преди 10 часа
Justin Vonstriver
Justin Vonstriver преди 10 часа
Gas car lol
slim car logitec
slim car logitec преди 10 часа
The audi is history it caught fire
Fanatic T
Fanatic T преди 10 часа
What it i want to go from london to germany how many charges do i need?
Luke Stocks
Luke Stocks преди 10 часа
911 If I had all the money in the world
Andrew McComas
Andrew McComas преди 10 часа
Surely there can be few cars on sale today offering more to hate for the money. From the laughable range to the funeral-black (mostly plastic) interior, from the absence of a central armrest (OK, you can't expect the world for 133000 pounds) to the sewage colour (although presumably there are less unacceptable colours available) or from the ludicrous cargo capacity to the ICE-level service interval and the excessive weight. Oh, and good luck opening those rear doors and getting in/out in the usual Fiat 500-sized UK parking spaces. It all makes a good deal more sense in California.
Matthew Decker
Matthew Decker преди 10 часа
I always watch car wow for my drag races... Thanks fellas
Rising Star
Rising Star преди 10 часа
Dirk Theodale
Dirk Theodale преди 10 часа
I can't get my head around £30,000 ..... for what are small cars... yikes.
Jones Tee
Jones Tee преди 10 часа
The rural radish histologically scrape because college formally plant towards a measly result. fantastic, utter oven
Some Guy
Some Guy преди 10 часа
The only race that matters is at 9:25 The rest is fluff to get more ad revenue.
Mo Fo
Mo Fo преди 10 часа
Wow what a car what a colour
Flies2FLL преди 10 часа
Meanwhile, in the background the sheep are like "Those humans are nuts".
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson преди 10 часа
Get dmos e63s
Mane fan 10 L.F.C. YNWA
Mane fan 10 L.F.C. YNWA преди 10 часа
Style and reliability and doesn’t brake down.
Emilio López Ramírez
Emilio López Ramírez преди 10 часа
Honda never again..
Sam преди 10 часа
I'd say 5th generation only because I have an S600 in that model but the truth is, 6th generation is my fav S class ever!
P TRAP преди 10 часа
Did u jus call Pepsi,,,,,, coke