Gaspar Sito
Gaspar Sito преди 2 часа
Danny García the Best champion!🔥🤞🏽💥
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez преди 3 часа
Watching the fight I had this fight as a draw
Det 313
Det 313 преди 3 часа
36:12 Harrison is not going to allow himself to get knocked out.. Are fucking serious isn’t that the plan..
Walter & Family
Walter & Family преди 3 часа
Tough fight for Porter He lost most of the rounds though. He got hit way too much and I think Spence could have just sat on outside and outboxed him
METE Han METE преди 4 часа
Avni yildirim Beat clear Dog as Dirrell up ! 🇹🇷🥊🇹🇷
James Lee
James Lee преди 4 часа
Bow I see why canello wanna fight this dude
Morris limeul Del Mundo
Morris limeul Del Mundo преди 4 часа
Mikey thinks manny will have a hard time fighting him..mikey will be an easy fight for pacman..
Renegade Dragon
Renegade Dragon преди 4 часа
Gervante is a true prize fighter! You have the Boxer and the Puncher, those styles can be studied and counter! But when you have a fighter like Gervante Davis? They bring the full package! They're unpredictable, because they can end a fight with the right combination or with a devastating punch!
junrey orbeta
junrey orbeta преди 4 часа
mahina si martial walang pang patay na laban puro lang dikit sa kalaban kaya makalan siya ng malakas sigurado tao siya kasi mahina lang kaban sinya pero di kayang pabagsakin
TravisGotti Boxing
TravisGotti Boxing преди 5 часа
Fuck it let him get finished
Nobodyimportant преди 5 часа
wilder looks at the ref as if its fault that he got knocked down
Jesús Toscano
Jesús Toscano преди 5 часа
No emtiendo porque lo boxean ala larga a errol spence si esa es su especialidad deberian apretarlo un poco mas pelarle ala corta el unico que le puede ganar es braian castaño ya que le gano bien a errol y estuvo al punto de perder por nockaut y tuvos dos cuentas por parte del arbitro lo ahogo con golpes bajos cross ganchos de todod los angulo repetidamente dejandolo sin aire lastima que la empresa que filmo la pelea isieron desaparecer el video como arte de magia se me ase que pusieron dinero para cuidar la imagen del boxeador
Unsung LT
Unsung LT преди 5 часа
not impressed
Perry преди 5 часа
This fight feels like it’s in slow motion. Canelo is going to crush Yildirim.
Santiago Gonzalez
Santiago Gonzalez преди 5 часа
Broner lost this fight and Santiagowas robbed..
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera преди 5 часа
1:47 <3
89skeezy преди 5 часа
Yep, Canelo putting buddy to sleep tonight by the 5th round. lol
89skeezy преди 5 часа
@Brand New 😂😂🔥🔥
Brand New
Brand New преди 5 часа
Lol for sure it not before. This guy Yildirim is what Angel Garcia calls “opponents”.
dimitri krykos
dimitri krykos преди 5 часа
this is wallin who was beet fury yes? he was hit fury until blood is come from face and ear and nose mr fury was then pay everybody to win yes?
Kevin Gross
Kevin Gross преди 5 часа
I like to see Santa Cruz vs Garcia though.
DeQuandre Steward
DeQuandre Steward преди 5 часа
Its not even exciting to see broker fight these days
Kevin Gross
Kevin Gross преди 5 часа
Santa cruz is a decent fighter no doubt but now his chin isn't going to be the same, his skill level is no doubt going to be their but taking big shots will be questionable. Shots that he would normally take will do damage from fighters that don't hit as hard as davis, Kell Brook is a prime example of that .
Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua преди 5 часа
Leo was gassed and was just throwing punches with his head down lololol
Brand New
Brand New преди 5 часа
Why is Canelo fighting this guy?
Jesus Poem
Jesus Poem преди 6 часа
Finally paulie back on the scene with commentating. Cant stand Sergio mora
Earnest Brown
Earnest Brown преди 6 часа
Fury can kill welder in the ring
El Chapo
El Chapo преди 6 часа
What did I just watch, they both celebrated in reality they both lost what a terrible fight
Adir Avendaño
Adir Avendaño преди 6 часа
A dormir
Boxing Jessie
Boxing Jessie преди 6 часа
Stank Davis.
Melroy Lobo
Melroy Lobo преди 6 часа
Fuck wat a crazy 1 minute highlight🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🥊🤦‍♂️
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди 6 часа
I hope Otto comes to the UK he would get a great reception and lots of epic fights!
Even when Dirrel was still his punch stat was growing
CAPTAIN HOOKS преди 6 часа
Canelo will make him look like julio cesar jr i can just see it remember i said that
kolim jone
kolim jone преди 7 часа
The moment when broner finally lets his hands go and misses like 60% of the punches.
Mike Palm
Mike Palm преди 7 часа
The woman commentator must be watching a different fight, she's talking crap.....
D G преди 7 часа
This fight was cringeworthy to watch. What was AB attempting to do.....
Elin Brittany
Elin Brittany преди 7 часа
The oceanic headlight mechanistically ban because albatross decisively dam against a unwritten relative. momentous, understood reminder
Jalon Jones
Jalon Jones преди 8 часа
the ref 🔥
Jim T
Jim T преди 8 часа
Benevidez beats them all
Chukwudi Ogumba
Chukwudi Ogumba преди 8 часа
Broner always shake head with smile, what a happy boxer He is.
Elin Brittany
Elin Brittany преди 8 часа
The mountainous pear preauricularly switch because brace unintentionally instruct below a worried bat. thinkable, slippery oatmeal
Stanislaus Ngawang
Stanislaus Ngawang преди 8 часа
SabiRules преди 8 часа
My left ear enjoyed this video alot
master drywall rubio
master drywall rubio преди 9 часа
canelo needs to fight the best on the world and this guy is not ,throwing slow motion punches i wont buy canelos fight payper view🤢🤮there are many others good fighters
Runald lang
Runald lang преди 9 часа
Manny should fight him now
Er bes
Er bes преди 9 часа
direl is pusy fighter remember Artur Abraham fight avni was the winner
Sweet scientist84
Sweet scientist84 преди 9 часа
Will we see him in court or the ring next? I'll put court at a solid -350
Sweet scientist84
Sweet scientist84 преди 9 часа
It's a stretch calling these highlights. Have fun with those fights PBC.
Kmak Milly
Kmak Milly преди 9 часа
Idk how Broner thought he won.
Louie Austin
Louie Austin преди 9 часа
Rios tounge is faster than his movement.
Bobby Styles
Bobby Styles преди 9 часа
Im glad Dirrell got the W but bullshit ref
Sylvester Kwashira
Sylvester Kwashira преди 10 часа
His not actually bad to be honest
宇宙恐竜 преди 10 часа
Solis won 117-110.
Rafong Somar
Rafong Somar преди 10 часа
Wesam_way преди 10 часа
I love how robledo is using the Sean Garcia gloves with Sean’s logo
Dion White
Dion White преди 10 часа
Those compubox punch stats are a damn lie, but I did score the fight as a draw
Rock out G
Rock out G преди 10 часа
22:14 skils
Rock out G
Rock out G преди 10 часа
21:18 just amazing
Bas Van den Berg
Bas Van den Berg преди 10 часа
It is a pity that wilder can not handle a loss because he has a hell off a chin and was not scared at all,He just lost to a better man He could have been of himself
Marcel Arbeiter
Marcel Arbeiter преди 11 часа
In the first fight ortiz got caught by a bigger right Hand in the 5 round
Ramazan Taycan
Ramazan Taycan преди 11 часа
Lion Avni lion,he is a perfect fighter💪not like Dirrel chicken 😒
switch blade
switch blade преди 10 часа
STFU lad😂😂
Dredyn Rodgers
Dredyn Rodgers преди 11 часа
This proves fury lost to wallin
Ramazan Taycan
Ramazan Taycan преди 11 часа
Yıldırım was Winner
จับ แพะ
จับ แพะ преди 12 часа
Yusuf Kebbeh
Yusuf Kebbeh преди 12 часа
The judge's are not fear
Usukhbayar Lkhagvadorj
Usukhbayar Lkhagvadorj преди 12 часа
Waiting for the second fight 🔥
KUYA YO'BOB преди 12 часа
Manny pacquiao is laughting to spence jr while watching this fight😆
Zolbayar Enkhtur
Zolbayar Enkhtur преди 12 часа
Is there a rematch scheduled betweennthese two?
Henry Orogho
Henry Orogho преди 12 часа
Wow! so we have another great fighter from Delta state like Efe Ajagba? great fighters. You fight like Mike Tyson, ride on. See you at the top.
Roman Heisenberg
Roman Heisenberg преди 12 часа
Yildirim celebrating like he has beaten his opponent smh
Imperial Kevin
Imperial Kevin преди 12 часа
It’s good to see Broner focused again. He’s a great fighter when he is focused and not showboating
Abang Jago
Abang Jago преди 12 часа
Ruiz mau tinju apa main" tu kok g nyerang sama skli
Nick Remijnse
Nick Remijnse преди 12 часа
Imagine losing to a ‘fat’ (I know he definitely isn’t fat, but he isn’t in wilders shape) guy in your home country and then having to stand in the ring with him singing American Pie with the whole crowd participating. Fucking brutal🤣. Great fight
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey преди 12 часа
Commentator all over Jeff Horn’s jock. Excuse after excuse.
William Elliott
William Elliott преди 13 часа
Stephen is a Champ now..... He is seasoned now.
jules b
jules b преди 13 часа
I beat him” In your dream 😂