Widiane el
Widiane el преди час
Eda Kaya
Eda Kaya преди час
When you try to hate him but he is Song Kang...
lee.sandeul преди час
Sarita Torres Diaz
Sarita Torres Diaz преди час
Muy buena la actuación de HSH..excelente y bella
Emma Watsons
Emma Watsons преди час
18歳以上の場合 ⤵⤵(◠$◕)♪❤ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 👉 CULOSCULONAS.UNO ❤ BGpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" BGpost: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Giphy gip
Giphy gip преди час
ym k
ym k преди час
눈이 크지않은데도 눈동자가 참 깊고 이쁨. 미의 정석은 아니면서도 넘 매력있고 귀티나게 이쁨쁨
Rose Vie
Rose Vie преди час
Jeon Yeo-been ❤
Nississippii преди час
Omg jennie goes to flea market 😭💗
K-Canna Queen
K-Canna Queen преди час
Hula hoop 🤣
K-Canna Queen
K-Canna Queen преди час
Hae-soo’s “YES” has my heart fluttering lol 🤣🙏🏽
stelliana преди час
Chayoung so funny🤣🤣🤣
Isra Fafa
Isra Fafa преди час
How they say its expensive when they are RICH
Pied Piper
Pied Piper преди час
Watching this because of wheein .
Random Play
Random Play преди час
just got done watching this. this drama gives me all sorts pain. to think na I haven't had a boyfriend.. another drama of kangjoon and im gonna watch another kangjoons drama. when the weather is fine here I come hehe
Nawoda преди час
That guy played Choi mujin is freaking 51 years old. Looks 35
Ylenia E basta
Ylenia E basta преди час
L'ho amata molto!! E tutti i protagonisti.... Soprattutto il Papà di lei 🤗😂
Bourne Ethan
Bourne Ethan преди час
Chinese are copy Japanese are jealous
Newbie преди час
Ahh yawaaaa mani oy...makasuya shettttt gumiho vibe ahaha pisti oy
NPG CHANNAL преди 2 часа
I can’t remember player240 and She so cute
JULY преди 2 часа
Amo demais!
Luana Torres
Luana Torres преди 2 часа
WTF el título está en español xd
Tiara Widiastuti
Tiara Widiastuti преди 2 часа
Sumpah disini Jung hwan nya ganteng banget 🥰
Taty Rodrigues
Taty Rodrigues преди 2 часа
Simplesmente amo essa serie 🥰🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Eraoww преди 2 часа
Tiur Maida
Tiur Maida преди 2 часа
Actris hot spicy korea always have scene hot in drma oh my God..😭😭😭
Negin преди 2 часа
Seonho ❤️ fighting
Lionel Jirin
Lionel Jirin преди 2 часа
Wait a minute...this is doppio senso😙😙
RoseLyn Enorasa
RoseLyn Enorasa преди 2 часа
This just proves how intelligent of an actor Kim Seonho is. He really studies his character and the emotions are well thought of. I hope he can bounce back from this controversy because he is really a good actor! We’ll be waiting for your comeback! 💚
Eva Ruiz
Eva Ruiz преди 2 часа
Al final he llorado es que estos son mis idolooooos enserio son mis idolos 🥺🥺❤️
Sol de L
Sol de L преди 2 часа
This production deserves another season, it was a first-rate cast, all in their wonderfully performed role, in this series it was a heap of emotions for all the spectators; also as there were certain loose ends to make a second season. please do a second part. 😥😥
Shehzad Ahmed
Shehzad Ahmed преди 2 часа
Just watched this series. In love with Song Jiwoo aka Han So Hee's acting!! 😍
ポリゴーン преди 2 часа
4:42 I feel happy
MAHENDRA KORI преди 2 часа
Ise hindi me konse Aap pr dekh sakte hai ????? Or sare kdrama ?
Ha Ha
Ha Ha преди 2 часа
KiM NeNo
KiM NeNo преди 2 часа
Still waiting for season 2🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Charlene O
Charlene O преди 2 часа
I felt that rejected high five in my soul
dannya76 преди 2 часа
맙소사 박희 사랑해 곧 너무 귀여워 😩💖💖
Patrice Dianne
Patrice Dianne преди 2 часа
Bohyun wanting to keep the polaroid of Han Sohee to himself lol
Yeahaight69 преди 2 часа
Dude with the snake tattoo looks thinner here!
i Phamp
i Phamp преди 2 часа
Its good to see her smile .
Shit ttt
Shit ttt преди 2 часа
i miss this drama , i ope season 2
Chloie Monton
Chloie Monton преди 2 часа
2nd hand embarrassment ppl where y'all?
Nur Aina Izzatie
Nur Aina Izzatie преди 2 часа
all i see are three attractive humans
Yeahaight69 преди 2 часа
Yeah but they have that little line that makes it easier then the show…
Mey Lyn Joy Lopez
Mey Lyn Joy Lopez преди 2 часа
We love you KIM SEON HO ❤️
San adorando a Deus Sou de Jesus
San adorando a Deus Sou de Jesus преди 2 часа
Amei tanto 💗💗
Keiko Akiwabara
Keiko Akiwabara преди 2 часа
Chu chu so hilarious 😂😂😂.. I love this couple
Ssomyi преди 2 часа
While waiting for Seung Gi's new drama I'm so excited to watch this show. I love all the dramas,show,album,... Can't wait 🥰
missydomtom преди 2 часа
What the song/music?
피우피우 преди 2 часа
noooo han so hee singing as if its your last huhu last time she sang it with the nevertheless cast :((((((
Shaniece Gallimore
Shaniece Gallimore преди 2 часа
When the man was making the cookies it was oddly satisfying
v i c k y
v i c k y преди 2 часа
the way han sohee ate, spit, chewed, and devoured this role. phenomenal.
•-DorkyMe-• преди 3 часа
"Can you feel the popularity of squid game?" Them: *Instagram.*
Sarah Alahmari
Sarah Alahmari преди 3 часа
Park hee soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aureus Net
Aureus Net преди 3 часа
The acting through this entire series was so flawless it made every scene believable and totally absorbing. Actresses like Han so-hee and Kim Da-Mi (the Witch) are truly blazing a path for strong female leads. Hoping for more and more from these young talented actresses on Netflix soon!
Taranberk2 преди 3 часа
Wow, he is an amazing actor.
Izumi1703 преди 3 часа
And now we see the importance of editing 🤣
Da Bee Gacha
Da Bee Gacha преди 3 часа
Ali's english is better than i thought lmao
ракс преди 3 часа
.what are the requirements
Zo Han
Zo Han преди 3 часа
Watching this series made me mad!! The last episode, the deserter should have shot his bully before killing himself.
Zo Han
Zo Han преди 3 часа
If this is the way South Korean soldiers are trained, they can't fight with North Korean soldiers. Probably be shot from the behind by their own subordinates when no one is watching. The S Korean military is a big fail !!
Fazura Wanlem
Fazura Wanlem преди 3 часа
Choi mu jin 🥺🥺🥺
DarlinChris преди 3 часа
Just finished binging the show, it was incredible! Seriously such great writing, acting and directing
Inggit Arimbi
Inggit Arimbi преди 3 часа
Awwwww I need this drama to be continued 😭
zoey bunch
zoey bunch преди 3 часа
Why did you kill Pildo!!!??????
michelle преди 3 часа
Dhanesh tk
Dhanesh tk преди 3 часа
Dedicated to all those Hollywood bitches and show dolls!!!
Nanieve преди 3 часа
I feel really grateful to be born in this generation.
Mniejsza O
Mniejsza O преди 3 часа
😰😰😰🙇🤒 so hot
Nanieve преди 3 часа
I feel really grateful to be born in this generation.
PJM. LUV преди 3 часа
he's so cute >.<