Further proving I am a dumbass
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Dark History Podcast: Trailer
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Megan Kugs
Megan Kugs преди 36 минути
I absolutely adore this channel. I love Bailey’s delivery and how she can mix sensitivity, difficult topics and dark humor into one without being disrespectful in any way. Also this makeup look is incredible, I wish I had one iota of her artistic talents.
angels82100 преди 39 минути
"Um, I have follow-up questions" I spit out my drink!!!
leo Beems
leo Beems преди 43 минути
What a looser this guy
Squidknee преди 48 минути
I hope they didn't give that fry basket back to McDonalds but.. with these cops you never know.
rotenhoko преди 53 минути
Is this who the horror films or tv shows, like Supernatural, referenced from?
Francesca LaMonte
Francesca LaMonte преди 54 минути
this eye look is so cute i love blue and green but still
Starr Cordero
Starr Cordero преди 59 минути
The diy move 🤣
Bianca Hollander
Bianca Hollander преди час
Go Bailey. My nanny was a drag queen. It's saying it ok to be different. It's not fair to be judge.
JNA2014 преди час
I literally spit out my drink laughing when you put the caption..."mustard gas...not the condiment" loll
Nicola Riley
Nicola Riley преди час
they have safety words in
Marta N.
Marta N. преди час
You are wright. As a med student I was a couple months working in forensics and doing autopsies and you cannot forget that smell
nicholas преди час
Commercials every 5 minutes or so... 🙄 I get it, money needs to be made, but this is excessive.
this story actually made my blood boil. i don’t even know how else to feel about this. thank goddess payton is still alive
idc how old morgan was. she should’ve been in prison.
Kesha Kesha
Kesha Kesha преди час
Not me binging your vids and singing along to the intro 😂
Eliasica Ponce
Eliasica Ponce преди час
Can you please do the Michael and Robert Bever case?!
Marcena Fleischli
Marcena Fleischli преди час
I live in Springfield, Illinois. One of my regulars said his sister was friends with John and he has a photo with him SITTING ON JWG’s LAP when dude was a kid.
NefariousApparitions преди час
Bailey is great!
Aren Burns
Aren Burns преди час
Why am I just now realizing Bailey had heterochromia
Mickycosplays преди час
Thank you for mentioning trans women of color. Alot of people that talk about pride don't want to talk about the fight many in the community are still facing
Becca Jean
Becca Jean преди час
I just like men’s clothes better… Guess I would be arrested…
Erica Johnson
Erica Johnson преди час
Love the mysterious story
Mariana D'Amelio
Mariana D'Amelio преди час
the real monster in this story was the grandpa.
Rebecca P
Rebecca P преди час
The thumbnail for this episode looks like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
bbm Almond
bbm Almond преди час
I feel like Heather should be in jail to ..
JNA2014 преди час
Sounds like Rose had Borderline personally disorder...:/
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith преди час
You should talk about the troubled teen industry or wilderness therapy programs. Kids are legally being kidnapped from their homes and dropped off in the wilderness for months
kysha205 преди час
I love you but that lipstick is horrible I couldn’t stop staring at it.😳 your eyes are beautiful
Sparkle Motion
Sparkle Motion преди час
What I learned from Baily Sarian is that white privilege gets a lot of ( white) boys and girls killed
Tobey Higgins
Tobey Higgins преди час
This is my neck of the woods! My husband and I were both shocked you did this story. Grew up with this story, and would do my homework at the location it all happened. You presented information I didn't know. Thanks Bailey! 🧛
HappyGrlFishing преди час
Check out Karen Wetmore's book called "Surviving Evil."
Tosh J
Tosh J преди час
Political reasons John BOY YOU WORK AT KFC NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU ENOUGH TO LIE ABOUT YOU! I can't this guy is such a goof and a evil person lol.
Crybaby Kass
Crybaby Kass преди час
* Talks about the spy cat* *doesnt expect to laugh* *ends up laughing anyway*
Amber mamber
Amber mamber преди час
Dogs are magical 🤣 love you Bailey
Jannatu Ujlifat
Jannatu Ujlifat преди час
I am more into werewolves lol
Mallory Saiz
Mallory Saiz преди час
Why didn’t they go to the pharmacy and see who all had elavil in that town… that would’ve narrowed down suspected
Christen Miller
Christen Miller преди час
I feel like we are girl talking in the corner somewhere girl like this is your calling! We gotta talk about the intro song though. Kinda super annoying but love love love your channel!!
Marelin Gutierrez
Marelin Gutierrez преди час
Your look was suppose to be a goth girl? I though you was trying to be a kitty 😂😂 oh welll still cute 😘 😛
Patricia Haa
Patricia Haa преди 2 часа
Can you do the zodiac killed next?
satis преди 2 часа
Is that where the term"coming out the closet " comes from?
Nohora Hidalgo-Valencia
Nohora Hidalgo-Valencia преди 2 часа
Lol Shrevenport
Charli Cronin
Charli Cronin преди 2 часа
Bailey. Bailey. Tooooo many sponsor stops.
staples Anna Isabella
staples Anna Isabella преди 2 часа
Ok where do I find what Bailey uses for her makeup?
God bless no stress stay out the mess
God bless no stress stay out the mess преди 2 часа
They should’ve gotten him help way before instead of taken on the burden of paying back the debt. A lot of times they don’t want the shame of it all to be exposed instead of looking at the bigger picture. These behaviors create a self entitled individual and from what he was doing he sounds like a sociopath/NPD. I feel sorry for them and may the RIP.
Allie Walker
Allie Walker преди 2 часа
He was such a nice guy....neighbor says
Littlewings85 преди 2 часа
Bailey: "I hate it when people tell you something really obvious, like, "yeah I know I almost died, I was there!" Also Bailey: *sits back down dressed as a bumblebee*..... "I'm a bee." 🐝
Madelyn Elliott
Madelyn Elliott преди 2 часа
Please do Robert Durst
MandieSoclassy Palermo
MandieSoclassy Palermo преди 2 часа
You dont get why people drop out senior year? Well built kids are mean and you should know that
Patty Stone
Patty Stone преди 2 часа
So, Bailey. Do a story on the vehicle found on the Phelps Cannibal property that is similar to the one in this disappearance. They have 13 different human’s meat to dna test. But 13 people in 29 years for two full grown adult males is probably not enough.
Denay Santiago
Denay Santiago преди 2 часа
Zanny the nanny had me rolling idc
Queen of Plus Size FIT Coach Bee
Queen of Plus Size FIT Coach Bee преди 2 часа
Not Butcher 101......😬😩😩😩😩😵😵😵😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀
Tina DelBrocco
Tina DelBrocco преди 2 часа
If the guy with the van worked for a concrete company...hello police...put 2 & 2 together! The parking garage obviously had to have a concrete company pour the concrete! You think that would be enough for them to look into the parking garage theory a little deeper!
Krystal Finley
Krystal Finley преди 2 часа
Recently there were 2 cannibals arrested in Lebanon, mo. I heard that police found a vehicle on one of their properties that were linked to the Springfield 3. I haven't looked into it so idk how credible it is
Savanna P
Savanna P преди 2 часа
I don’t know if you will see this but can you please do a history video on the troubled teen industry with parents paying this company to kidnap children in the middle of the night and taking them out to the desert or woods and they do ‘wilderness therapy’ but it’s more traumatizing than anything, it’s been blowing up all over my tiktok and I would love to see you do a video on it and educate more people and make other more aware that it’s a real problem in the states with over a hundred deaths I’m not sure about other countries but this has been heavy on my noggin today.
KG преди 2 часа
story aside, this makeup look is literally gorgeous
Mr Worlwide
Mr Worlwide преди 2 часа
I’m so happy you’re back! I’m glad you got a nice break. Love your vids
Krystal Exsted
Krystal Exsted преди 2 часа
Sign sign sign plzzzzzzz
Nicola Riley
Nicola Riley преди 2 часа
is that why the police Raided it a lot
Dark Enigmas
Dark Enigmas преди 2 часа
These cases make me so sad. I feel like we need to work on helping kids that come from abusive homes and prison reform. It's hard to see this women without also seeing a victim! Everyone was hurt in this case.
Judgemental Budgie
Judgemental Budgie преди 2 часа
I wonder how many current/future murderers are watching Bailey lol
Dark Enigmas
Dark Enigmas преди 2 часа
Bailey did amazing covering this case! She even included new information I have never heard.
Mei L
Mei L преди 2 часа
It's Russian police, they be corrupted af
Mariana Passagem
Mariana Passagem преди 3 часа
I just wanted to say that bailey and coffee are my two friends while I'm doing school work
Lacea Weddle
Lacea Weddle преди 3 часа
Loving the LGBTQ+ history lately! You're perfect ilysm
Roseanne S
Roseanne S преди 3 часа
Drinking milk gave me acne as an adult. I can drink acidophilous milk as an adult and not get acne.
Kim преди 3 часа
I really appreciate that this video wasn't put up during Pride Month, but in the dead center of fall. 💗 Thank you for this, friend! Even I, a member and an ally of my community, learned something new here! (PS, love the ads look. S'NATCHEDT! You're beautiful as always)
Ellie Knobel
Ellie Knobel преди 3 часа
Once again, police failing to do their jobs. Thanks a lot
Gracee Haass
Gracee Haass преди 3 часа
It was the son fs!
Kiley Rae
Kiley Rae преди 3 часа
Jesus Christ. This is the closest to my own story I've ever heard: ✔ Arsenic poisoning ✔ Multiple jurisdictions ✔ Mailed consumables ✔ "There is nothing we can do for you." - Doctors ✔ Multiple male suitors ✔ Dad put the pieces together
Jean Thomas
Jean Thomas преди 3 часа
Thank you, Bailey! With awareness comes acceptance <3
Sian Griffiths
Sian Griffiths преди 3 часа
Could u do a story about maddie McCann or holly and Jessica please. Loving this make up look. Ur so talented x
Abby Freeman
Abby Freeman преди 3 часа
Please share your lip combo!!! Love it!!!!!!
Thiccybrains &salty maru
Thiccybrains &salty maru преди 3 часа
Friend....express VPN scares me...the dude that Edward Snowden exposed is legit working fot express VPN. I can't trust them to protect me when the dude that exposed us works for them..... but I love your video!!! Lol.
Tailor Moon
Tailor Moon преди 3 часа
If this ain't white privilege then idk what it is
Mariah Larson
Mariah Larson преди 3 часа
......why did they leave wrapped up body parts all over the place like a sick game of Secret Santa....lol
Zoe Hope
Zoe Hope преди 3 часа
Not all life is sacred. What a waste.
Nyxin Moon
Nyxin Moon преди 3 часа
I would like to suggest the Michael and Robert Bever case for next week!!!
Tina DelBrocco
Tina DelBrocco преди 3 часа
I'm not a fan of unsolved crimes either.
shayne elizabeth
shayne elizabeth преди 3 часа
Wow. You just love glossing over everything ‘move’ did right?