quarter vs. 1000 amps of electricity
eating a cookie cooled to -196 °C
преди 18 часа
have you ever seen a yellow laser?
look at my cool luna moth
преди 7 дни
high energy helical xenon lamp
преди 14 дни
magic super absorbent polymer
преди 14 дни
100,000 volt fire extinguisher
преди 14 дни
when insulators become conductors
peanut butter glows in the dark!?
ferrofluid and electromagnets
преди 21 ден
car parts can be used to make this??
have you ever seen a cyan laser?
huge double refractive crystal #shorts
this lamp makes you colorblind
преди месец
what does a million volts look like?
Is it the volts or amps that kill?
which laser is the strongest? #shorts
dousu ketoby
dousu ketoby преди 9 минути
Open circut? You touched both of them so shouldnt that have went through your hand?
Sam Haley
Sam Haley преди 11 минути
Touch it!
⚡Zenitsu😤 преди 16 минути
kasen briones
kasen briones преди 18 минути
Me builds this to kill spiders
Didyee Moure
Didyee Moure преди 21 минута
You mean the pink one
Cee Zee
Cee Zee преди 30 минути
I don’t even want to understand the math he put that crystal over because it made more sense with double vision
Cee Zee
Cee Zee преди 32 минути
That glass thing is so cool
jack d
jack d преди 33 минути
Ranns преди 39 минути
is this 2 microwave transformers in parallel?? i can only manage abt 600 with mine
Immanuel H.
Immanuel H. преди 47 минути
It’s cookie time
piplupgen78 преди 58 минути
I guess you could say "*never gonna give you up*"
That Guy
That Guy преди час
You can light something with that.
ThisIsJustMyOpinion преди час
This in a pc o-o
Aman Singh
Aman Singh преди час
He's Nile red shorts for physics
Aisyah Alfian
Aisyah Alfian преди час
But howwww
aug. kaz.
aug. kaz. преди час
it is illegal to destroy curency, what a criminal.
Luluzia Anisman
Luluzia Anisman преди час
So Dangeres 😰😰
[remix][cnk] преди час
Now go make an Ironman suit!
Dick Trickel
Dick Trickel преди час
Nice little DIY electrocution device. Place 10 on ground, sprinkle breadcrumbs and then wait for mice.
Moises Castro
Moises Castro преди час
He is still alive. Yeah.
Itz Snoobi
Itz Snoobi преди час
Just don't eat it or you'll suffer insane dehydration lol
Dead Me
Dead Me преди час
Yea now i have
micheal 123
micheal 123 преди 2 часа
sukhps преди 2 часа
government: MY LITTLE QUARTER ;__;
SNIPER MASK преди 2 часа
According to Title 18, Chapter 17 of the U.S. Code, which sets out crimes related to coins and currency, anyone who “alters, defaces, mutilates, impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens” coins can face fines or prison time. - The united states and google.
Gene Scallop
Gene Scallop преди 2 часа
Its shockey malone from flushed away
Yaseer Najibi
Yaseer Najibi преди 2 часа
I knew it
Traveler преди 2 часа
Ah yes the gayser
ppmaks преди 2 часа
its a felony to destroy money just sayin
hufflepuff girl
hufflepuff girl преди 2 часа
Invisible one
Tady Toes
Tady Toes преди 2 часа
This dude is like if elliot rodger and michael reeves had a baby.
E преди 2 часа
I usally hate science but this is intersting
Blueboy преди 2 часа
Loaf gaming
Loaf gaming преди 2 часа
Bro this is how you die But it’s fine
G. Reaper
G. Reaper преди 2 часа
Can you make stuff glow blue (like when it heats above 3000K it emits the lesser wavelengths blue and violet) I’ve essentially never seen them IRL except for photos of Stars
Jax Kitten
Jax Kitten преди 2 часа
ah. so that's what they use for super absorbant pads for specific purposes
Sam Morris
Sam Morris преди 3 часа
I don't weld galv, don't breathe that smoke. If you do, you might want to get some mikes and lay down.
Aman deep Kaur
Aman deep Kaur преди 3 часа
I wa~wa~wa~want that
_penxuli преди 3 часа
Elon musk shocked
Stupid cat unloved
Stupid cat unloved преди 3 часа
I​ thing​ is​ looks​ like​ "TLS" (Tactical Laser System​)​
Jimmy Jizz
Jimmy Jizz преди 3 часа
Why does he always look like he touched an outlet?
DJ L3G3ND преди 3 часа
ay could make a half life gauss gun
Michael Nocera
Michael Nocera преди 3 часа
Every time I look at this guy I get serial killer vibes
Lucille Noble
Lucille Noble преди 3 часа
Mangofresh2012 преди 3 часа
He’s got a face perfect for horror / psychological thriller films
glibg10b преди 3 часа
"It's the voltage that kills you" psh, yeah right
Ya boy
Ya boy преди 3 часа
A person ._.
A person ._. преди 3 часа
His electric bill must be horrifying
o3ru преди 3 часа
pretty cool rightttt
Marie Aurelus
Marie Aurelus преди 3 часа
The strongest one is the invisible one
• Kaansaticiii •
• Kaansaticiii • преди 3 часа
Calm down richtofen
Connor Lowis
Connor Lowis преди 3 часа
Damn man lighting is truly the craziest natural weather phenomenon. I get that winds cause hurricanes, tides cause tsunamis, but how the fuck do clouds and water cause a giant beam of of lightning to shoot our from the sky?
lê d minh
lê d minh преди 3 часа
Looks like a flat version of red hot nickel ball
reptex преди 3 часа
But why doesn't the wire from the transformer get red hot as well?
secret treasure
secret treasure преди 3 часа
'' styropyro shorts : Hello.. With High Voltage Laser Or light.. Seeing Behind Wall.. Infrared Camera Can Be Made..? THANKS..!
Zy Fanatic
Zy Fanatic преди 4 часа
I have so many at my house. They're going extinct
SHIBASAURUS REX преди 4 часа
That's awesome, I've never seen a cyan laser before. You're still a nerd.
Blanca Chuela
Blanca Chuela преди 4 часа
Nakrenjam преди 4 часа
A green one should go put ouf the visible spectrum 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. Pls try it 🥺
Jmich преди 4 часа
Suddenly the E.R.s are in over flow....and NOT from Covid...
Joseph Chambers
Joseph Chambers преди 4 часа
This guy sounds 6 years old
Jorshus Prime
Jorshus Prime преди 4 часа
Cookie time
Mark joross Bautista
Mark joross Bautista преди 4 часа
fakeeeeee you put in the pink
Muhammad Aliif Azla
Muhammad Aliif Azla преди 4 часа
Cluster strike inbound
Maximilian Moeck
Maximilian Moeck преди 5 часа
Meanwhile the electric Bill 📈📈📈📈📈
FatMissyCat hat
FatMissyCat hat преди 5 часа
He’s pretty :D
Panos Jr
Panos Jr преди 5 часа
Q=985.59J (Or ‘986J’) Q=mcΔt m = mass of ‘Cookie’ = 3g (grams) c = specific heat capacity - ‘1.41 J/g * K (1.41 Joules to heat up 1 gram by 1K, Kelvin). Δ = “change in” t = temperature Therefore, Δt means ‘change in temperature’. Q = Energy in J, or KJ (Joules, Kilojoules) Q = m * c * Δt -196°C to 37°C = Δt ‘that’s in °C, however.’ Convert to ‘degrees Kelvin’. -196°C (+273.15) = 77.15K 37°C (+273.15) = 310.15K Δt = 310.15K - 77.15K Δt = 233K Now, multiply the values. 3g * 233K * 1.41 (J/g * K) = 985.59J (or 986J)
Bryhn Jhaile Dairo
Bryhn Jhaile Dairo преди 5 часа
What will happen if you touch the laser
PH7 BLACK REAPER преди 5 часа
Yellow lightning lol
ax_ johnysheshhhhh
ax_ johnysheshhhhh преди 5 часа
The pink hit the papper
Burnt Out Electronics
Burnt Out Electronics преди 5 часа
As a Australian I was initially confused by the title! Quarter what?
4raven11 преди 5 часа
I love this kid, as a teacher I'd love to see my students being so passionate about science. A+ Much succes to you young man.
4raven11 преди 3 часа
@The Mblue ha ha indeed but at 50 he seems like a kid to me. You're right I should've used the terme "youthful " !!! Happy day !
The Mblue
The Mblue преди 5 часа
He's not a kid, he's an adult, graduated in chemistry and might even be older than you, point is, he found the fountain of youth
illougal nation
illougal nation преди 5 часа
You do understand you just invented a wat to make a cybernetic brain right!?
Litzer Otaku
Litzer Otaku преди 6 часа
This dude is playing with mind stone as if it is nothing
Ba Mohamad
Ba Mohamad преди 6 часа
Can u have one
TheRicheg преди 6 часа
Nope and yep it's pretty cool
Mayank Jha
Mayank Jha преди 6 часа
granted0022 преди 6 часа
That's a positive and negative thumbs up
strummer b
strummer b преди 7 часа
Katalysmus преди 7 часа
I think its a sodium lamp or smth not sure