Donnie Lang
Donnie Lang преди 5 часа
That didn't age well. They showed how stupid they are.
Budster70 преди 5 часа
I want Mac Jones but not @ 2 but still top 10-15 - trade down!!!
Jack Ophelott
Jack Ophelott преди 5 часа
This will unravel quickly, just watch.
King Fisher
King Fisher преди 5 часа
Cancel sports its racist
Blackprotection & Historical events
Blackprotection & Historical events преди 5 часа
Shout out to Jackson st and deon Sanders..great win 🇱🇾
QuincyBear преди 6 часа
Female Commentary is so bad She has to pause about 3-5 seconds before speaking
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores преди 6 часа
Intellividz преди 6 часа
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's преди 6 часа
this victory was super close
Knowledge Untamed
Knowledge Untamed преди 7 часа
2 Words. Arm Talent. Hurts is Bridgewater. Fields is Kapernick, Smaller than Cam, Slower than Lamar, Rookie Rg3 talent. You'll have to work with him on his reads, he's a 1 read QB Rn. He can fix it. Mitch Trubisky???
Jose Gallardo
Jose Gallardo преди 7 часа
Prime seems like a great person, props to his success!
WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard
WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard преди 7 часа
Good game. Keep rolling Prime
Randall Madison
Randall Madison преди 7 часа
Some very average QBs have won Super Bowls. Theismann, Williams, Rypen, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Foltz, Flacco. Tarkenton was better than Griese, Bradshaw and Stabler. Teams win Super Bowls. Jets are not a good team. It is not Sam's fault. Build with defense. Then the offensive line. Darnoldson or any average QB can win in that situation.
martez saulsby
martez saulsby преди 7 часа
I wished florida state would had signed prime time 😖
Pat преди 7 часа
Can’t wait 4 the barstool documentary coming out on Dion
yrkcurry07 slatt
yrkcurry07 slatt преди 7 часа
Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us преди 7 часа
John 3:16-17 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen!
paul thomas
paul thomas преди 7 часа
Great game!!! Wish I could have been there.
Don Jarrett
Don Jarrett преди 7 часа
Glad they are playing season but boy having to turn around and play in the fall.boys going to have long year.
Bullet Proof Soul
Bullet Proof Soul преди 8 часа
He took off that head like he was HIghlander...
Musante Porter
Musante Porter преди 8 часа
This all depends on how they want to rebuild😂regardless, they’re not going to be a playoff team in the near future and I doubt they land any top free agents. If you can get an additional 3-4 picks by trading the second overall pick, then you do that, draft talent around Darnold. He was a first round pick for a reason...he’s just been deprived of good play around him. I got Carolina or the Broncos moving up to take Fields or Wilson and giving up a lot to the jets
gabby lee
gabby lee преди 8 часа
There is a movie about him on Netflix
Kevin Fitzsimmons
Kevin Fitzsimmons преди 8 часа
I be with the bands like I went to Jackson State or Grambling. Nick cannon with the snare drum dancing.
Galactic Eagle
Galactic Eagle преди 8 часа
This FCS?
Midnight Blaze
Midnight Blaze преди 8 часа
All of em
Jay Theboss
Jay Theboss преди 8 часа
HBCU football is the Best 😎
Jay Theboss
Jay Theboss преди 8 часа
Jackson State is amazing
Jay Theboss
Jay Theboss преди 8 часа
Let's go Deion.
Nick L
Nick L преди 9 часа
The mellow virgo expectably prevent because limit broadly worry an a barbarous lock. alike, lying typhoon
James Howard
James Howard преди 9 часа
Good game
Colin B
Colin B преди 10 часа
Female announcer 🤦🏽🤦🏽
Tre Tre
Tre Tre преди 10 часа
dude said jayden out of asu like howell slovis rattler barrett aren’t all significantly better than him
David Asbury
David Asbury преди 10 часа
Live College Football in March....not bad
Jackstar769 преди 10 часа
Jacktown State!!!
Cory Whitlock
Cory Whitlock преди 10 часа
Congratulations to JSU on their 33-27 victory over Grambling. Great game coach. AWESOME PLAYERS!!!!(I BELIEVE)!
Scott Emory
Scott Emory преди 10 часа
How r they playing football right now
MarLy MarLLe
MarLy MarLLe преди 10 часа
The Sky is the Limit for Fields. Its just how bad does he want to get Better. He's essentially the next phase of the "Lamar Jackson" type QBs. But he has some accuracy issues that will keep him out of the Top 5 in the draft.
Caden Miller
Caden Miller преди 6 часа
he doesn't have accuracy issues it's holding onto the ball too long
CirculateWealth преди 10 часа
I hope the bros at the big schools know they can go to HBCUs no school song controversies
Matthew Holbrook
Matthew Holbrook преди 10 часа
This what We Need "Let's do our Own thing"
Jay Sands
Jay Sands преди 10 часа
#21 trending. Ha! So so fitting for Prime Time!
Malik Holloway
Malik Holloway преди 10 часа
Is shadeur the quarterback for JSU ?
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts преди 10 часа
He can't play til September he still considered to be in high school.
Texan Football Houston
Texan Football Houston преди 11 часа
21 coaching man wow dude the guy is coaching good great job dude
Mr. Country
Mr. Country преди 11 часа
I love it! Raise the standard for HBCUs!!
Champion Season
Champion Season преди 11 часа
Don’t know why trey lance so high, don’t know why people are sleeping on Justin Fields, who happened to crush Lawrence the last time they played 🤷🏽‍♂️
Farquad Shmoogle
Farquad Shmoogle преди 11 часа
SMH. im a panthers fan, didnt they just sign Teddy Bridgewater last year? so after 1 year, he done? and sorry, i dont trust OSU QBs. when was there a good NFL QB from OSU??? i would rather they keep Teddy, give him another year. but get a backup that is a dropback passer. Sorry to let you all know this, but dropback passers may not be sexy but they win in the NFL. I think the Panthers went completely wrong last year getting Teddy, and not be in a complete rebuild mode. I would have kept Kyle Allen, he didnt do that bad actually in 2019. Why not see what he can do with Brady at OC? But also, last year drafted Derrick Brown, did he even do anything? had a chance to get Isiah Simmons, of Clemson, and passed on him????
Tavyn Springston
Tavyn Springston преди 11 часа
You could just tell at least offensively, that Prime just had the more talented team.
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard преди 11 часа
A lot of white boys going to be eating crow after this draft for disrespecting black quarterbacks and I'm going to be coming for you! 👁
DGG преди 11 часа
Don't see the Pitts love.. TE? Darnold has to go.
Cooperstar преди 11 часа
I thought the season was over in Dec.
Joshua Dasilva
Joshua Dasilva преди 12 часа
Wonder was they stole from MR.Sanders today 🤔 maybe his car ? 🤔 😆
Nathan De Bartolo
Nathan De Bartolo преди 12 часа
Mike Norvell is already looking over his shoulder.
Lionel Wells
Lionel Wells преди 12 часа
Nathan De Bartolo
Nathan De Bartolo преди 12 часа
That announcer sucks.
Yee Nash
Yee Nash преди 12 часа
Jackson State doesn’t have one white player lol
Yee Nash
Yee Nash преди 9 часа
@Sandy Walker 😐I mean offensive/defensive side of the ball
Sandy Walker
Sandy Walker преди 9 часа
Maybe you didn't see the field goal kicker?
KING Dxvid
KING Dxvid преди 12 часа
I want Fields to prove people wrong
Hombre Alfisti
Hombre Alfisti преди 12 часа
Prime..... God put you at Jackson State when Florida State was bullsh*tt*n....your IMPACT has been 💪 at Jackson State.....
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer преди 12 часа
Chris Simms has Fields 5th. That’s all I care about. Dude has nailed his QBs over past few years
superGJ24 преди 12 часа
It wasn"t wild, GSU just failed to take care of business when they had to. No excuse for fumbling on the 1 with first and goal when the very back you are using is prone to fumbling.
Washington Sucks
Washington Sucks преди 12 часа
Washington sucks
william mccall
william mccall преди 12 часа
Awesome. Keep the cameras rolling. The best is yet to come.
Steve Eley
Steve Eley преди 12 часа
WoW I need to watch more HBCU football. JSU snapped Grambling's 16 home game win streak. The team has has taken the personality of the head coach. Can't say that about Miami Hurricanes. 😔
Evil Tires
Evil Tires преди 13 часа
Sorry I don’t speak wrong
Jamoe преди 13 часа
The play by play announcer has a really unpleasant voice.
Kimberly Lindsey
Kimberly Lindsey преди 13 часа
JSU QB reminds me so much of The Legendary Steve "Air" McNair 😍
CD Till
CD Till преди 13 часа
Thee I love...Great stuff J State and PrimeTime 💯💪
Fallen Legion
Fallen Legion преди 13 часа
Georgia fans are just as delusional as Cowboys fans. Enjoy watching the college football playoffs on the couch.
Mookey Montana
Mookey Montana преди 13 часа
Yeah Jackson Bout To Come TF Up 🤪🔥🔥🔥
mwhitejr преди 13 часа
1 question: do they not play during the regular football season? How do we have football in February, March, and April? Either way congrats JSU.
Jalon Roberts
Jalon Roberts преди 13 часа
"FUN FACT" deion is coaching walter payton's college and is facing jerry rice's college next
Lance Hurley
Lance Hurley преди 13 часа
Looks like a big tickle fight...
A King
A King преди 13 часа
Now lets even the SWAC out
M Performance
M Performance преди 13 часа
Cam Newton carried a garbage auburn team. Cam couldn’t be stopped in college
Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner преди 13 часа
Was anything *stolen* ?
Too much Remy
Too much Remy преди 14 часа
Bruh why I thought Chris Broussard was doing commentary lol
haha falseflag
haha falseflag преди 14 часа
liljayfizzle преди 6 часа
This is spring fb season. Fall starts Late August.
ve de
ve de преди 14 часа
im rooting for JSU!
Aggiesfan12 преди 14 часа
Prime Time got something cooking over there
DermaCare doctor
DermaCare doctor преди 14 часа
I hope Deion get his team under control. Get an offensive line that control I pulling for you Deion.
ps2goSTUPID преди 14 часа
I was at this game, and lemme tell you, them JSU fans were cutting up in the stands. They made fun of the dude who sang the National Anthem.
Thomas The gAzelle
Thomas The gAzelle преди 14 часа