KAI 카이 'Peaches' MV Reaction (feat.SEHUN)

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KAI's 2nd mini album "Peaches" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/KAI_Peaches
🍑 'Peaches' MV: bgpost.info/post/rbaZ0oepo6Vnvps/video

01 Peaches
02 Vanilla
03 Domino
04 Come In
05 To Be Honest
06 Blue

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yep4andy преди месец
sehun was too stunned to speak
gamer girl
gamer girl преди месец
i think so too
my soul is beautiful
my soul is beautiful преди месец
Yesssssss dear Yep4andy
Rakshita Singh
Rakshita Singh преди месец
Ikrr .. i thinkkk so too
KittyCat D.
KittyCat D. преди месец
@Jennifer Pintoyeah we've The Box, but it's not his official solo album debut right? and there are also songs that he doesn't sing. so...let's wait until he makes his own album🥰
ksenia L-1485
ksenia L-1485 преди месец
АХАХАХАХА, а ведь правда
10 S
10 S преди месец
this is the most honest reaction ever I have seen in kpop history. sehun didn't even exaggerate. I love my honest boys.
osh tempo
osh tempo преди месец
ikr he's really being himself but at the same time being a sweet and supportive brother 🍑👌
esra uysal #teamsolar
esra uysal #teamsolar преди месец
He was really paying attention to the mv it was so genuine 🥺💕
ABEGAIL PEREZ преди месец
“If Sehun says he likes it, it means it will do well” coming from the main dancer itself, it means that he respect Oh Sehun so much when it comes to dancing. I feel like a proud eomma looking at my two maknaes 😭🍑🧡
Isis Bia
Isis Bia преди месец
Kai: *We should be reacting* Sehun: Just appreciating and enjoying the MV
도나희 преди месец
First, Peaches is such a sweet fairytale. second, feeling good seeing the maknaes together. And Third, Kai taught me an important lesson i.e. never get satisfied because only that will keep you improving more and progressing more.
도나희 преди месец
@A.A yes
A.A преди месец
A fannnn?
A.A преди месец
Yi zhan? I'm dyinggggg
Debo Gaming
Debo Gaming преди месец
Finally getting some maknae line content after years 🥺
전노누 преди месец
Benjamin Vuong
Benjamin Vuong преди месец
@VBangtanBoys_jer _ exo kings
julia преди месец
@VBangtanBoys_jer _ are you dreaming? Or are you not confident enough to mention your idol's name here? you just embarrass yourself please grow up
Benjamin Vuong
Benjamin Vuong преди месец
@VBangtanBoys_jer _ shut up exo is king
Milky Purple ばら🎈
Milky Purple ばら🎈 преди месец
Hey u are everywhere 🙂in every k-pop videos
Leihya Cantilang
Leihya Cantilang преди месец
Sehun and Kai being together makes me so proud. They do this without the other members. BTW, I think if all the members are there, it will be chaotic so I'm actually glad it's just Sehun that's there haha. Anyway, in all seriousness, I know the other members will be proud of Kai too. And I love that they never fail to mention EXO even at their solo activities. That's brotherhood and love!
Kingdom of Dreams
Kingdom of Dreams преди месец
Sehun: **super focused** Kai: **swaying like a metronome while vibing to his own song** 😂
kimberly преди месец
sehun stayed quiet and appreciated the masterpiece, like a professional man who studies art
MelodyWorld преди месец
Smiling Newton
Smiling Newton преди месец
when does sehun not look handsome? :)
Jjong’s flying insole lol
Jjong’s flying insole lol преди месец
In an industry where idols have learned to put on a persona as a shield and establish relationships with their teammates in front of a camera, exo is so refreshing to see. Truthfully, most of the iconic content we have from the boys is from concerts: they’re not too used to being filmed all the time, so seeing sehun be so ‘normal’, genuine with no forced reactions or exaggerated gasps, just rapt attention at Kai’s work, is endlessly endearing
ShilsWW преди месец
The Moon
The Moon преди месец
Talkin about the concerts, Baekhyun and Chanyeol being extra energetic and funny pops into my mind🤣 Boi, i miss their concerts. OT9 concerts
A N преди месец
Very true. This is one thing about KPOP that people have to be cautious about. EXO is different. I love your name...lol
보보휴~ преди месец
Exo dont care what ppl gonna say bout their friendship n stuff because they will always be one.. we can see how close theyre from lots of little things they do for each other... Like how they support Chen's marriage, they even say that anywhere they go they will go tgt( means if one quits sm everybody will do so smthing like tht), lay even rush all the way from china just to sent his member to military..they even defend their members who attacked by haters...not to forget how supportive they are on every members activities...members also said tht maknae sehun is the one who connect them even more..ppl who said exo friendship is fake really need to get a grip
Thanushika Karunaratne
Thanushika Karunaratne преди месец
this!! i also feel like they all are collectively very reserved and have always been. I've been a fan since 2013 and they're the kind of group who finds comfort in each other heavily but is not very in your face with a fake facade. They've always been real and doesn't bother to impress anyone 🥺
itsrainen преди месец
"I got too tired from singing ad-libs that I faint." *"It's necessary once in a while."* Why is this so funny 😹😹😹
Rowena Cruz
Rowena Cruz преди месец
5:26 Even when it is his solo, he promotes as if he's representing the whole group in this comeback . Hope to see them all again! YOU DID REALLY GOOD ONCE MORE KIM KAI ON YOUR ALBUM 💕
Namra преди месец
Honestly,I feel like if there's anyone who can truly judge kAI for his singing,dancing skills,performance & stage presence then that's SEHUN only ever since they debuted they've been doin everything together, went thru all the thick & thins so yes their brotherhood means so much to me! Now I want OSH1 & kai to give his reaction on that they truly have grown up so well.
Sky Putkonen
Sky Putkonen преди месец
I was as shocked as Sehun at seeing Jongin take the lead (I always know who's the maknae, but when they are together I feel Jongin is younger). I like his reaction; it doesn't feel forced or fake. It's often a lot to take in the 1st time. Thank you, translator-nims for the subs 🙏🧡.
TSONG XIONG преди месец
It's like a child who wants his dad opinion. Brotherhood never lies. I'm happy and proud to see how Exo members love, support and respect each other. Good job Kai !
NoviNeonardo преди 21 ден
ok donkkak
Anu Tripathi
Anu Tripathi преди месец
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy преди месец
Kai thought that he could've done better but since Sehun likes it so much, he gained confidence and satisfaction. ❤️
Hala A
Hala A преди месец
You can see how proud kai is of his new song and MV, rightfully so. We’re super proud of you too Jongin. You did so well with this comeback
Tz преди месец
They're so supportive of each other. Sehun reaction is so cute, he was watching the Mv so intently.
laurent ramos
laurent ramos преди месец
Once again confirming that I follow the right group, I admire too much the support they give and receive to each other, it shows that they are happy with the achievements they have individually ~ WE ARE ONE!
Love, Olive
Love, Olive преди месец
" If Sehun likes it, it will be a hit." We trust Sehun's taste in music.
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖 преди месец
*NOT SEEN YET?❤️**bgpost.info/post/t5hm06uZmK1e0mA/video*
Aarushie Chatterjee
Aarushie Chatterjee преди месец
I love how they always support each other. I love their friendship.❣
aboutlyrics преди месец
"PLEASE SHOW LOTS OF LOVE FOR EXO" omg i'm not cryinggg
Betül Caglar
Betül Caglar преди месец
I love how they added subs on Sehun because he was so into it!!😂 "Sehun is already addicted" "making him focus, so that he only sees the MV" 😂😭
Lorenz Ponio
Lorenz Ponio преди месец
I like how Sehun focused on watching Peaches' MV and give his honest review after watching it. I hope Sehun gets his solo soon. And for Kai keep up the good work baby nini. You did a great job. ❤️
black_islands преди месец
Sehun is definitely underrated, I think he deserves to go solo. Still great to see him appreciating Kai’s second solo project.
black_islands преди месец
@Sahar Noori hm… well, i see that both him and Chanyeol are the most followed on Instagram among all the EXO members. Maybe the reason is not having enough recognition on the award ceremonies?
Sahar Noori
Sahar Noori преди месец
You know? I think after 'on me' and all the problem he went through and the K_fans comments he is just .. like disappoitnted or something?
black_islands преди месец
@Mia Idencio We are one 🤝🥰
black_islands преди месец
@Andrea KunderWell let’s hope SM Entertainment will find a way to reconsider their relationship with EXO. At least, it is the most awarded group in their portfolio, which brought the most-viewed music videos on their BGpost channel. Like, if you go to SM BGpost account and filter their videos by views, it’s obvious 🙄 EXO brings the most of money to the house
Mia Idencio
Mia Idencio преди месец
@black_islands for example - with how everyone saying Kai should perform/promote globally he can literally build his own company/join one that will render him in that path but any exo-l knows how much he loves to be with his members. He was asked to choose between solo concert of concert with exo members without hesitation he said with exo members. Their line "We Are One" is really the definition of their relationship with co-members and exo-ls and I'm proud to be one
Mels преди месец
Sehun's expression is exactly when I first watched it haha. so refreshing to see SeKai again.
seneca преди месец
3:26 Me too, Sehun. The choreo detail to the beat was extremely effective
Whinley Uy
Whinley Uy преди 13 дни
Whenever I see the maknaes together, I always remember the gifts they bought for chanyeol lol. If yoh haven't watch exo showtime, please do 😊
Surabhi Sehun
Surabhi Sehun преди месец
the way Sehun observed every little thing and gave sincere feedbacks
VeeJay Reactions
VeeJay Reactions преди месец
When Sehun says "I love the colors, the outfits are original, the song and the dance I love it" he's not lying... this is just how I reacted when I watched the Peaches MV😉😍💕❤️
Lin Lin
Lin Lin преди месец
I love seeing EXO's members react to each other MV. So heart-warming ❤
Andrea Kunder
Andrea Kunder преди месец
just seeing more than one EXO member on a screen together is such a gift I miss my guys sooooo muchhhh
Dimple Montes
Dimple Montes преди месец
Awwww!!!! So good to see them together again! I cannot wait for an EXO comeback! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Diana Perez
Diana Perez преди месец
Love seeing Sehun. I haven’t been keeping up with him for a while. He’s been my love/bias in EXO for so long. Since I was in 7th grade I believe. (I’m 20 now) but yeah everyone in my family knows how obsessed I was hahaha 🤣
Shawol_5hinee преди месец
Sehun is like a best friend who would everybody want to have. Always supportive and helps for everybody. And his reaction is priceless.
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖 преди месец
*NOT SEEN YET?❤️**bgpost.info/post/t5hm06uZmK1e0mA/video*
Kdramas Cuts
Kdramas Cuts преди месец
Yep 👍🏻
universe преди месец
I am watching this reaction over and over because they are acting so cute .
Mónica Hernandez A
Mónica Hernandez A преди месец
Estoy tan Feliz de ver a Sehun compartiendo con Kai ❤️☺️🌷
April преди месец
I can relate to Sehun so much! When i see a MV first time I always focus on what the MV is trying to tell. That's why i almost never watch MV reaction because it feels so exaggerated. But this reaction is prefect; too stunned to talk
Promise Milligan
Promise Milligan преди месец
I love how they ask there members to watch there videos it's so cute
Strawberry Hyun
Strawberry Hyun преди месец
Sehun is giving his whole attention to the mv, like that just shows how much interested he was to watch it
Le Nu Thuy Nhung (K16 DN)
Le Nu Thuy Nhung (K16 DN) преди месец
I think this is real reaction when someone who is not a professional reacter will be when they watch a good MV in the first time. And I'm sure that when Kai kept telling and asking Sehun, Sehun really want to cover Kai's mouth to watch the MV in silence 😂😂
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖 преди месец
*NOT SEEN YET?❤️**bgpost.info/post/t5hm06uZmK1e0mA/video*
Damaris преди месец
Si tuviera a Kai así aun lado mío y reaccionando al vídeo, realmente le diría: TE LA RIFAS! 🤩
bunnycat преди месец
I love these guys so much damn. I love their honest reaction and natural apparences… 😁❤️
또잉최애 ♡
또잉최애 ♡ преди месец
I love you cutieesss :> Good job, Kai!! I'm so proud of how far you've come :>
Leafy преди месец
Omg I love them!! More natural interactions with exo members please!
Devine Abi-Rached
Devine Abi-Rached преди месец
I like how sehun was really studying the mv and giving feedback. Baekhyun just made jokes the whole time😆
berna akgül
berna akgül преди месец
Eka Asri
Eka Asri преди месец
It's okay.. everyone has a different response :)
Devine Abi-Rached
Devine Abi-Rached преди месец
@Uuuuuu never, love him💯
🖤BLIИK💗 преди месец
Uuuuuu преди месец
A problem with Bk?
Claudia Delcampo
Claudia Delcampo преди месец
Let’s be honest guys we were all sehun when we watched the music video for the first time, so focused and immersed completely speechless lol. Sehun also looked like he was focus on figuring out the dance steps which makes complete sense for him lol.
fabio gregorio
fabio gregorio преди месец
Únicamente Kai puede representar esta canción con un eufemismo, bravo.
Carole Chaney
Carole Chaney преди месец
Watching Kai swaying along with the song is insightful! Clearly he loves the song too and is proud of how everything works. He should be. The entire song and mv is dreamy and beautiful.
PEIKOO RÓNG преди месец
"The moment you feel satisfied, no further progress can be made." 💙
SEP Jan 16
SEP Jan 16 преди месец
They are glowing up so much, still remember that both of them so shy and didn’t like to talk much but now they both talk and laugh and cheer up each other. Always love all the members of EXO.
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖
𝔻𝕣. 𝔾-𝕜𝕟𝕖𝕖 преди месец
*NOT SEEN YET?❤️**bgpost.info/post/t5hm06uZmK1e0mA/video*
Larissa Dantas
Larissa Dantas преди 23 дни
and of course sehun is being sincere, this MV is a masterpiece from beginning to end!!! thank you Kai for another impeccable work 😍❤
Andrea Kunder
Andrea Kunder преди месец
ahh seeing our handsome maknaes together is such a great feeling
Arty One
Arty One преди месец
They're so cute, I love when Kai and Sehun interact! Peaches is great; the MV and the whole album. Kai's first album is easily one of my favorite albums of all time, and listening to Peaches since release, I think this album will be up there, too. Kai just consistently makes bops! So proud of you, our Nini bear!
Najat MohdRazif
Najat MohdRazif преди месец
Love their interactions...their hyung must be proud and happy seeing 2 of his maknae do very well as EXO gp..it makes me feel so sad just thinking and miss EXO ot9 so much...
noona petite
noona petite преди месец
to everyone who's doubting exo's brotherhood, look at how genuinely excited and happy sehun is for his hyung
A N преди месец
EXO members love each other...you can't fake great chemistry. Everyone can see it. KAI is very popular, but he is a model so that's expected. It's like Beyonce and destiny childs or even families. One person always stands out, but everyone is together.
bisou 💋
bisou 💋 преди месец
they’re the same age 3 months difference
hant ttt
hant ttt преди месец
Not his hyung they're the same age
SweetmeatsFan преди месец
I'm so happy to see an EXO interaction!
oh Raema
oh Raema преди месец
It's so nice to see these two maknaes Love both😘🐻🐣
La Reina de Kwangya
La Reina de Kwangya преди месец
Thank you for the subtitles 🤩👏🏽 I love peaches 🍑 🥰
LANDYAN преди месец
If Sehun was stunned, we died after watching Peaches, WELL DONE KAI!!!, WE ARE REALLY PROUD OF YOU
Mika Rose
Mika Rose преди месец
Omg theyre both so freaking cute. Our maknaes
Katherine Consuegra
Katherine Consuegra преди месец
A mí también me encantó.. me hipnotiza la verdad.. el visual, la voz de KAI y su baileeee
grace Louise
grace Louise преди месец
So good! Love the mood and colors and dance! Everything!
Alaa Magdy
Alaa Magdy преди месец
Everything in the MV is sweet and Kai and sehun reaction is adorable
L Soo Linn
L Soo Linn преди месец
While watching this, I feel like a mom who was watching her own children growing up really well ┬ ┬ How fast the night changes! Our maknaes grow up and so do we!
aisha abdulaziz
aisha abdulaziz преди месец
I feel you
Dear Firda
Dear Firda преди месец
Same here:') 너무 감동이야
Asha Ismail
Asha Ismail преди месец
Same samee,am so proud of them
Mariam Martirosyan
Mariam Martirosyan преди месец
Why I was smiling the whole time like crazy, this was so precious
Laura TheFanGirl
Laura TheFanGirl преди месец
Sehun was studying it like "So this is how you make baby making music." xD
KISSYS преди месец
Sehun no fuerza su reacción, por el contrario, ese nivel de concentración viendo algo que le gusta, es muy él. ☆
Rasha Nour, known as Reesh ☺️🕊️
Rasha Nour, known as Reesh ☺️🕊️ преди месец
The music is so addictive and stays in the head for a long time. I also liked the colors and the fusion of the traditional korean outfit with the modern up to date freshness of Kai himself ☺️🥰
Roblox Among Us Android Gaming
Roblox Among Us Android Gaming преди месец
True fact: Everyone agrees that Kai is melting everyone's heart with his comeback
Benjamin Vuong
Benjamin Vuong преди месец
@Alie Edson shut up Alie
Alvi Kania Gustiane
Alvi Kania Gustiane преди месец
@Alie Edson dih
wAe KUroji mOllAaaaaa
wAe KUroji mOllAaaaaa преди месец
@Alie Edson what's wrong with you ? If you hate this song then why are you here watching there reaction ?
Aiz Pascual
Aiz Pascual преди месец
@Alie Edson Then why are you here, huh?
False God
False God преди месец
@Alie Edson u are a fan Alie since u are here before me who actually stans exo 🥺
Me63 36
Me63 36 преди месец
Two lovely guys (•ө•)♡ i wish we see them again in other video like this for sehun's solo
Leonardo Georgete
Leonardo Georgete преди месец
Sehunnie being the honest gentle soul he is. I love them so much!!!
maravillacob преди месец
These two are just so hilarious together, I need to see them in things more often. So mischievous and bright!!!
Andrea Sosa Blas
Andrea Sosa Blas преди месец
me encanta ver a kai tan feliz por su segundo album y que sehun lo acompañe amooo
Bryar Maputi
Bryar Maputi преди месец
Sehun literally deserve the 2nd Leader position Ever since then he's the one keeping EXO together ♡♡♡
Bryar Maputi
Bryar Maputi преди месец
@Mikaela K. No, don't say that I'm just telling the truth
Mikaela K.
Mikaela K. преди месец
Your words deserve an award too (T⁰T)
Bryar Maputi
Bryar Maputi преди месец
@Because Ican No worries, Suho & Chen will be discharge in the 1st half of year 2022
Because Ican
Because Ican преди месец
and now I'm missing Suho again!! :( so good to see the Maknaes spending time together!
changminers luv
changminers luv преди месец
this reaction is soo satisfying.. seeing two maknaes as fine young men.. soo satisfying.. i love it!! I bet their hyungs feel so proud of them...
Rsky Nra kiki
Rsky Nra kiki преди месец
Seeing the two of them I'm very happy, and hopefully they can be complete for the next reaction mv. My dear KAI congratulations on the release of the peach album
Loey преди месец
Miss all members want to see all of them together😭😭😭again
vann преди 26 дни
las reacciones de sehun son las mejores y el cambio de las dw nini entre este video y la reacción de mmmh hace ver que tiene más confianza, ame mucho este cb tanto como su debut
Raf T.
Raf T. преди месец
Sehun always has the same habits when he is really focused on something and he gets really, really quiet. 😁
Saqib Malik
Saqib Malik преди месец
I'm addicted to this song 🌸✨
Loey преди месец
Congrats for winning AAA popularity our EXO will always be love and waiting by EXOL
denia soto
denia soto преди месец
I love seeing them together ❤️❤️❤️
Sakina Bintou Eve SALLH
Sakina Bintou Eve SALLH преди месец
Kai vibing on his own song is everything 😂😭❤️
MrsOh Sehun
MrsOh Sehun преди месец
Just realized that Sehun as Main Dancer reacts to Kai’s MV, the way he points his arms when the chorus hits. It feels so good to see them both in one screen. EXO is our home indeed.
Sadia Riaz
Sadia Riaz преди 7 дни
@Strawberry Rui yang He is now main dancer alongside Lay and Kai😄
palak nigam
palak nigam преди месец
The Frozen Terror
The Frozen Terror преди месец
@Strawberry Rui yang Yes.
Strawberry Rui yang
Strawberry Rui yang преди месец
Sehun is lead dancer right?
C.K 4ever
C.K 4ever преди месец
Sehun reaction was so honest , brief ,and clear .I swear to God I thought the same when I watched the vm .
ann bullet
ann bullet преди месец
Love love love these two boys. 💚🥰😘 Congratulations, Kai! 🥰🥰🥰
Anita Leiva
Anita Leiva преди месец
It was cute to watch Sehun so confused at the beginning when Kai was introducing them. Sehun was so focus in the video and gave his comments to Kai. I like watching them together.
Keyla Cardenas
Keyla Cardenas преди месец
Me encanta como los miembros de apoyan siempre, amo su hermandad
asyh w
asyh w преди месец
"Please show lots of love for EXO" Of course Kai, we do it. Always.
항상찬열이변 🍒
항상찬열이변 🍒 преди месец
yes i always truly completely love them
Numii преди месец
Yess No matter what I'll always keep rooting for them.
Anastasya Putri
Anastasya Putri преди месец
I didn't realize that i miss this maknae line so bad untill this mv reaction😢
Mayara Kelly
Mayara Kelly преди месец
meus amores ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Simran преди месец
I love their interaction and also reaction video ♡♡
Giorgia Pita
Giorgia Pita преди месец
cHOgIwA- преди месец
"IF SEHUN LIKES IT, IT WILL DO WELL" this is the friendship we need y'all!
GONE DAYS преди месец
Que son lindos los maknaes de exo! Sehun super concentrado en el MV y Kai completamente interesado en que piensa sehun de su trabajo
Elvia Vasquez Garcia
Elvia Vasquez Garcia преди месец
Se les extrañaba 😖💕
nihan преди месец
Sehunun reaction u harika ya mimikleriyle anlattı resmen
Rainsormy Munira Nusrat Bristy
Rainsormy Munira Nusrat Bristy преди месец
Sehun really show the true reaction of this MV.it is actually beyond describing.Just enjoy this with full concentration.
Megumi Hoseña
Megumi Hoseña преди месец
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NCT 127
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