Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

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Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift
Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

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Коментари: 118 580
Emma Zen
Emma Zen
Sadie literally looks like if autumn was a person
zaini sheikh
zaini sheikh преди 14 дни
This version is like silent pain. This is like when you are still hurt but you don't have tears to cry anymore.
The Night Ranger
The Night Ranger преди 14 дни
Dylan saying, “I’m sorry,” four times the exact same way felt like a robot repeating something meaningless.
Rifka Nurul Utami
Rifka Nurul Utami преди 21 ден
The way this triggered so many bad memories - especially the gaslighting part - just shows how amazing Sadie's and Dylan's acting is. The whole production is just extraterrestrial.
Help me reach 15k with no videos!
Help me reach 15k with no videos! преди 21 ден
Imagine: it’s 20 years from now. This song becomes popular again on whatever social media site teens will use. Quirky teens are saying,”I was so born in the wrong generation.” While you sit and enjoy this timeless masterpiece.
CGagnon5 преди 6 часа
I literally can’t stop listening to this. Legitimately might be one of the greatest songs ever written and I’m not even a huge Swifty.
The way I’d love to see more short films for other songs being re-recorded.
Digital UMMAH Ofishal
Digital UMMAH Ofishal преди 14 дни
Another fun fact is that both Dylan and Sadie has been huge swifties for a long time now ,I'm so glad they got a chance to work with Taylor😍
Sad Boii Hours
Sad Boii Hours преди 6 часа
The fact that i'm a fan of Stranger Things, Maze Runner & Taylor Swift. This is just beyond exciting!
Anvesha Awasthi IX-D
Anvesha Awasthi IX-D преди 6 часа
This song closely captures all the emotions felt during heartbreak and that too in order, sadness, jealousy, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, and lastly anger. Truly a masterpiece heartbreak anthem that will forever be remembered.
Ana Julia
Ana Julia преди 28 дни
it was so uncomfortable to have seen the differences between dylan and sadie fit into a movie, especially seeing the two of them kissing, because she's still a teenager and he's a grown man. I'm so glad Taylor had the courage to expose all this after years. I hope she inspired our young women to break free from an abusive relationship. you have the power to do this, and know that you are not alone if you need help. thousands of women go through it too, don't be afraid. we are with you.
Khatrizce Villanueva
Khatrizce Villanueva преди 6 часа
the more you listen to all too well 10 minute version the more it shortens like it doesn’t even feel like a 10 minute song at all😭
Lalisa Verma
Lalisa Verma преди 8 часа
Both of them acted so well I thought sadie is Taylor whole time.
Chloe Temptress
Chloe Temptress преди 14 дни
My best friend passed away with brain cancer when we were 15 . She’s a spitting image of this woman In this video. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s almost haunting. However I’m watching this sobbing for the probably thousand time. and feeling like I’m watching her growing up and to experience love and heart break like I did so many times In my early 20s… damn.
Kitty KitKat
Kitty KitKat преди 20 часа
This hits so hard when you had a boyfriend who treated you like this. Specifically in the scene where they are arguing about him dropping her hand.
SherbetLollipop преди 28 дни
It's kinda wild how this song is about a very specific relationship but
Lol Twins
Lol Twins преди 6 часа
The way this video gave me the closure I needed. The scene in the kitchen reminded me of a situation I dealt with, you never see what hurts you in the moment but looking back on it. You can see what everyone else saw while you were blind. Thank you Taylor
Whitney Avalon
Whitney Avalon
Singing? Writing? Directing? Taylor does it ALL too well. :)
John Mark Arvin Alcala
John Mark Arvin Alcala преди 21 ден
I love the fact that she keep saying "You don't even look at me" like yes you're catching up with your friends but that doesn't give you a reason to treat her a ghost or invincible the whole time lol.
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