Markiplier | 3 Peens in a Pod (EP 72)(9 Feb 2021)(Valheim)

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Ishankyouverymuch преди 4 дни
Oh yeah,, RISE to all those proletariats. Totally
quin young
quin young преди 6 дни
the fact that they didn’t know you could repair tools for free even tho theres a big glowing button for it in the workbench is... ironic
Claire Arena
Claire Arena преди 6 дни
Was really hoping they'd figure out repairing before the end, but they all overlooked the flashing button for it.
That Jojo Lesbian
That Jojo Lesbian преди 8 дни
f r o m d o w n t o w n
Vickie Sharma
Vickie Sharma преди 19 дни
WHY IS BGpost SO FKN SHITTY why does it think i want to watch very long videos 10 times very fkn day after i watch a video it will decide that it knows exactly what i want and its always wrong
Cj Holden
Cj Holden преди 24 дни
The YouTube Idiot
The YouTube Idiot преди месец
Can’t wait for them to play this again😂
Manithral преди месец
Yo... I enjoy watching the stream cause I can't always catch it. But you definitely shouldn't be putting ads on someone else's content. That is a direct violation of stealing content.
Crimson Cat
Crimson Cat преди месец
ah yes, the fabled Mork, Wode, and worst of all...... *B O B E*
Damien Coleman
Damien Coleman преди месец
Danzel преди месец
If u play with it long enough, *it gets bigger*
NECRONYX преди месец
Many comments with camp name suggestions but may I present... Comp.
Miggeddy преди месец
59:40 xD
Moses Chong
Moses Chong преди месец
was anyone else yelling at them that they can repair their stuff at the workbench?
bob Seery
bob Seery преди месец
you can get delicious beef from a boar now? what kind of magical creature is this?
NECRONYX преди месец
Pig.. pork... Boar.. beef... Cow.. c..corned beef, yeah, I'll roll with it
Mrpear234 преди месец
28:15 who needs bows when you have teamwork.
Caleb B
Caleb B преди месец
Umm... did anyone hear the minecraft spider sound?? 1:11:43
Bill Taktikos
Bill Taktikos преди месец
You right!
Jillian Egeland
Jillian Egeland преди месец
17:06 on repeat. Trust me.
J Treining
J Treining преди месец
This makes me feel much better about my first base
MrDsholmes преди месец
Poor wade..i feel my heart crack
Mute Aquarium Nerd
Mute Aquarium Nerd преди месец
This is hunting
The Grimm Reaper
The Grimm Reaper преди месец
Bob: A goblin is coming! What I heard: A goblin is coming to eat out my a$$hole!
Ezekiel Nazareno
Ezekiel Nazareno преди месец
Is this video have the permission to copy markiplier video?
Enola Gay
Enola Gay преди месец
crazy how he looks like johnny silverhand in that insert picture
John Billy Fruto
John Billy Fruto преди месец
waiting for them to find a troll
VileZX преди месец
We're hunting in the direction of deer, Mark!
Rosemary преди месец
Wade because I don’t want mark and bob to go to jail
Hans Dampf
Hans Dampf преди месец
funny how he thought "well.... another survival/crafting game..." at the start xD
Ocean Space
Ocean Space преди месец
I love how mark doesnt read
Caleb Romo
Caleb Romo преди месец
Face plant, watching him leave so much loot everywhere and ignoring the repair button in the Workbench.
Aaron Noble
Aaron Noble преди месец
So basically what I gathered from this episode. ARRRGGG BEEEEEEs
Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy преди месец
haha troll
oquietnightmarex преди месец
That moment he keeps throwing things out of his inventory instead of repairing them. GAH. LOL
Katie Kaboom
Katie Kaboom преди месец
WODE (Wade): "You stole my rock and scared off my deer". (Sounds like a Country Song)
Kodered59 [Original]
Kodered59 [Original] преди 25 дни
"burnt my socks and drank all my beer"
Algren Nonymi
Algren Nonymi преди месец
that 1:00:05 moment I have whenever I try to crack a joke
Cylux преди месец
Wade never looks at tutorials.
Kalevipoeg преди месец
"Do you think if you had an eye in your butthole it'd just get pinkeye all the time?" -Mark Fischbach, 2021
Corey Jones
Corey Jones преди месец
this game is amazing :o
Ardi Zain
Ardi Zain преди месец
I died at encumbered Bob
Maki Haider
Maki Haider преди месец
1:14:45 I felt that. It felt good.
f1am3d преди месец
It's very hard to watch this endless clowning instead of playing.
13vocals преди месец
everytime you opened the workbench I was screaming about that flashing repair button
Kitsune Hellscythe
Kitsune Hellscythe преди месец
Ngl, Should have named is "Camp Worb" Wode, Mork & Bab = Worb
GarrySwaglin85 преди месец
it breaks my heart they never thought to find a way to repair the items... so many resources gone to waste
Cha0ticGames преди месец
The three people I'd love to just play a game with and have fun.
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown преди месец
I love how the game deceives people who play the game and thought it is a craft survival game.
Fully Over Yall
Fully Over Yall преди месец
Mark talks redistribution in thief simulator, now full ass revolution talk, welcome comrade Mark
Mykolas Kulakauskas
Mykolas Kulakauskas преди месец
33:06 "if you play with it, it gets bigger"
Dark Metamorphosis
Dark Metamorphosis преди месец
I was so frustrated the entire time that thet didn't figure out how to repair xD They threw so much away that they had crafted, when they just could have repaired it by the workbench for free haha. Quality content though
Zachs Mind
Zachs Mind преди месец
13:20 Among the best moments in the early game, the first time you happen to look up and see this guy's skybox. That's Yggdrassil, the Tree of Life, a major hallmark of Norse mythology, but I don't recall it ever being displayed in such a beautiful way.
xanaxODgrindcoreLover преди месец
RinTheDeer преди месец
Was I the only screaming through the screen for them to click the repair hammer on the left side of the menu in the crafting bench? Lmao
Delta 48
Delta 48 преди месец
I was so worried about my house in this game, now I realize I'm a genius.
Snaus Pockets
Snaus Pockets преди месец
While I do have respect for wanting to learn the game on the fly no spoilers, there is no way they will just randomly offer the correct amount of whatever to sacrifice at the altars to fight the boss and progress the game... "Okay I think you put a deer head on the altar....Nope that didn't work. Okay what else would do it?" From that point on you'd think that deer trophy was wrong. I also hate finding out later that you threw away that one thing that you really needed to hold on to but didn't realize it at the time. It's hard not looking at spoiler vids especially in a deep game like this.
Frantic Fenris Gaming
Frantic Fenris Gaming преди месец
I love watching mark just kreygasm everytime he gets a sweet shot. xD Makes me glad im not the only one lovin this game.
OverTheStone преди месец
Wode, Mork, and... _Bob_. True Norse legends in the making if ever there were. ... Bob the Viking.
RJay преди месец
Mark: "I think we all know how the sky works." Mark in Huneypop2: "How does weather? Why weather work?!?"
ZzzDarkCloudzzZ преди месец
I love how none of them figured out how to repair their gear, with the slightly obvious glowing hammer in the workbench. Spam click the hammer and all your gear will be repaired for free.
Erinnite преди месец
It's an Archaeopteryx from Ark SE, lol
Stephen Delarosa
Stephen Delarosa преди месец
Don't talk shit about my boy hugin, hes the homie, least annoying tutorial bird, remember the legend of zelda owl?
Andi Wandfahren
Andi Wandfahren преди месец
Fun to watch, but JESUS CHRIST! If youz Killit youz gotta Nikkit! Loot the stuff you murder.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse преди месец
Is it just me or does Wade seem like he be simping over Mark and Bob? XD
Richie Witcher
Richie Witcher преди месец
1:00:00 You right!
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse преди месец
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp преди месец
They don't know how to repair... *WHEEZE*
Aiden Walker
Aiden Walker преди месец
16:41 OfficialToastKen starts gaming
David Welcher
David Welcher преди месец
I hope they figure out to just click the hammer while in the workbench menu for free repairs on everything. Great video nonetheless.
SigmaSwill преди месец
This game is so popular Keanu is playing it!
Roo The conqueror
Roo The conqueror преди месец
so the forest?
Glichy2400 gaming
Glichy2400 gaming преди месец
mark has to play this again like so he sees this
Mathys Pienaar
Mathys Pienaar преди месец
Am i the only one who wants to see these 3 run into a troll?
Boo Boo Wick
Boo Boo Wick преди месец
PixelFlames преди месец
Never to see valheim from mark again.
Dumben Dumben
Dumben Dumben преди месец
Imagine taking steams that are eventually gonna get edited and uploaded on Markiplier's (or Bob's channel) and putting them on your own channel :/
The jack of all Dans
The jack of all Dans преди месец
omg, Mark, I spent the entire time screaming at the screen "just hover over the hammer on the workbench!! FIX YOUR STUFF DONT KEEP MAKING MORE TOOLS!!" it really shows how little game sense they have to look and see what stuff does lol, an hour and a half in game and not one of them looked at the hammer on the crafting screen...the FLASHING HAMMER....I see a flashing button and im like "ooo shiny, whats this do?"
Boo Boo Wick
Boo Boo Wick преди месец
I played for 6 hours until i realized how to repair things
Aaron Abbott
Aaron Abbott преди месец
SpartaN Bla2E
SpartaN Bla2E преди месец
I was hoping you were gona play valheim ... Good luck 😂
Reece Willy
Reece Willy преди месец
I hate that they found Flint so fast haha
jm Wildmist
jm Wildmist преди месец
I like how they just burn most of their meat
Void Faith
Void Faith преди месец
I think he should’ve called it “Camp Womb” since they all have “O’s”, and then the first letters XD
Suga Suga
Suga Suga преди месец
What's that game called
NECRONYX преди месец
Valheim, it's pretty fun
Ryan McDolo
Ryan McDolo преди месец
Also glad to hear that mark's taste in music has matured. the closing-out jam is wayyy better than that 2011-era dubstep shit.
Ryan McDolo
Ryan McDolo преди месец
Lol they got such an unlucky starting map. RIGHT next to a black forest, when it took me days to reach that second realm on my map.
The jack of all Dans
The jack of all Dans преди месец
the fact mark kept just ignoring that chest......drove me absolutely crazy
loveinspired преди месец
Watching Mark consistently run away from everything that he has killed literally kills me lmao
Jeffrey Hoover
Jeffrey Hoover преди месец
"This game has evolved past punching trees" wait until you play Green Hell🤣
Angiie D
Angiie D преди месец
I scared myself by singing "I'm coming home" exactly at the same time as Bob...
Phydeos Rex
Phydeos Rex преди месец
I think the "neck" are 'nøkk' (the ø is pronounced like the e in nerd), 'nykr' in old norse, and are creatures from norse mythology that lived in forest ponds and rivers.
Agrionemys преди 3 дни
I'm not sure if it's different for like... Danish, but in Norwegian it's more of a 'oo' sound like in brood, i.e. brød (bread, sounds like broouh), but as for the nykr, I would bet you're right, I wonder if the nekkers in The Witcher series are related?
Pointless Flippers
Pointless Flippers преди месец
They were water spirits originating from Germanic mythology before monotheism had been popularized. Think of them as shape-shifting sirens that didn't sing
AstroDethSon преди месец
i really really hope they return to this
dillon cihak
dillon cihak преди месец
i love the unedited vids way more. Lixians animations are great when he puts himself in the vids but all the autotune and facetwisting while taking out the sound and freaky mark are just too much for me.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy преди месец
Didn't know you had a vods channel till now.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy преди месец
Thanks for the tip 👍
Dumben Dumben
Dumben Dumben преди месец
He doesn't. This person is stealing content and reuploading it for his own views
Drakarious преди месец
Repair with the flashing hammer at the workbench.....
Reddixen преди месец
Mark has repeatedly said that he reports his channel to be taken down because the vods should be watched on Twitch. This does not in any way support the steamers. Please just delete it.
Fateweaving Incorporated
Fateweaving Incorporated преди месец
Love this game, so glad to see the guys playing it :D
Martin Hart
Martin Hart преди месец
Mark get a bow its better then a spear.
Martin Hart
Martin Hart преди месец
anyone else already played this game a heap?
SaintlyFlame преди месец
I hope to see more of this
Mr. Lion
Mr. Lion преди месец
Tap tap
Master Green Fox
Master Green Fox преди месец
The adventures of Mork, Wode and Bob.
Kaytia преди месец
They got corewood pretty early huh
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