This Is HILARIOUS | Little Misfortune - Part 1

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преди година

Are you ready for a full little misfortune gameplay walkthrough? I waited a long time to do this series but it's finally here. I didn't think it would be THIS funny, it really made me laugh!

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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

jacksepticeye преди година
Yikes forever!
ε ♡ Hello Kitty ♡ з
ε ♡ Hello Kitty ♡ з преди 11 дни
•Simplybobatea• преди 16 дни
Many of jack’s inspiring speeches are in this video
可愛い преди 20 дни
For reals
SpruceMcB0real преди 27 дни
Yes, that sign is in Swedish.
cabs s
cabs s преди месец
Karma Smile
Karma Smile преди 19 минути
Narrator: Ok before we start i have to tell you the rules. Jack: Cool hit me! Truck: 👁👄👁
Last Resort Tesla
Last Resort Tesla преди 7 часа
Demonetized And Depressed
Demonetized And Depressed преди 12 часа
Someone please edit it so Sean laughs at the dog dying
Phoenix преди ден
the teacher tells funny joke about dropping out 25:37 He's looking at you 25:43
KFChicken Bucket
KFChicken Bucket преди ден
best life advice ever: 7:30
62tidus преди 2 дни
You only make deals with demons.
Sean Reffett
Sean Reffett преди 2 дни
So no ones gonna talk about how those are the same heads in the tree as Fran bow
lily drowned
lily drowned преди 2 дни
First this I notice is the insects with long hair and the pinecone person from Fran bow
Blilbo Babgins
Blilbo Babgins преди 2 дни
I’m pretty sure the hair of the rock is dried blood also I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw jacks face immediately switch when the branch fell
metal gamer
metal gamer преди 2 дни
For some reason she reminds me of jihi
TanceWasLost преди 2 дни
"Sparkle!, sunshine!" Wendy: **Choking noises**
Cutie Jess12
Cutie Jess12 преди 3 дни
Jack's reaction to the puppy is fricking epic 😂
SmugMcDuck преди 3 дни
Loslingos 123
Loslingos 123 преди 3 дни
44:34 As a Swede, that was…. Uh Good?
Loslingos 123
Loslingos 123 преди 3 дни
I totally agree with Sean’s views on social media. I think the outdoors and making our ancestors proud is more important than likes and followers. But what do I know? I’m just some Swede who loves the outdoors. Oh, the game is Swedish. Nice having a game in your language instead relying on your horrible English skill.
SCP agent #1
SCP agent #1 преди 4 дни
Don't fuck with little misfortune she has attack glitter
_fxck._.mondays_ преди 4 дни
Jack laughing at little misfortune getting hit with the ball. *dog dies* Jack: 😦😞😟😭
Matthew Jacobs
Matthew Jacobs преди 4 дни
Why George the pinyata
Paige Statzer
Paige Statzer преди 5 дни
“Aww did you pee?” - Jack 20… something, I literally don’t know at this point😂
Scythe Shifter
Scythe Shifter преди 5 дни
1:19 why is no one talking about the luciferns
Rylee Crawford
Rylee Crawford преди 5 дни
*G O O D A F T E R N O O N M O R N I N G!* best quote i ever heard in years.
ElleDragon преди 6 дни
Anyone notice that the things in the trees and the pine cone with legs in the very beginning are from Fran Bow?
Pigeon master
Pigeon master преди 6 дни
When the dog got crushed I was laughing and crying at the same time
Parker Hoffman
Parker Hoffman преди 6 дни
0.00 new highest note unlocked
Sunny Lyndis
Sunny Lyndis преди 6 дни
School PLEASE teach us emotions, how to cook, personal finances, health care (in the USA), and push more for trade jobs. College is great but not everyone has the money, support, or drive to continue school. It only gets harder the more time goes by. Adulting piles up. I have a bachelor's. I went to community college then finished at Uni. I paid out of pocket ( held 2-3 jobs) and had ZERO loans. Took 6 years instead of the typical 4. My parents both hold at least 1 master's, all my siblings went to college. My life isn't all happy and easy but I acknowledge the 'head start' I was given along with the support I was born into. Many of my friends didn't have. You get out of school what you put in. But not everyone puts in the effort because they do not have support or their school district/school doesn't have the support/funding.
Depressed Coffee addict
Depressed Coffee addict преди 6 дни
FUCK her diary was too wholesome i've got the feels now
Eric TheBro
Eric TheBro преди 6 дни
Alternate title: "Jacksepticeye Teaches Profound Life Lessons to The Internet"
Eric TheBro
Eric TheBro преди 6 дни
Is no one going to mention how Jacksepticeye predicted the events of the game 23 minutes in? 22:58
MoonNotTaken qwq
MoonNotTaken qwq преди 6 дни
I’m at 8:26 but I only really use snapchat or BGpost I’ll watch tik tok now and again but I barely now tho I usually spend time watching shows with my family when we can it’s very fun I do recommend getting off social media
TheNationalNerfers преди 7 дни
Her name isn’t little misfortune, it’s Molly.
thekenneths преди 7 дни
1:13 luciferns and sebastion the pinecone :)
PhantomsAngel216 преди 7 дни
There's going to be another game about Benjie
S n a t c h e d
S n a t c h e d преди 7 дни
At the very start (literally when he starts the game), we see a tree with peoples heads. That tree with does heads is exactly like the tree in FranBow.
Cathal Gormley
Cathal Gormley преди 8 дни
I laughed so hard when he puppy died jacks expression got me wheezing XD
Its ChloeK
Its ChloeK преди 8 дни
That little rant you went on about social media hit hard. Felt like you were in the room with me for a sec. tryna talk sense into everything. I appreciate that. Not many gamers are still like you jack. Stay who you are forever please!!
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez преди 8 дни
Keisya преди 8 дни
can't stop watching this
Angelique Michelle
Angelique Michelle преди 9 дни
My boyfriends name is Benjamin and his favorite animal is a fox, he's my fox. This made me laugh so hard haha.
Dana Ondráčková
Dana Ondráčková преди 10 дни
I met a girl dressed as Missfortune on a convention and I told her she looks absolutely amazing and I called her Missfortune. She cried in happiness that I recognised her. She look absolutely perfect, she even had plush Benjamin and hidden glitter in her pocket
Hayden Oliver
Hayden Oliver преди 10 дни
{Rat queen}
{Rat queen} преди 11 дни
Little misfortune: *shows middle finger to demon* Demon: SHIT MY WORST FEAR
Ouija Experience
Ouija Experience преди 11 дни
I would honestly keep calling her marzia
Deku Salohcin
Deku Salohcin преди 11 дни
When you read in her voice, it reminds me of young Gru✨
Phayth преди 11 дни
7:40 Easy solution, just don't use social media, have no friends, get bullied and be depressed. Then get REALLY good at something and then everyone will "like" you. Easy.
Ben Davies
Ben Davies преди 12 дни
i only just noticed that the heads in the trees are the same ones from fran bow.
bloody oka
bloody oka преди 12 дни
"she says thank you to everything too" Jack: she's so adorable Me : she's so adorable- what what
keep_undertale_alive преди 12 дни
25:39 😊 25:42 😰
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 преди 13 дни
Misfortune: here kitty Kitty: nothig Misfortune: pspsps Kitty: my time has come
Zoe Ginn
Zoe Ginn преди 13 дни
25:43 this is the face of true horror
BTC Studios
BTC Studios преди 13 дни
This channel gives me the happiness i need to be here. Thank you sean for being a funny loud Irishman
❤️🖤Elizabeth Afton🖤❤️
❤️🖤Elizabeth Afton🖤❤️ преди 14 дни
I watched you in that one gaming show on Disney XD when I was younger thanks for making me laugh
Red преди 14 дни
Jack:This game is herlouis 26 min in and a dog dies and a girl has terrible parents
jeremy hirujo
jeremy hirujo преди 14 дни
Sean over here giving life lessons.
♡Strxwbxrry♡ преди 14 дни
I made a little misfortune outfit on Roblox :>
Ashe Marlow
Ashe Marlow преди 15 дни
Misfortune: *sprinkling glitter on the dead crows The townspeople later: What kind of monster would kill a bird cover it in glitter and leave it lying on the ground?
Zabrianna Hernandez
Zabrianna Hernandez преди 15 дни
I just noticed that Fran now references
buff phrog
buff phrog преди 15 дни
Why does the narrator give me beast vibes from over the garden wall?
Kim Ngân Nguyễn
Kim Ngân Nguyễn преди 16 дни
The speech about schools and social media is so powerful! I’ve always felt something’s wrong with the social networks but have never been able to put it into words, but he was able to put it down to its core. Kudos to him!
Bella преди 16 дни
I work at a daycare and this is literally exactly what kids are like, they’ll just tell you everything going on at home. Heres something that happened last week that really reminded me of this. Kid- “Mrs Bella, are you drunk?” Me- “What? No, this is water. Why would you say that?” Kid- “My daddy is drunk” Me- “I- who told you that?” Kid-“My mommy” PLEASE I was dying LOL. Nothing beats the time multiple four year olds told me they wanted guns for their birthday. I love misfortune she’s SO precious and reminds me of my sweet kids that I look after :)
II Ur Local AFK II
II Ur Local AFK II преди 16 дни
Watch you can show a baby every nuclear launch code known to man and it would forget them within' a day so ALL THE KNOWLEDGE it knew would be gone
Dr. Burber
Dr. Burber преди 17 дни
Thanks so much for helping me through so much.i love you ive been here since as long as i remeber and i will always remember you sean.thank you
Bianca Caitlyn toledo
Bianca Caitlyn toledo преди 18 дни
narrator:the sad part is today is the day she will die me:thats messed up
Tara Holt
Tara Holt преди 18 дни
Lol I always feel bad for being sad cause my mom said there’s no reason to be sad
Jelly Kid
Jelly Kid преди 18 дни
25:34 is the best part
Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson преди 18 дни
25:36 of the greatest moments in BGpost history. :)
Kyra Bybee
Kyra Bybee преди 18 дни
Wonder if this is made by the same people who made the game “Fran bow”? the heads by the stone connected with the hair and the little acorn beside the rock at the beginning are characters from the other game,
PingPong Boi
PingPong Boi преди 18 дни
There is so many references to franbow
Navas Raccci
Navas Raccci преди 19 дни
The redundant biplane inexplicably fire because addition lally hang past a clumsy mouse. unhealthy, highfalutin female
GunGrave_20 преди 19 дни
25:34 such a drastic change in emotion.
gray! преди 20 дни
hey jack
Poco Clips
Poco Clips преди 20 дни
I’m sorry about your dad jack
Rin Kenji
Rin Kenji преди 20 дни
I just love the Fran Bow references😍😍😍😍😍
De _oneboi
De _oneboi преди 20 дни
25:36 that went from 0-100 very quickly
Jenny Journals
Jenny Journals преди 21 ден
CRAZY he's talking about people and kids processing their emotions in a digital age..... and it's filmed 4 months before COVID. oof.
Jackie B
Jackie B преди 21 ден
Jack’s reaction at 28:58 🤣
jesus fucking christ. this game...
phentrent 489
phentrent 489 преди 21 ден
Is this game from the creators of fran bow cause the thing on the tree at the start looks like it is
🏳️‍🌈Zozo🏳️‍🌈 преди 22 дни
Nobody going to talk about the really high pitched intro? No.. Ok :/
angryratnoises преди 22 дни
TheBeansBruh преди 22 дни
"If you're sad, you're sad.... you will feel better tomorrow"
TheBeansBruh преди 22 дни
if only
TheBeansBruh преди 22 дни
how sad
Herbal Ferret
Herbal Ferret преди 22 дни
Who here came from the level in gd called nantendo
BitterJoy Xx
BitterJoy Xx преди 22 дни
21:53 narrator: "You need to know the rules of the game" jack: "hit me" me: not a very good word choice jack
Crack Demon
Crack Demon преди 22 дни
Are none of you guys gonna point out that at the beginning of the game it showed those heads in the tree with the white hair and the pine cone dude??? They are from Fran bow man Easter eggs :)
Madi Men
Madi Men преди 22 дни
She looks so unamused when she got picked up by bird
Blooper Dooper
Blooper Dooper преди 22 дни
I cried for like 5 minutes when the dog died
尺ㄚᗩᑎ преди 22 дни
Does the forest bit remind anyone of Sally face or is that just me?
Cristobal Hernandez
Cristobal Hernandez преди 23 дни
she can taste colors see sound and hear light
carly._.uzumaki преди 23 дни
Is this a horror game? Don't know wasn't listening. Should I be watching this at 1:30am? Probably not. Am I still going to? Yes, yes I am
dawn преди 23 дни
not me watching this and trying to point out all the fran bow references ... why does little misfortune have fran bows dress
the life of linda
the life of linda преди 23 дни
The thing Benjamin was painting wasn't a pentagram it was a portal to the afterlife
Hadley Petersen
Hadley Petersen преди 23 дни
this game is danish, just so you know, dans have very dark humor, and strange things that they like
the life of linda
the life of linda преди 23 дни
In the beginning where she saw the monster and that thing was under her feet that's when she died
•Mickey Mouse• [Mickey’s Show!]
•Mickey Mouse• [Mickey’s Show!] преди 23 дни
Misfortune:[eats shit] Jack:[dies laughing] Pupper:[dies] Jack: *NOOOOOOOOO!*
Soda-Kun преди 24 дни
jack before she crosses the road: hit me! the end of the game: bet
Leah Shimazaki
Leah Shimazaki преди 24 дни
jack: "you're allowed to be sad :) !!" *everyone liked that*
Jerayll Pitts
Jerayll Pitts преди 24 дни
an jojo fans "CESEEEEEEEEEEEEEER" at 25:40
Random Movies
Random Movies преди 25 дни
Haleigh Williams
Haleigh Williams преди 25 дни
Im so glad they actually put Benjamins headphones on his ears and not where human ears would be
Joshua Blocker
Joshua Blocker преди 25 дни
Is she Russia
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