MOST TRENDING Blind Auditions of 2019 | The Voice Rewind

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преди година

These amazing Blind Auditions are the most VIEWED Voice videos of 2019 on BGpost. Who is your favorite?
10. Bogdan Ioan sing 'Earth Song' (The Voice of Romania):
9. แพรจ๋า sings 'Taki Tak' (The Voice Thailand):
8. Kateřina Kolčavová sings 'Believer' (The Voice Czecho Slovakia):
7. โอปอ sing 'แก้มน้องนางนั้นแดงกว่าใคร' (The Voice Thailand):
6. MB14 sings 'Gangsta's Paradise' (The Voice France / la plus belle voix):
5. Matthias Nebel sings 'Bed Of Roses' (The Voice of Germany):
4. Fernando Daniel sings 'When We Were Young' (The Voice Portugal):
3.Claudia Emmanuela Santoso sings 'Never Enough' (The Voice of Germany):
2. Will Barber sings 'Another Brick In the Wall' (The Voice France / la plus belle voix):
1. Vincent Vinel sings 'Lose Yourself' (The Voice France / la plus belle voix):
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The Voice Global
The Voice Global преди година
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Jacek Placek
Jacek Placek преди 24 дни
Multi Multi
Aaron is here
Aaron is here преди месец
The man who rapoed gangsta thing rap he was an walking remix machine lets get real boys
Vladislav Dušek
Vladislav Dušek преди месец
so ure so useless 0 telant thnaks me later lol
Vladislav Dušek
Vladislav Dušek преди месец
@Ana Paula Goterra gtfo kiddo, lol
Ana Paula Goterra
Ana Paula Goterra преди 3 месеца
@This is the voice ggbrt
Елена Неважно
Елена Неважно преди 13 минути
Друг у друга перекачиваете а настоящий шок не показываете
Piotr Stavila
Piotr Stavila преди 3 часа
Sebastian Petruňa fn
Sebastian Petruňa fn преди 17 часа
to v tom Slovensku 🤩🤣
Cameron Clarke
Cameron Clarke преди 18 часа
The German one was so good bed of roses he sung that perfectly
black tiger
black tiger преди 21 час
MJ is back from death
Kaat play
Kaat play преди ден
Emo Drums
Emo Drums преди ден
Romanian brothers greatings from Bulgaria. Nice voice.
DAKU_CZ преди ден
Im from slovakia
Valmir Miranda
Valmir Miranda преди 2 дни
Começou do 10 pro 1 e quando chegou no 1 eu ainda estava arrepiado com o 10.🇧🇷
Leonardo leo
Leonardo leo преди 2 дни
Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹 Fernando Daniel 💪
s4d4n play
s4d4n play преди 2 дни
Segue o kuro galera !
Yu Lhong
Yu Lhong преди 2 дни
Cheer Chaloemwan
Cheer Chaloemwan преди 2 дни
Juan David Sánchez
Juan David Sánchez преди 2 дни
Díganme qué no soy el único que se volvió adicto a esto ❤
STEVEN Joon преди 3 дни
The adhesive hip analogically whirl because alarm expectably park for a horrible bath. mute, vivacious platinum
ธนดล ภู่เมือง
ธนดล ภู่เมือง преди 4 дни
Максим Морозов
Максим Морозов преди 4 дни
Это дар божий!
krishnkant sahu
krishnkant sahu преди 4 дни
Seriously earth song in number 10....😯😯😯
Nicht Cool
Nicht Cool преди 4 дни
At the one guy you can really say BLIND audition. Jk he is so cuteeee😂❤️😘👉🏻👈🏻
Demonscript преди 4 дни
Vincent Vinel !!!
Benjamin Koenen
Benjamin Koenen преди 5 дни
that gangsters paradise was so cool
Rahim Achouri Pipo
Rahim Achouri Pipo преди 5 дни
ucup преди 5 дни
Claudia and Bagdon its amazing
Artur преди 5 дни
2:20 Thailand girl sings in jamaican voice :) Now I heard everything. Wait before that was a Romanian from eastern europe sings Michael's voice :)
Micaela Cardozo
Micaela Cardozo преди 5 дни
Invoco al diablo la tailandesa esa queriendo cantar en español 😳
Λpolø么 FX
Λpolø么 FX преди 5 дни
The Number 10 from Romania is the New Michael Jackson?????? :0 amazing voice
Gizem Kunt
Gizem Kunt преди 5 дни
09:52 o adam ''çok iyi'' mi dedi ben mi yanlış anladım
Mr Ju
Mr Ju преди 5 дни
You can always see the passion and emotions from the romanians 🇷🇴 iubesc țară
Mbxıv77 FF
Mbxıv77 FF преди 5 дни
Mb14 the expectable
GTHR преди 6 дни
Most of the talents are french, et bien je suis fier d’être français, et que mon pays rayonne de cette manière.
Sergio Copete
Sergio Copete преди 6 дни
3 fois la france et ben c la première fois que je vois sa
Rizky Faisal
Rizky Faisal преди 6 дни
number 3 from Indonesia
Pierina Mendoza
Pierina Mendoza преди 6 дни
Song 7 - (Gaem Naung Nahng Nun Daeng Gwah Krai)” by Kiankai Lae Wanich :)
o n
o n преди 6 дни
Best performance The Voice:
M__ _P
M__ _P преди 6 дни
Майкл Джексон был просто супер класс!!!!
WeedFantasy преди 7 дни
Dandi преди 7 дни
Claudia... We so proud of you. INDONESIA.
Sabino Góis
Sabino Góis преди 7 дни
The Portugal one win the Voice and becamed One of the best singers of Portugal. And now he judges the Voice kids.
Jordan Barrett
Jordan Barrett преди 7 дни
The filipina girl was awesome
Olegário de Nóbrega Macome
Olegário de Nóbrega Macome преди 7 дни
Esse que canto Michel Jackson arrepiou me
Braian Càneva
Braian Càneva преди 7 дни
5:30 song?
sphinxkonic cc
sphinxkonic cc преди 3 дни
แก้มน้องนั้นแดงกว่าใคร cheek of sister red than anyone
Luca Crippa
Luca Crippa преди 8 дни
19:14 when im in the sea and my balls touch water
ILHAM FAJAR преди 8 дни
Orang indo
Yusif Tahirli
Yusif Tahirli преди 8 дни
Yuan Tuinman
Yuan Tuinman преди 8 дни
15:44 literally goosebumps 😨
BlackHat 2.0
BlackHat 2.0 преди 8 дни
Sim eu sou o comentário BR que você procurava 😅
alisson oliveira
alisson oliveira преди 7 дни
E eu achei
Success Hard work
Success Hard work преди 8 дни
You know you're good when Mika is awestruck
john johnson
john johnson преди 5 дни
Although he tends to be awestruck by every second singer!
Zarif Urdushov
Zarif Urdushov преди 9 дни
#10 superrrrr👍
Anh преди 9 дни
Anh cuối cùng mới khủng khiếp ❤️❤️❤️
ivnarxq преди 9 дни
9:32 ew she's sitting on a young boy's lap and the boy touch her waist, I'm disgust asf
Liiina KA
Liiina KA преди 7 дни
The guy is gay af 😭
Michell A Rojas Garcia
Michell A Rojas Garcia преди 9 дни
Quiero saber el nombre de la canción (tercera audición.) ¿Alguien me puede decir? :c
Vinicius Godoy
Vinicius Godoy преди 9 дни
BlackWind1909 преди 9 дни
11:06 Holy shit!
Manon Niklaus
Manon Niklaus преди 9 дни
la thaïlandaise a trop de charisme
Deep Timur
Deep Timur преди 9 дни
Говно!!! худшие голоса за все сезоны
Deep Timur
Deep Timur преди 9 дни
Подбор бездарных😁
PlayWellPlay Пикулин
PlayWellPlay Пикулин преди 9 дни
Первый это Лазарев что ли?
Mathys_ Chp
Mathys_ Chp преди 10 дни
anyone know the music ? 5:26
sphinxkonic cc
sphinxkonic cc преди 3 дни
cheek of sister red than anyone
sphinxkonic cc
sphinxkonic cc преди 3 дни
Sebastian Curelea
Sebastian Curelea преди 10 дни
9:45 bro he was fucking amazing! Legend!
Alpi Nurparid
Alpi Nurparid преди 11 дни
Whatt mb14 WOW
CACTI NOICETEA преди 11 дни
00.05,what song please
Flor D.A
Flor D.A преди 11 дни
canto hermoso de Fernando Daniel, Mathias Nebel y señorita de Alemania.
Georbeli Morban De la Cruz
Georbeli Morban De la Cruz преди 11 дни
Seamos sinceros, la chica que cantó Believer lo hizo espectacular. De verdad me encantó. Creo que los jueces debieron de aceptarla.
prabhakar sagar
prabhakar sagar преди 11 дни
Fourth one didn't recognize
prabhakar sagar
prabhakar sagar преди 11 дни
I'm very sad for third one she sand believer she is so sweet and awesome When nobody turns their chairs I can see frastration on her face She was so disappointed no
Tsarevna Zima
Tsarevna Zima преди 11 дни
wesley ttrx
wesley ttrx преди 12 дни
Whats name of the music 6:30?
Thatoneweeb 77
Thatoneweeb 77 преди 12 дни
Dandres преди 12 дни
Bien bien es que hable español, la que cantó taki taki, pos asi se siente cuando cantamos en inglés ajaja
สุชาดา กาญจนพัฒน์
สุชาดา กาญจนพัฒน์ преди 12 дни
Harbey Bear
Harbey Bear преди 12 дни
Michael Jackson comfirmed reborn
Manuela Machado
Manuela Machado преди 12 дни
Santiago Alveal
Santiago Alveal преди 12 дни
Enserio? Una canción de daddy yankee?
Over game
Over game преди 12 дни
Chupapi muñeño
Adam I guess
Adam I guess преди 12 дни
While I don’t understand the song at 6:30 I really feel the emotion he sang it with does anyone know what the name of the song is
Andre teixeira
Andre teixeira преди 13 дни
To be honest the guy that sang when we were young was the best for me such a good voice omggg!!
Maria Reich
Maria Reich преди 13 дни
The first song is amazing.
Toni Rada
Toni Rada преди 13 дни
Românii pe aici? 🙃
Gregor 7008
Gregor 7008 преди 14 дни
0:50 Jackson is somewhere behind the stage.... Probably.... Wow
Hoirul jamal
Hoirul jamal преди 14 дни
Евгений Шеленговский
Евгений Шеленговский преди 14 дни
10-th place is first ! / 10-е место - первое !
Denilza Cardoso
Denilza Cardoso преди 14 дни
Michael Jackson
العراقيه Sports
العراقيه Sports преди 14 дни
روعه 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Andi Alla
Andi Alla преди 15 дни
U need full version of the first guy
The meow meow
The meow meow преди 15 дни
7:25 sam perry copi?
Arnaud GJ
Arnaud GJ преди 16 дни
incroyable !
Niter CH.
Niter CH. преди 16 дни
Пашукевич Григорий
Пашукевич Григорий преди 16 дни
Выяснилось, что французкий Голос топ)))
Amnartact 20978
Amnartact 20978 преди 17 дни
Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
Deni Z
Deni Z преди 17 дни
#10 so much
thybo falcou
thybo falcou преди 17 дни
The voice Germany are the most incredible for me, (I was born France)
Julie Kačerová
Julie Kačerová преди 17 дни
Anthony Gabriel
Anthony Gabriel преди 17 дни
Ability Spore
Ability Spore преди 18 дни
holy F*ck was hat diese claudia emanuela dings da fü ne Luft😳
László Nagy
László Nagy преди 18 дни
Slovakian girl❤️
Tarcisio Stedefeldi
Tarcisio Stedefeldi преди 18 дни
2:28 KING KONG 😂😂😂 🇧🇷 ❤
Tizzle VFL
Tizzle VFL преди 18 дни
Where tf is Andreas Kümmert with Rocket Man???
ปาล์ม พัทธพล
ปาล์ม พัทธพล преди 18 дни
Janno Meeuwessen
Janno Meeuwessen преди 19 дни
7:59 I had a stupid ass add that ruined everything FU Albert Heijn
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