Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury electric walkouts | PBC ON FOX | Fury vs Wilder III

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преди 15 дни

PBC ON FOX преди 14 дни
Which fighter had the better walkout?
Shane 1178
Shane 1178 преди 4 часа
Fury , walk out was amazing original and cool
Will Ortiz
Will Ortiz преди 22 часа
jcentricity преди ден
Wilder cause that song was fire the flow was hypnotic come on "Ain't seen nuthin Wilder to this day?" Come play on words sick
Legendary Kevo
Legendary Kevo преди 2 дни
Wilder was facing his demons tonight but honestly this fight was such a classic ring walk too Such a legendary night love wilder he has to come back hes so exciting for the heavyweight division
Julio Caesar Alcaraz
Julio Caesar Alcaraz преди 5 дни
The Gypsy King 👑 definitely had the better walkout. Fury beat DW(dimmed witted) before he stepped into the ring
DannyPLUS преди 16 часа
Nothing can top this.
P.T. преди 21 час
Wilder song fly
Matthew 16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
Doctor Deadman
Doctor Deadman преди ден
Is that Loaded Lux spazzing out on the mic next to Wilder? lol
sakuraba86 преди 3 дни
No band has moved adrenaline more than ACDC. I am being serious.
stingsbuzzr преди 3 дни
wtf is this the wwe?
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez преди 3 дни
Great Fight 😎😁.
Ima Infidel
Ima Infidel преди 4 дни
HVAC Analytics
HVAC Analytics преди 4 дни
What's with the black girl crying 😢 ? 3:30
MattFosterGymnastics преди 4 дни
Damn. Such a great trilogy. Miss your 2020!
Sw33tsciense преди 4 дни
Nobody else, in history can beat that version of deontay Wilder. Respect to Fury
C преди 5 дни
4:44 wilder filling his drawers, meanwhile fury is just jamming out
Deshaun Delain
Deshaun Delain преди 5 дни
One thing that I noticed, Wilder doesn’t look like he enjoys it, Fury looks like he’s about to have the time of his life win or lose
Adam R
Adam R преди 5 дни
Fury’s entrance made wilder look like he was the undercard
DJ Whitesox
DJ Whitesox преди 5 дни
Wilders entrance in the 2nd fight was still the best.
dawa wangyal
dawa wangyal преди 5 дни
Tyson coming out wid ac/dc music was the best combination...
Dave Pryor
Dave Pryor преди 6 дни
03:32 she's so sexyyyyy
Dave Pryor
Dave Pryor преди 6 дни
Wish Tyson had a chick doing that dance at the beginning of his walkout. Not that creep
Dave Pryor
Dave Pryor преди 6 дни
Tyson stepping over the top rope like a boss
Dave Pryor
Dave Pryor преди 6 дни
The walkout and music is just levels apart. Tyson so iconic
Cesar Pac
Cesar Pac преди 6 дни
Too many people walking to the ring and then getting in the ring afterwards, it should just be boxer, coach, officials and that’s it. No need for 50+ people to walkout, ain’t no one there to see them other folks.
krono terria
krono terria преди 6 дни
Jesus against Satan. Don't u think?
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez преди 7 дни
Wilder looking like he just got done disposing of the teenage mutant ninja turtles
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc. преди 7 дни
All that extra shyt...just ta get knocked tha fug out 🤦🏽‍♂️
C M преди 7 дни
Tyson’s entrance is so epic, he mixed his heritage, with mythology, religion, and topped it off with modern day Jesus cap and AD/DC lmfaoo
S Sam
S Sam преди 7 дни
Fury owns wilder “To this day”
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne преди 7 дни
0:28 ...boxers need to stop walking in with these corny rappers. Dude is obviously lip synching. Its not a concert, you are here for business.
S Sam
S Sam преди 7 дни
Wilders clown music is dumb af.
Holly Kane
Holly Kane преди 7 дни
Gives Paris a lil wink.
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson преди 7 дни
What a perfect song fury now I'm back in the ring to take another swing now walls were shaking n the earth was quakin ac/dc
R M преди 7 дни
Wilder entrancecwas the best entrance ever! Nothing better than this
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson преди 7 дни
Dude was lip syncing😂😂
Rene Fuentes
Rene Fuentes преди 7 дни
To great songs
Chris duke Fields
Chris duke Fields преди 8 дни
Fury won the entrance an all 3 fights! Wilder is a bum an I'm black
triton423 преди 7 дни
So if he’s a bum why would Tyson fury call him the second best heavyweight? Your a bum 😂
Ramsey Thompson
Ramsey Thompson преди 8 дни
Steven Cryar
Steven Cryar преди 8 дни
Deontay comes out looking like hes constipated and Tyson walks out jamming out and dancing to AC/DC like hes going to the bar for dollar pitcher night. Tyson has a different level of confidence of anyone I've ever seen.
John Kim
John Kim преди 8 дни
Myro преди 8 дни
Why'd they even give that dude a mic? He clearly wasn't rapping live lmao
David Austin
David Austin преди 8 дни
Wilder looks like a borderline Ermac from Mortal kombat with that red on !! 😂🤣
The Stock Hub
The Stock Hub преди 8 дни
This guy is a badass
Chavaqquq Obey'Yah
Chavaqquq Obey'Yah преди 8 дни
crazysexycool432355 преди 8 дни
Both enterances are just so dramatic. I love it lolol
Robby Robinson
Robby Robinson преди 8 дни
Only time all night Wilder could walk in a straight line.
Ver Steeg A-Saurus
Ver Steeg A-Saurus преди 8 дни
Wilder deserves to be on a runway! Fights and dresses like a biacth!!!
Mo TRX преди 9 дни
i need tysons playlist
Christopher Withers
Christopher Withers преди 9 дни
The only thing Tysons entrance was missing was a unicorn, leprechaun and bettlejuice
Christopher Withers
Christopher Withers преди 9 дни
I'm assuming he lost cause his mask weighs 90 pounds and he broke his hand putting it on. Thanks to the inspiration of Tyson Fury, I finally have the body of a champion.
jose hernandez
jose hernandez преди 9 дни
Boxing needed this fight,
SUNMOON преди 9 дни
Legit one of the greatest boxing presentations all time
Adi Zaimovic
Adi Zaimovic преди 9 дни
Lip sinking on the way out. Soo cool... Not.
Chris Evans
Chris Evans преди 9 дни
These guys are like opposite sides of the same coin
Isabel Rosas
Isabel Rosas преди 9 дни
Deon needs to stop borrowing his moms outfits 🥲
Praaz преди 9 дни
Could anyone in history enter so brilliantly, ooooozin confidence. He won right there!!
OPTIMUS PRIME преди 9 дни
Wilder's costume probably weighs another 30lbs because of the feathers that were added to it.
joel trammell
joel trammell преди 9 дни
fury's wife needed a towel to sit down on after that.
Jahiron Nunez banegas
Jahiron Nunez banegas преди 9 дни
El rey viene
Chris Hasse
Chris Hasse преди 9 дни
Fury beat this loser 3 times people!! Wilder is a F...... JOKE!!
kingdomdominionalc преди 9 дни
Walked in …. Staggered out !,, ijs
Al Marzacci
Al Marzacci преди 9 дни
Lip rapping. Lol. Certified cringy.
Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante преди 9 дни
Tyson is the best damn he's great
DOCUDRAMA преди 9 дни
Wilder had the better entrance but it was stupid to do that and risk the fight with the weight of the custom
E. O’Brien
E. O’Brien преди 9 дни
Maybe if Wilder spends less time designing his costumes and more time training getting skills And stamina he will do better
Michael Britt
Michael Britt преди 9 дни
Again and again and again a Furious Win$
Jabbo Knows Boxing
Jabbo Knows Boxing преди 9 дни
What's Shawn Porter doing out there rapping???
Quest2Unknown преди 9 дни
Tyson Fury, standing tall walking out a type of ancient gladiator
Jim Newby
Jim Newby преди 9 дни
Clown show
The Wedge
The Wedge преди 9 дни
u wouldnt last 10 seconds with these clowns
jcentricity преди 9 дни
Dirty boxing: Fury uses his bigger weight to sap Wilder’s energy to prevail in heavyweight title bout. Like Lewis, he leaned and used the smaller Wilder as a body rest, wearing him down, getting a moment’s rest and setting up combinations with a jab. And like Wladimir Klitschko, he snapped to the back foot, taking the sting out of Wilder’s right hand. The gameplan inherently employs dirty boxing. The clinches - keeping arms over the opponent’s, putting forehead on their shoulder and holding tight - often devolved into headlocks. Like Lewis, Fury frequently pushed down on Wilder’s neck and snapped him back with close uppercuts. During the last fight, he was penalised a point for the tactic and on Sunday too, he was cautioned. But Fury made Wilder feel all 277 lbs of him and took his legs away. And that’s the Kronk way.
James Lampkin
James Lampkin преди 9 дни
The ring walks literally set the tone for how the fight would go!!
Ferdie G _ Q
Ferdie G _ Q преди 9 дни
Dang with that Entro , Wilder have lost already 🤠
Simp Skylark
Simp Skylark преди 9 дни
I’m glad wilder went with this fit. The other one would’ve been too heavy
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson преди 9 дни
You could see Tyson was in Wilders head with that intro
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez преди 9 дни
🌝Are you imagining things ?
joe nice
joe nice преди 10 дни
Tyson is my generations 🐐
Jon Dough
Jon Dough преди 10 дни
Wilder proved masks limit oxygen intake...he tired after 5m.
Robby Robinson
Robby Robinson преди 10 дни
Rumor has it Wilder had his suit made out of an extremely rare lightweight spider silk from deep in the heart of Africa. No excuses. Lol
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez преди 9 дни
😉As much as you hate him, you’ll still be tuning into his next fight and putting more money into bank account lol.
Young Pablo228
Young Pablo228 преди 10 дни
Name of this song ?
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez преди 9 дни
Loaded Lux- till this day
Aadi Giri
Aadi Giri преди 10 дни
Shook me all night long - ACDC
Carson Schmigel
Carson Schmigel преди 10 дни
Jason Moore
Jason Moore преди 10 дни
That suit looks heavy
xFoxySupreme преди 10 дни
i hope one day a Scandinavian boxer comes out with just war drums with his whole clan doing "Skol!"
Darren Allen
Darren Allen преди 10 дни
changsterville преди 10 дни
When I saw this I knew his costume was too heavy.
Rob S.
Rob S. преди 10 дни
Wilders walkout was whack. Furys was good with the exception of the feminine dude at the beginning
Tony Newsome
Tony Newsome преди 9 дни
Fury's walk out was garbage, lame and boring
27 PayBack
27 PayBack преди 10 дни
$%^&*...............Rap KLOWN
SoleDontPanik tinifu
SoleDontPanik tinifu преди 10 дни
Loaded Lux!!! Dope af
Cairo Medhat
Cairo Medhat преди 10 дни
Tyson's entrance was straight out of a movie
Cairo Medhat
Cairo Medhat преди 10 дни
Dude was lip singing
Kevin Kalta
Kevin Kalta преди 10 дни
Fury thank you for putting jesus in wilder
Onur Gunes
Onur Gunes преди 10 дни
For Tyson walk out war music would be better and intimidating
Sean Hurley
Sean Hurley преди 10 дни
FURY made a MOCKERY of the BRONZE BOMBER... I feel bad for WILDER having to WATCH and HEAR fury singing and dancing ....
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez преди 9 дни
You clearly didn’t watch the fight lol
David Wiseman jr
David Wiseman jr преди 10 дни
The gypsy King 👑
Ghost King
Ghost King преди 10 дни
Can we take a moment to realize that the dude singing during wilder sting walk wasn’t singing a single word of that song lmao.
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez преди 10 дни
Excuses!!! Till this day!!!
___Mar__xx преди 10 дни
Loaded lux 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Polish Punisher
Polish Punisher преди 10 дни
Both walkouts gave me goosebumps
combat wizard
combat wizard преди 10 дни
This is why Boxing is still alive...because of these 2 guys (the combo) Saved it
combat wizard
combat wizard преди 10 дни
Deontay was dressed like the ancient "Wendol" the Monsters (Neanderthals dressed in animal skins and beads, bones, ect) in the 13th Warrior Movie. The Wendols were the last Remnants of the Savage Neanderthals that roamed parts of the world
combat wizard
combat wizard преди 9 дни
@TheDeeboy717 Word
TheDeeboy717 преди 9 дни
@combat wizard that’s true. Could have seen pictures on his trip to Africa last year.
combat wizard
combat wizard преди 9 дни
@TheDeeboy717 I'm sure their were pre-historic Edo's perhaps Neanderthals that were savage and the red they wore was blood, the beads, bones, and the fur human scalps..Who knows for sure tho
TheDeeboy717 преди 9 дни
@combat wizard it was more of a play off you know they never have exact likenesses. I’m going off what he said before the fight.
combat wizard
combat wizard преди 10 дни
@TheDeeboy717 I can see that in the color red, but no way did his costume resemble any thing close to Edo, the Edo''s helmets were cone shaped and rarely wore animal skins and or fur
Christian Davis
Christian Davis преди 10 дни
Let’s go lux ….
TwoDogsHumping преди 10 дни
AC/DC was a poor choice to bring in Spartans lol
Chris Berrios
Chris Berrios преди 10 дни
Trash 🗑
Pro Videos
Pro Videos преди 10 дни
One of the best matches I've ever seen.
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