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Watch the most unforgettable auditions that got the GOLDEN BUZZER on America's Got Talent. Which do you think was the best golden buzzer audition?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Dillen Rikimoto
Dillen Rikimoto преди 40 минути
I thought being deaf makes it hard for youu to talk that's a little sus
Kharri62 Boop
Kharri62 Boop преди 24 минути
Oh so you’re dumb?
Dillen Rikimoto
Dillen Rikimoto преди 48 минути
Did the guy singing my way voice the rat from sing or am i crazy!?
Jacqueline Juneau
Jacqueline Juneau преди час
Gracie! Wow another old soul from another time. Came to deliver a universal message - the world should listen - we all have this happening in our lives. Thanks for the beautiful message! Congratulations!
Jacqueline Juneau
Jacqueline Juneau преди час
I always knew Janice would fight her way back into this life hahahaa! Congratulations Courtney! You were the amazing humble creature Janice needed to get back in hahaaa! Love Janice --- love Courtney even more!!
Michael St. John
Michael St. John преди 2 часа
a lot of singers on this video
Henneau Claudy Willy
Henneau Claudy Willy преди 3 часа
Douglas Wallace
Douglas Wallace преди 3 часа
Zukaro : They saved the best for last .
Deb Trethewey-TerVree
Deb Trethewey-TerVree преди 4 часа
Why does Simon always walk like he's got a stick up his a$$?? 🤣🤣 Does anyone else see it too or is it just me?......just me? Lmao! (All my questions are rhetorical....see closing statement below) Either way he makes the show. (FYI:IF you feel the need to reply or send me a message please make peace with the fact that I will never read it. I refuse to do the back and forth debate on my comments. This is not directed at anyone in particular and especially not the creator of the channel).✌
Elisson Colt
Elisson Colt преди 5 часа
Que raiva ver eles sorrindo e não saber do que se trata kkkk affeeee
تب لت
تب لت преди 8 часа
😂😂😂first video is best
Mary Kuluzade
Mary Kuluzade преди 8 часа
Who wishes to get a golden buzzer?? :)
super serenity
super serenity преди 8 часа
Looking back grace wasn’t even that good
raizen soreno
raizen soreno преди 9 часа
gagawa sana ako ng module kaso na stuck ako dito ewan ko kung baket HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
JoshieNot Found
JoshieNot Found преди 12 часа
فيصل العتيبي
فيصل العتيبي преди 14 часа
1:00 deeeeeeem
Yesirat Adegoke
Yesirat Adegoke преди 15 часа
I don't know why but that lil boy crying made me laugh... he's soo cute tho
feezzs64. Com
feezzs64. Com преди 15 часа
WoW I Lik Sal Song
Asparidalaili Channel
Asparidalaili Channel преди 16 часа
Ready update admin👍
Duol Bol Koang
Duol Bol Koang преди 17 часа
I will one day get 'em Golden Buzzers... 💯😌 But it won't be from AGT...
Lize B Grvhg
Lize B Grvhg преди 17 часа
J. Machlica
J. Machlica преди 18 часа
What a talent
Qualle Jellyfish
Qualle Jellyfish преди 20 часа
1020 1020
1020 1020 преди 20 часа
Simon's expression 😂
Andrea Everson
Andrea Everson преди 21 час
I don’t like Courtney. Too forced
Demir Gursesler
Demir Gursesler преди 22 часа
The first person is so good!!! Sorry I mean all of them
JSEPH VLOGS преди 22 часа
Name the first song ?
David Goldsworthy
David Goldsworthy преди 23 часа
That first girl blew me away
Tessie преди ден
I still cry watching grace’s golden buzzer
someone преди ден
Dia terlalu bar bar😭
Mike Bertelli
Mike Bertelli преди ден
one girl singing with her mouth half closed cuz she's a ventriloquist, another is deaf and she has a perfect pitch... i can't hit a straight note even in the shower. these are real talents
hamze nouh
hamze nouh преди ден
Stitch 7
Stitch 7 преди ден
All of them singing. Cmon if you want to sing just join the Voice...
Aurora Beggs
Aurora Beggs преди ден
thats one way to tell your kids their adopted....
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon преди ден
Wow did she start singing at 3 she's beautuful
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon преди ден
God bless this little girl another star is born😇
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon преди ден
Wow wow wow this guy is wow id buy all his music he's great and so young what a voice😍🤗🎉🎊
THENOOBSQUAD tns преди ден
Taufiq Budi Ramdhani
Taufiq Budi Ramdhani преди ден
So many gold moments, before corona virus comes.
Abcat 16
Abcat 16 преди ден
I seriously almost cried of happiness for the first one, I was so happy
Мирослав Драгославович
Мирослав Драгославович преди ден
Последнее выступление хуйня
Idan TV
Idan TV преди ден
veri Veri Good
Persephones Ivy
Persephones Ivy преди ден
Everybodys saying "Poor Janitors" and like to be honest, it doesnt look that bad? You know those big brooms, I think it would be easy and they probably have those. #myopinionbutnooneasked
EM E преди ден
Very true you nailed it...and it ain't like these golden buzzers were hit on a single day. Cumon it's like watching Aircraft investigations the whole day and you be like ooo so many planes crushed today.
Switzel преди ден
Janitors: 👁 👄 👁 💧 💧
suhada akthir
suhada akthir преди ден
Who is waching dis in 2021
كازاكاكي اكاينو
كازاكاكي اكاينو преди ден
نعم بلغة العربية ماكنت اعرف الامريكيين يعرفون اللغة العربية
Johanna Maria Schuchardt
Johanna Maria Schuchardt преди ден
JFC they forgot Sophie dossi
Johanna Maria Schuchardt
Johanna Maria Schuchardt преди ден
My favourites: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8,
Nancy Rusch
Nancy Rusch преди ден
I don't usually relate to Simon but man his face at 1:15 is IT
BUCHK- P преди ден
what a beautiful voice
Savannah O'Neill
Savannah O'Neill преди 2 дни
Does anyone know how to spell the name of the dance group?? They were absolutely amazing!
Dina Duarte
Dina Duarte преди 2 дни
Lindo adorei.
Ian Skrivarnik
Ian Skrivarnik преди 2 дни
the way the screamed in absolute joy at 8:28 says a lot
__ преди 2 дни
nobody knew she would get a song that almost everyone knows now. we all know her name
ahmad kahdouei
ahmad kahdouei преди 2 дни
Imme van Ballegooijen
Imme van Ballegooijen преди 2 дни
28:52 did SIMON just gave her the golden buzzer??!!
Sherali Ashurov
Sherali Ashurov преди 2 дни
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia преди 2 дни
The productive betty moberly hop because german echographically zoom without a wanting himalayan. complex, imported match
John Emerson Gabriel
John Emerson Gabriel преди 2 дни
Damn!!! The guy who sing the my way gaves me goosebumps!!!!! The stage is yours broo!!!
Greenxdino преди 2 дни
Angelicas voice blew me away I can not believe it at all! Seems like she’s on fire! All I have to say is THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEEEE!!!!!
Owen&Bryce Rudolph
Owen&Bryce Rudolph преди 2 дни
How can people dislike these things
اني هنا حتى اكافح الابتسامة
اني هنا حتى اكافح الابتسامة преди 2 дни
هو ليش العنوان بالعربية مع انو صاحب القناة حاط كللللللللللل اللغات إلا العربية
Diego Cardona Morales
Diego Cardona Morales преди 2 дни
como pueden haber 42 mil ineptos que le dan no like a estas hermosas creaciones del universo ?
Eduardo Gutierrez
Eduardo Gutierrez преди 2 дни
I wanna hear the story of the italian mobster
Михаил Немков
Михаил Немков преди 2 дни
Замечательно!!! Можно даже сказать недостаточно хороших выступлений просто нет! Очень приятно было посмотреть и послушать!
The J Sisters
The J Sisters преди 3 дни
I feel like if you get a golden buz from simon, you dont even need to go to hollywood or the live show ur just a winner because simon buzzed🤣🤣
シ꧁Co̸o̸kie&Bo̸ba꧂シ преди 3 дни
OMG grace vander waal made *i dont know my name* into a song!!
Eva Grace Coffey
Eva Grace Coffey преди 3 дни
Judges: *push golden buzzer* Janitor: Here we go gain🙄
Tony Tony
Tony Tony преди 2 дни
Hakan pakar
Маргоша Коатлик
Маргоша Коатлик преди 3 дни
47:38 the little girl tried very hard =D
Joschi_lol преди 3 дни
Tränen kommen mir weil es so schön ist🥺❤️❤️❤️✨✨
nagabonar преди 3 дни
WOW!.. everything in this video is all legend..
hi преди 3 дни
the girl with the yellow shirt in the choir messed it all up:/
Ashley Plays for yt
Ashley Plays for yt преди 3 дни
girl: VIBING me: tryna vibe with her*
كوستد DXF
كوستد DXF преди 3 дни
اول عربي
Lolarose milsom
Lolarose milsom преди 3 дни
Ohh miserable
Seth smith
Seth smith преди 3 дни
howie touched someone
Danett Sanchez
Danett Sanchez преди 3 дни
Simon is always wearing a white shirt
Ozzy Gacha
Ozzy Gacha преди 3 дни
Angelica hale: THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!! Me trying to copy her: this girl.. ahem one more time.. this girl is on.. (voice cracks) UGH I GIVE UPP
Haylee Collins
Haylee Collins преди 3 дни
These people have got talent!!!!!!
WEIJIA ZHANG преди 3 дни
angelics amaing
asdfyxcv1100 преди 3 дни
this "my way" dude sings that song as if he was getting out of bed... i don't take a dump as easy as he performs that
WEIJIA ZHANG преди 3 дни
Darcie so cute
WEIJIA ZHANG преди 3 дни
aww courtney
NA_Iromaki! преди 3 дни
Me knowing that every performance will get a golden buzzer :3
KYLYNN HOLLIS преди 3 дни
ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg cool voice
Jasmine Giles-Headley
Jasmine Giles-Headley преди 3 дни
Darci can sing with her mouth closed so well
Patrick BUNINO
Patrick BUNINO преди 3 дни
It’s a very good compilation, thanks a lot.
Laranna's Lore
Laranna's Lore преди 4 дни
I love the pause of utter silence before the crowd erupt for the gymnast group
Demonic преди 4 дни
10:43 Ed Sheeran as an woman
Angel_Cruz преди 4 дни
47:37 why's the child crying? He didn't want to be there?
boyuan roblox
boyuan roblox преди 4 дни
next time the janitors will press the golden buzzer while cleaning them XD LOL
boyuan roblox
boyuan roblox преди 4 дни
me: gets golden buzzer my bro: jealous* my bro: noooooooooooooooo
boyuan roblox
boyuan roblox преди 4 дни
Adamn Apples
Adamn Apples преди 4 дни
The rustic hexagon coincidently squeal because chinese nationally gather apud a racial fired. unaccountable, cloudy notify
jerseymaggie 12
jerseymaggie 12 преди 4 дни
The deaf girl made me cry. She was amazing!
Tom Miller
Tom Miller преди 4 дни
1st one thank you so much sounded like she was from Liverpool uk
netfreak91 преди 4 дни
never seen such as one million likes :)))))
Iris Faner
Iris Faner преди 4 дни
noel render
noel render преди 4 дни
I have purched 1G a little while ago for 7 days what happend that it is not available
Bjorn172 преди 4 дни
This proves that AGT is a 90 percent song contest. It's a pity that the talent is not more varied than that.
Olivia Buchanan
Olivia Buchanan преди 4 дни
Broo it's nick canon lmao
shiyar kurdistan
shiyar kurdistan преди 4 дни
9:59 Why are you doing this, that the black 😂
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