Minecraft's Most Disturbing Experiment

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Minecraft has a long history of events and stories, but none as disturbing as this. The Closed Map Experiment is Minecraft's strangest and most disturbing social experiment, a test of players resulting in betrayl, revenge and real world attacks.

➤➤ Twitter: WifiesWasTaken
➤➤ Discord: discord.gg/zAWUuWb

➤➤ Music Used:
Suspense Background Music - No Copyright (lol)
Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri - The Dead Fire
Gridded - C-Bc2n
Sky Ripper - www.youtube.com/watch?v=v62jI...
Northumbria - Sacred Ground
Gridded - Excessive
HOME - Decay
Gridded - Shanghai Institute
Ambre Juane - V1rgo

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This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a documentary about a disturbing experiment. Even more disturbing then the possibility that Dream faked his boat clutch in a manhunt vs sapnap, badboyhalo, georgenotfound, antfrost and awesamdude.

0:00 Prologue
1:14 Jay
2:41 The Experiment
5:16 Clans
8:41 War
11:13 Anarchists
13:35 Mistakes
15:20 Fallout

John Doe
John Doe преди 2 часа
I do believe that if the walls were torn down the players would stay in a group. Wether that means becoming one whole community or staying in factions, I don’t know. But I do feel like all conflict would be pointless or solely as entertainment, like gladiator fights. Or the only conflict would be over how the limitless supplies are used
☆NikuLikesGacha☆ преди 2 часа
*danganronpa be like*
Crystal 959
Crystal 959 преди 2 часа
It kinda _does_ speak to the human condition in a weird sort of way. With no real world consequences, this is what people do. With scarce resources, people band together and try to keep the peace, but one shove is all it takes to send the whole thing toppling down. People grab for power. Some try to monopolize and take control over everything they can, some try to maintain peace, some just want to watch the world burn, and some still care enough for justice to take it into their own hands. Not unlike what you’d expect if this was a real scenario instead of Minecraft. Kinda makes you think what would happen if things got this way in real life, if you couldn’t just log out and call it a day. Who would come out on top?
Jumblezone. преди 4 часа
Dick ass griefers: no rules lol. Jay: ok. (blows up their base) DAG: Fuck u bish.
Alex Nunez
Alex Nunez преди 6 часа
Pause on 7:18 on the leaves there is a single cross 🎚✝️
for everyone who talks about the “hacking” incident, it’s not a big deal AT ALL. I know NOTHING about hacking, but I can tell you that DDOSing someone is the easiest thing in the world. You just need his IP (which is public and you can get it by just making him click a link) and the worst case scenario is that he gets no WiFi until he turns off and on the router.
I’m sorry man, but I feel like I lost 16 minutes of my life watching this shit. Could’ve been edited better to create even more suspense. Also, for everyone who talks about the “hacking” incident, it’s not a big deal AT ALL. I know NOTHING about hacking, but I can tell you that DDOSing someone is the easiest thing in the world. You just need his IP and the worst case scenario is that he gets no WiFi until he turns off and on the router. It funny to see how a “tech” term like “DDOS” could scare so much people.
Mohmads Obeidat
Mohmads Obeidat преди 9 часа
The merchants pulled a Switzerland.
Cohby Eckhardt
Cohby Eckhardt преди 13 часа
i just realized that the day the thing was gonna start is the year my kid was born in [ 2012]
Jakob Slapničar
Jakob Slapničar преди 13 часа
Me: expecting like a real life death or something The vid at 16:32 : no its just a block game.
uncle banana
uncle banana преди 13 часа
I got in trouble watching this ihate u it was. Not scary bughol
Diz преди 15 часа
Never thought i would see this experiment again after so many years.being part of this experiment kinda changed my life but i still wish i never said yes to join the world.
HelaGrow преди 18 часа
I just discovered this channel and it's awesome.
not minecraftfan
not minecraftfan преди 20 часа
Divide and rule hehhhhhhh
• BluePlayz •
• BluePlayz • преди 20 часа
This was the best storytime I have ever seen
Jay Green
Jay Green преди 22 часа
Bruh I'm jay
Ananditha Ramaswami
Ananditha Ramaswami преди 23 часа
at 15:33 did anyone notice the player
checked преди 23 часа
someone should make a animation about this experience
Valerie Cao
Valerie Cao преди ден
So basically 2020 in a nutshell
Balloon Boy482
Balloon Boy482 преди ден
bruh this isnt disturbing this sounds fun as f
The only dirty weird eraser that exists
The only dirty weird eraser that exists преди ден
I realized May 7 is the same freaking day when our wide Putin went into President, *ironic!*
Immortal Absol
Immortal Absol преди ден
So much more was renewable and they just used it up.
LaDonna Thacker
LaDonna Thacker преди ден
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my birthday is march 9th
doo doo fart
doo doo fart преди ден
it sounds like a history story your teacher would tell in class, but its minecraft instead of history
Philipp Piechel
Philipp Piechel преди ден
Among us
Philipp Piechel
Philipp Piechel преди ден
Jjjjjjjjjjoooooooooooooooooooooooooo man
Wil преди ден
Hey the account was created on my b-day
vlad productions
vlad productions преди ден
How is this "disturbing"? It's just an anarchy server with some dude who IP banned someone because he was salty.
Mohamed Brahim
Mohamed Brahim преди 2 дни
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Poliver преди 2 дни
I watched this a few weeks back and thought of all the ways it would have been easy to survive. Now, we have Tommyinnit, Tubbo, and many other MCYTs are surviving in a 100x100 block space for a single month before everything is taken away. Their idea feels like a mix of both this story and Unus Annus. I'm both hopeful that many of them will make it out alive, however, knowing how Jack and Tommy are trouble makers, it won't take long for conflict to arise. Loved this vid and watched it all the way through again
Rohan Sahajwani
Rohan Sahajwani преди 2 дни
Yoooo I’m watching this at like 4 am
overchan преди 2 дни
overchan преди 2 дни
Brother, work hard!
Taizuddin sarkar
Taizuddin sarkar преди 2 дни
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McSalsa преди 2 дни
really seems like some kind of knock off russian sleep experiment... except on one dies irl lol
GHOSTBUSTER fan преди 2 дни
Is this still happening
GHOSTBUSTER fan преди 2 дни
Is this just a fake story or is it real cuz I'm scared really scared
AxolotlLogan преди 2 дни
It actually looks pretty fun
adonis parts
adonis parts преди 2 дни
Jesus talk about overhyping lmao
dusty syrup
dusty syrup преди 2 дни
Strong hunger games vibes
Anime Lover
Anime Lover преди 2 дни
Naruto but Minecraft
Clodbusting1987 преди 2 дни
This is some Lord of the Flies type shit.
Cranberry преди 2 дни
Not trying to give hate but this video is the equivalent to having a Barney episode with Friday the 13th music soundtrack over it besides that the vid was actually good
realyoutuber 3d
realyoutuber 3d преди 2 дни
i compared WCKD's grievers to That servers grifers they sound very similiar right?
Rhys Agdamag
Rhys Agdamag преди 2 дни
This reminds me of minecrafts oldest anarchy server 2b2t
Dogeminer Boss 1234
Dogeminer Boss 1234 преди 2 дни
extra creepy alert i was born during this
Averil Louise
Averil Louise преди 2 дни
"Their are four clans" ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan.
SmolPox преди 2 дни
@Comet AC when the childhood
Comet AC
Comet AC преди 2 дни
when the childhood
skull преди 2 дни
This gave me chills..
vr_anime преди 2 дни
Why you sound so scary 😭
Rouella Royals
Rouella Royals преди 2 дни
This is exactly what will happen if we continue pollution
Marlena Janz
Marlena Janz преди 2 дни
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David Schofield
David Schofield преди 2 дни
Was the guy who did this toycat
aSilent1 преди 3 дни
Bed Rock wall: *exists* Minecraft Players: *cOnfUSed SCreaMiNg*
Gargar, Mike Japhet T.
Gargar, Mike Japhet T. преди 3 дни
Fuck, the Phobos client backdooring incident in 2b2t is way worse than this. Literally thousands of players got their personal info stolen, and the feds had to get involved.
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin преди 3 дни
Getting Hunger games vibes of the arena fighting
Max S
Max S преди 3 дни
I dont get it.how is it disturbing
Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain преди 3 дни
John 3:16 NKJV For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
Gojou преди 3 дни
How convenient,I get a Minecraft add where the sheep is fucking bodying people
God Of Theory
God Of Theory преди 3 дни
Do yall know any other game specifically to do something similar to this experiment? Basically, a stone age to space age, 3D multiplayer, open-world, management, civilization and life simulator game. The more I can do, the better. For example, starting a political party, mating, starting and raising a family, starting wars, organise the mass, eating, chatting, making friends, swimming, etc I can use multiplayer in Minecraft, but I don't have Minecraft and it's not free.
Kopiko Blanca ✓
Kopiko Blanca ✓ преди 3 дни
still not more disturbing than 2b2t
Kyaru Momochi
Kyaru Momochi преди 4 дни
This wasn't disturbing at all tbh
Arctical преди 4 дни
@Kyaru Momochi If they were to bring war on this planet, it would mean they are exposing their thoughts.
Kyaru Momochi
Kyaru Momochi преди 4 дни
@Arctical i wouldnt think so killing someone on a game is WAY easier than killing someone in real life
Arctical преди 4 дни
It's literally clear for some ppl lmao Whatever you do in game it's what you would do in real life.
Mr friend YouTube 2
Mr friend YouTube 2 преди 4 дни
Not dream
Not dream преди 4 дни
mutton wasnt in minecraft in 1.2 so how is 4:21 possible
Frenchbread Gaming
Frenchbread Gaming преди 4 дни
I want to participate
W. Poofball
W. Poofball преди 4 дни
This was eerily similar to real life
Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Fredbear преди 4 дни
This actually sounds like fun
Ch1tlin GD
Ch1tlin GD преди 5 дни
The d a griefers
Macayle Angelina
Macayle Angelina преди 5 дни
The DA Griefers need to get banned from Minecraft. All servers, even single player. _Permanently._
Ally River
Ally River преди 6 дни
Merchants: villagers Everyone else: pillagers Ppl in the sky: ravengers Jay: confused
dlueji преди 6 дни
did i get baited
Arctical преди 4 дни
No, since the "disturbing part". It's just that this is relatable to real life... So what you do in-game you WOULD do in real life...
Sap преди 5 дни
YuNz TuNeZ
YuNz TuNeZ преди 6 дни
The Disturbing Part is, like he said, this is what we're doing in real life to our world
Bronzekoala преди 6 дни
Honestly... kinda lame story. Definitely not disturbing. No offense.
Samuel Pendon
Samuel Pendon преди 6 дни
No its just a block game
Mings4life преди 6 дни
plot twist Wifies is actualy jay
shuv32bit преди 6 дни
people: dying in wars and killing each other Merchants: so I started trading
lolnope 64
lolnope 64 преди 6 дни
the questions made this feel like an actual vsauce video
cancer преди 7 дни
Fuck this video just a waste of time
cancer преди 4 дни
@Arctical You did see at the end that most of it was a hoax right?
cancer преди 4 дни
@Arctical What?
Nighthawk Gaming
Nighthawk Gaming преди 7 дни
Mk here’s what I’d do, I’d get enough obsidian for 2 portals and a flint and steel, then I would go into the nether and just go far enough 1 direction I would be out of the box if it was in the nether. Then I would place the portal back so I’m in the overworld, outside of the bedrock square. Also, unless there was a roof on the bedrock, you could just stack over the bedrock. Either way, if you managed to keep it a secret you could take control over everyone else with recourses and trade, and if you got overwhelmed you could hide anywhere outside the box.
Lixuids преди 7 дни
i thought it was gonna be disturbing, it wasn't lol. But did Jay actually get ddosed??
Arctical преди 6 дни
It's disturbing where what you do in game, it portrays you in real life. So basically it's not clickbait.
THE REAL Nerf boy 10
THE REAL Nerf boy 10 преди 7 дни
Brotherhood equals azorius Merchants equals orzhov Dwarves equals gruul Axe equals dimir Ravinca guilds are fun, eh?
The Magic Carrot
The Magic Carrot преди 7 дни
plot twist: the cows actually despawned and the war just started because of a glitch in minecraft
The Magic Carrot
The Magic Carrot преди 6 дни
@Miles Tails Prower تジ exactly
Miles Tails Prower تジ
Miles Tails Prower تジ преди 6 дни
If you feed cows they can't despawn
The Magic Carrot
The Magic Carrot преди 7 дни
the fact that the stages they went through were so realistic, like how they burned down the dwarfs town, and somewhat had currency, and actually had roles and spied on eachother is awesome, except for the hackers
Myosin Gurung
Myosin Gurung преди 7 дни
UnknownB0i преди 7 дни
Lochie Griffiths
Lochie Griffiths преди 7 дни
Ypu could say that they were communicating with each other in *_sign_* language
Woofles_AW преди 7 дни
If it was a normal voice, or no glitches it would have just been a weird story.
_tenfictions_ преди 7 дни
14:07 we do a little trolling
grandma biscuits
grandma biscuits преди 7 дни
wait couldn't you just leave the spawn box if you nether traveled a bit and portaled back out
Idea преди 8 дни
its like Disrupt TV minus the effort
Kibblescrap gaming
Kibblescrap gaming преди 8 дни
“If u fail the test, we’re going to kidnap and kill you” [you have 15 minutes].......... that would make this more scary of a story
Arctical преди 6 дни
@Kibblescrap gaming What if the wall was built up to height limit? Then you've basically wasted all your blocks but if you use water bucket it'll still be a waste
Kibblescrap gaming
Kibblescrap gaming преди 8 дни
And they could have just built up over the wall
NvK преди 8 дни
i like your music choice. nice taste.
almondassistant преди 8 дни
better than dreamsmp
nobdanolds universe
nobdanolds universe преди 8 дни
"Disturbing" more like weird
Luana Souza
Luana Souza преди 9 дни
The video was really cool, but the title.... click bait =/
Luana Souza
Luana Souza преди 3 дни
@Arctical I agree haha. It is kinda funny how almost everyone just went killing animals and then went pikachu face when there was no animals for food :p
Arctical преди 4 дни
@Luana Souza This is what people would do in real life, so if this experiment were to be real life, they all would do the griefing.
Luana Souza
Luana Souza преди 8 дни
@Rot Music The video is not the most disturbing experiment in Minecraft. It is not even disturbing, nothing disturbing happens. Just some cool stuff, rivalry, ending resources and a bit of war, but nothimg disturbing. So I consider it click bait Ps: I don't regret watching it btw Edit: grammar
Rot Music
Rot Music преди 8 дни
RAP J.R. преди 9 дни
This sounds fun so far
Wyckit преди 9 дни
A spire in the middle of the map... 🤔
pyropansy преди 9 дни
Mr. Pog
Mr. Pog преди 9 дни
i thought it was the minecraft scp something
PlanetNydro преди 9 дни
This is like the 3rd life SMP
Yolanda Escoto Unna
Yolanda Escoto Unna преди 9 дни
i am invested now :p
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