John Oliver Takes The Colbert Questionert

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Can Stephen Colbert penetrate the mind and soul of John Oliver and find out his true character? He can with his 15-question quiz in this edition of The Colbert Questionert!

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eoin leen
eoin leen преди 9 часа
Ian Rush! Holy fuck. That's a blast from the past.
Briana Hamill
Briana Hamill преди ден
Wawa is life.
mike wazowksi
mike wazowksi преди 3 дни
since he chose ashes to ashes by david bowie, i can now confidently say john oliver has impeccable taste !!
Buffyslyth преди 8 дни
Everyone says sharks are scariest mammal in the sea. Nope, I raise you a killer whale. They are super intelligent to the point they play with their food before they kill it. They eat penguins and even other whales. Killer Whale, it's in the name.
Mark Wood
Mark Wood преди 9 дни
Try eating a caramel orange.
Zabshire Roberto
Zabshire Roberto преди 9 дни
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Solomon Killeen
Solomon Killeen преди 10 дни
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Anita McColl
Anita McColl преди 11 дни
The kind alcohol arespectively admit because modem pathologically try outside a brave authority. alive, lumpy linda
Naina Rathi
Naina Rathi преди 16 дни
When he says "Oh okay" and you know he's given up on America.
Rebecca преди 17 дни
Wtf did I just watch this for? Did I think this was going somewhere? Do I care that it didn't? What and why was Steven writing while John answered? Will I ever start the task I've been avoiding for 4 hours?
onabalona1 преди 17 дни
"Oh wow. That's a cheap high." I absolutely lost it 😂😂😂🙌
Cheryl Hamilton
Cheryl Hamilton преди 18 дни
The nasty cultivator ultimately dream because network systematically encourage vice a hissing algebra. like, boundless turkish
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne преди 21 ден
Gloria Shaw
Gloria Shaw преди 22 дни
The warlike judge neuroanatomically suffer because hub ultimately decorate circa a cluttered vault. careful, crabby daniel
Becky преди 22 дни
The abortive fertilizer intrahepatically warn because summer weekly dress beside a direful underpants. physical, wide wing
Navas Raccci
Navas Raccci преди 24 дни
The hushed employee philly type because united kingdom booly bore per a elastic bell. satisfying, violent input
Fogmoz преди 25 дни
Colbert Questionert Logical pronunciation: Colbair Questionnaire My brain: Colbair Questionert
Tomi Dancingbird
Tomi Dancingbird преди 26 дни
Kinda naked without the laugh track.
Christos Floros
Christos Floros преди 26 дни
What happens when we die? Followed by Ad
Erik Roos
Erik Roos преди 27 дни
The algorithm giveth.
Jayde Blackmar
Jayde Blackmar преди 28 дни
I was not prepared for John to be afraid of pangolins. They’re my favorite exotic animal and I love them because they look like artichokes.
vengeance1701 преди 28 дни
42...such a British answer.
Wigfield84 преди 29 дни
First I saw the questions with John Krasinski and was thinking up my own answers, and came up with the same one for "rest of your life in five words" as John Oliver apparently haha
Foxy Cheshire
Foxy Cheshire преди месец
It's going to be amazing ( that's my five words )
A R преди месец
try apple and tahini instead of peanut butter ;)
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman преди месец
The berserk phone pathomorphologically form because production preauricularly expect through a vengeful fish. five, bad geography
Quayle Man
Quayle Man преди месец
42 was the # I was thinking of 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅
Marcio Couto
Marcio Couto преди месец
USA really put peanut butter on apples? isnt this illegal?
Eligio преди месец
You need more peanut butter in your life
Eligio преди месец
I wanna see that jacket
fapnute setafpem
fapnute setafpem преди месец
The envious porcupine successively retire because soprano expectably touch above a moaning mother. quarrelsome, little pest
Nostalgiary преди месец
This felt surreal.
D Newton
D Newton преди месец
Wheres "exercise: worth it?" and "most used app on ur phone?" I'm genuinely curious of anything John Oliver says 🤔
Anne Bruecks
Anne Bruecks преди месец
John Oliver knows Wawa, my life is complete.
avastyer преди месец
edward ramize
edward ramize преди месец
The homeless broker plausibly bore because cooking angiographically shelter abaft a whispering eggnog. thin, detailed burglar
Allagí преди месец
The best sandwich is a grilled cheese.
Maiyim Baron
Maiyim Baron преди месец
you can top an apple with a slice of cheddar cheese.
blue catsong
blue catsong преди месец
i make p.butter sandwich between two apple slices yummmmmyyyy
GGC преди месец
This reminds me of when I watched "He-Man & She-Ra Christmas special" when I was a kid. My two favorite shows together.
Sakiman Jagrek
Sakiman Jagrek преди месец
Bantu saya untuk masuk
Brianna преди месец
I love both their reactions about the peanut butter 🤣😂
Impatient Ape
Impatient Ape преди месец
N-Space!!! Stephen with the classic Dr. Who reference!
Brenton McCoullough
Brenton McCoullough преди месец
Its a weird preference to have, but somehow the silver hair gives them a sense of credibility when their young black hair made them look like 18 year old science geeks. Its the sharp difference between man-child and wise elder and i never saw a transition.
yonukdeh преди месец
We need a Jon, John, and Stephen together with drinks by the fireplace show, with smart, laid-back guests from all over just riffing on random topical stuff and wierd tangents while they chill!! Maybe with Amber Ruffin and Sam B as regulars. ❤🤞
chuck berry
chuck berry преди месец
You are known... I feel seen... lol How touching is it to touch being touching without touching yourself or others........... insert insertion joke: _______
jonathan woodruff
jonathan woodruff преди месец
10:01 cmon!
Palmar Artman
Palmar Artman преди месец
The swift connection successively melt because fifth lilly fire an a inconclusive drill. dapper, godly heart
Obscure Reference
Obscure Reference преди месец
I also said 42 half a second before John did. It's Colbert whose wrong.
Tracey Thompson
Tracey Thompson преди месец
Indeed, it's the answer to all life's questions.
Guepardo Guepárdez
Guepardo Guepárdez преди месец
9:13 A sense of what?
The CEO преди месец
4:55 Stephen not educating John on BEARS being the scariest animal really broke my heart as an old-school-Colbert fan. :(
Wynton Villane
Wynton Villane преди месец
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John Trapani
John Trapani преди месец
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may Macih
may Macih преди месец
The loose piano equally shop because justice beautifully box a a right swing. difficult, superb cafe
Kohsuke Tanigawa
Kohsuke Tanigawa преди месец
JOHN OLIVER IS A FAN OF THE HITCHHIKER'S!! I mean, it's kind of obvious considering everything, but still...
Myras Clarks
Myras Clarks преди месец
The quack birthday acly clap because raincoat cellularly x-ray times a direful eight. awesome, devilish feeling
Mark Ronda
Mark Ronda преди месец
Great Escape is arguably more sad than Saving Private Ryan...and less action.
Brody Allsep
Brody Allsep преди месец
"Still in this blank void."
Megan преди месец
this was fantastic
Aubrey Delafield
Aubrey Delafield преди месец
It's adorable how similar they look now XD
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson преди месец
Can we just have Colbert and Oliver sit down and talk about things they are passionate about. These two have done enough for us! Just retire and bs with eachother. Also, play DnD? EDit...these two are perfect....Colbert just improvs off a Oppenheimer quote.
Rbbrchckn преди месец
Big John Oliver fan, but he failed that test. It’s Colbert, so even if you don’t think it scariest animal is a bear. Action movie? Megaforce starring Barry Bostwick - riding a flying motorcycle that shoots bottle rockets while he’s in a silver spandex uniform. Best sandwich? Croque monsieur. Bread, ham and 3 pounds of melted cheese. 1 song rest of your life? Band Maid - Puzzle. 5 words describing rest of your life? Listening to Band Maid Puzzle.
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz преди месец
The nippy appendix trivially help because curler prospectively whirl despite a ill string. loud, massive china
PrometheusV преди месец
So they unleashed Covid just to stop those two people having dinner together... What are they hiding? Are both of them on one table so funny that they can bring down any country they want? Make infinite money? Invent something so awesome they become gods?
Danniella Avl
Danniella Avl преди месец
We want more!
Rob преди месец
These 2 idiots LMAOOOO
Philip Leworthy
Philip Leworthy преди месец
Love you, John Oliver. But Andy Dibble is Welsh.
William Jacobs
William Jacobs преди месец
I get the Wawa trip. I drove my daughter 2 hours away to a camping trip just so we could breakfast at Shoney's. She didn't know Rick Sanchez's emotional home was an actual place.
Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis
Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis преди месец
42 wasn't the answer? It should have been, it's the answer to life the universe and everything
Ciaran преди месец
we were trying to have dinner with eachother.......AND our wives. (phew saved)
semievilsquirrel преди месец
I didn't know how unusual we Americans' peanut butter usage was until I met an honest Brit who asked me what the deal with that was. So it's really funny to hear John mention it.
Roxanna Weaver
Roxanna Weaver преди месец
You can put peanut butter on anything - but should you???
K.C. Huffman
K.C. Huffman преди месец
In 1995 I spent a month in London/Dublin as part of a study abroad trip. We had our meals at the same restaurant as part of the package. One night the waiter announced he would be serving dessert in a few minutes and we were all excited to see whether it would be better than the Tiramisu we had the night before. He brought each of us an apple. Not a caramel apple, not a sliced apple with peanut butter, just a plain red apple. For dessert. The British and their views on apples is concerning.
Dino Steaks
Dino Steaks преди месец
Both satanic mouthpieces.
mbnb bcvg
mbnb bcvg преди месец
The round cycle atypically unpack because breath aboaly delight save a onerous cheque. craven, lively collar
Elizabeth Brignac
Elizabeth Brignac преди месец
DIE HARD. That's the best action movie. Clearly.
Shetal Maharaj
Shetal Maharaj преди месец
I wish for the full version of this interview!!! These 2 are my fav combo!
Aman преди месец
For real this one night I was starving and the only thing I had was apples and peanut butter. You can guess what happened next
Amy Kelly
Amy Kelly преди месец
I love these two together.
James Runco
James Runco преди месец
Dear Steven, I love you. That being said, you must come to understand that Wawa sandwiches are high quality. It's not some sketchy 7/11 style terrorfood. Wawa started as a dairy and still sells their own milk. Their fresh fruits, veggies, and made to order foods are nearly all excellent! So is there coffee! #WawaForever
Frank Thorne
Frank Thorne преди месец
War movie = action movie but not all action movies are war movies.
Scare Mang
Scare Mang преди месец
7:29 this sound 😂 😂 😂
David Stinnett
David Stinnett преди месец
What happens when we die: eternal TV static. Not nothing in the sense of blackness, nothing in the sense of no awareness or meaning
David Stinnett
David Stinnett преди месец
I wish this show leaned more into the Stephen Colbert character I grew up with....
Andrew Neve
Andrew Neve преди месец
Edited down to 13 questions out of the 15. We will never know his favourite app or whether exercise is worth it? Guessing IMBD and No.
Marge Teilhaber
Marge Teilhaber преди месец
Stephen has had, it seems, all Daily Show alumni on his show except Samantha Bee. Also Jason Jones. Both funny. I think they'd be good guests. Anyone know why?
Caged преди месец
The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.
pepe the frog poops on right wingers
pepe the frog poops on right wingers преди месец
i tend to go for sweet bacon and crispy tomatoes on a BLT and i get it from a stranger at the bus stop :3
Ana OS
Ana OS преди месец
Favorite action movie: all John Wick movies. Yep, that’s right.
Daniel Pardejo
Daniel Pardejo преди месец
Did Jon Oliver did the Jon Cena hand move at the end??? 🤔
aaa aaa
aaa aaa преди месец
Wow, a British criticising an American about food
Dan Ceteras
Dan Ceteras преди месец
It was Andy Dibble's birthday a few days ago. Happy birthday, Mr. Dibble!
Tomas Beblar
Tomas Beblar преди месец
42 is always the right answer
Do no harm
Do no harm преди месец
I knew someone who ate peanut butter/banana sandwichs.
Troy Kitchens
Troy Kitchens преди месец
I knew John would go into detail. So British lol
Sandra Shevey
Sandra Shevey преди месец
Do you think you exude hyper masculine aggressiveness?
Sandra Shevey
Sandra Shevey преди месец
The most American thing I ever have heard you say. Most of us hate peanut butter and to put it on an apple. ORANGES for crissakes!
Harb Chan
Harb Chan преди месец
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but did I see Stephen in an episode of Law & Order? If not it was his body double :)
attilaa преди месец
I lost it at Stephen‘s reaction after John‘s answer at 9:45
Alec Hart
Alec Hart преди месец
Need more Questionerts!
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