Film Theory: DEATH NOTE-How Deadly Was it?

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DEATH NOTE is my favorite anime series by a long shot, and that's because it really puts me in a moral quandary. Is KIRA a hero after all he's done? Can we consider it justice when the number of people he's murdered is more than the total number of Japanese convicts? Well Loyal Theorists, in this episode, I dive into the math in order to bring these questions to the surface for you!

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JINX naleo
JINX naleo преди час
If I had the deathnote, I'd write a homeless person's name in it with great details on how he dies. Let's say his name is A. In the deathnote: 'A' suddenly gets a thirst for planetary science and rocket science. Learn all he can, derives the most advanced theory and technology. Put's man on mars, the first sustainable colony outside of earth. Goes to mars and dies in his bed peacefully at the age of 69.
BadodO преди 4 часа
Kira: DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE Ctrl Z: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*
bynezal преди 15 часа
i think in the anime they even do say he potentially kills inncoents
преди 20 часа
He stopped wars and decreased crime rate 70%+ so it's a no joke. He was successful on what he was doing. He had valid arguments and he was the right one to the end. After Near's victory crime rate just went up from what we've seen on manga. They only harmed world by killing Light, their "God".
your local superstore worker
your local superstore worker преди ден
actually light is good its his conscience ryuk and blah hes good but hes a devil and angel like yin and yang yin is bad but good and yang is good but bad
Liviluv 777
Liviluv 777 преди ден
For those who don't know there are two Japanese Death Note movies that stick to the anime fairly well. I highly recommend 👌
Samuel Pearce
Samuel Pearce преди ден
I just watched Death Note for this first time and this was an awesome video!! The one thing I would say is that because crime rates went down by 70% over 5 years, I think it's safe to assume that Light didn't have to write nearly as many names in the Death Note during the final couple of years, as there were a lot less people committing crimes.
vibin преди ден
a small price to pay for salvation
TheKrensada преди ден
For Death Note, the moral of the story is if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
Finch Hawthorne
Finch Hawthorne преди 3 дни
Sometimes it’s very cool when Mat nails head on the core theme or point of a series with one of these theories.
Stoner Bland
Stoner Bland преди 3 дни
"not a racist way of saying killer" except that's exactly how the show explained it Or is this an r/woosh moment
Syed Nadeem Haider
Syed Nadeem Haider преди 4 дни
The stationary shop where light takes his pens from I going to go out of stock
XdrokX преди 4 дни
Yes he could but it would take 10 episodes and bulma would just revive him 3 days later lol
crackalackin3 преди 4 дни
Light yagami- I mean Kira, would definitely get along with Thanos 😂
David Mwangi
David Mwangi преди 5 дни
the intro😂😂😂😂
UI Larry
UI Larry преди 5 дни
Delete the Plague.
UI Larry
UI Larry преди 5 дни
Deleteo was the reason I kept watching after L death
Ris3r преди 5 дни
Joel duck
Joel duck преди 5 дни
All Hal kera
Spades productions
Spades productions преди 6 дни
My birthday June 14 yessssir
↻ɴøᴠᴀ ɢᴀʟᴀxʏ↺
↻ɴøᴠᴀ ɢᴀʟᴀxʏ↺ преди 6 дни
I just started binge watching death note.. I FLIPPING LOVE THIS ANIME!
1sangl преди 6 дни
Smh the Netflix show sucked. But the kdrama ISH one is ok 😶
Guy That
Guy That преди 6 дни
Hm yes 13% of the 13%
Libby500 преди 6 дни
Starts watching deathnote: Best anime ever Light loses deathnote: Since when was Light so annoying Light gets it back: Yay! He got it back Light kills L: F u Light Nearvkills light: WTF
Prophet Games
Prophet Games преди 6 дни
Even if Light is a villain, he saved more lives then any hero.
Chewking преди 6 дни
kira vs goku well there are record of him winning the tournament however it depends on if the death note considers goku his real name or kakarot
Genya2008 преди 6 дни
Well if i would write you in a Death Note i would write Matthew Patrick and not Mat Pat. But hey i wouldn´t write you´re name in i like you´re videos.
Yeeter преди 7 дни
Near was just L from wish
Stampy Dragon Gaming
Stampy Dragon Gaming преди 7 дни
Aiight time to pick up finish the rest of death note, mmmm an apple
Am I just discovering that this video exists oh god I have to get back on that grind
Sneha Rakshit
Sneha Rakshit преди 8 дни
Kira is wrong cause this spreads a msg in the society is that if they do sexism and racism or killing of animals or robbing wouldn't matter cause the only thing god/kira cares about is murder
Srikonda Deekshith
Srikonda Deekshith преди 8 дни
Nope,Its stated that the humans whose name shall be written in the book will die.That means goku cant die because he is from an alien race called the saiyans
Genya2008 преди 6 дни
Hard to say if this will work because the Shinigamis only watch over the humans from earth so they never tried on an alien and can´t say if it would work or not. It´s like with B the rules say only humans with a Death Note can get the Shinigami Eyes by offering half of they´re remaining life span but B had those eyes right from the day of his birth and he never heard from th Death Note. By the way i don´t know if you have read the Novels but the BB Murdercase was the Case L solved together with Naomi Misora was the name if i remember correct Pembers Fiance it´s been a few years since i read the Manga and Novels. But the murder in the BB Mudercase is Birthday Beyond better known as B a planned new L like Mello and Near who got crazy and killed people to create a case that even L can´t close.
Dog Meat
Dog Meat преди 10 дни
in the titanic episode you said that 118,000 americans died in ww1. now it's 300k?
Ezpzdz преди 10 дни
So what happens once the notebook is full
Ezpzdz преди 10 дни
2:24 oh yes it is
Miloaf преди 10 дни
He could not beat goku because goku isn’t human he is a sayin
Trap Enthusiast
Trap Enthusiast преди 11 дни
"how deadly is it" Proceeds to write muhamad
Roy Playz great games
Roy Playz great games преди 11 дни
I say light is mostly justice
Ribsy преди 12 дни
waiting for the film theory episode where he calculates misa's life soan cause she cut it in half twice and still outlived everyone
King Oof Nothing
King Oof Nothing преди 12 дни
you are doing great videos
Dragonplaz преди 13 дни
how would he even know gokus real name ;-; cause gokus real name isn't goku ;-;
Aiden Lash
Aiden Lash преди 13 дни
he's like the boogie man
Why преди 13 дни
MetalMan1245 преди 14 дни
There's several different questions to be answered: Was what Light did justified? I'd say yes, just empirically speaking. Was he right to do it? No, absolutely not.
Davian Gamez
Davian Gamez преди 14 дни
My impression of mikime Delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete DELEEEEEEEEETE
Walrus of the north
Walrus of the north преди 15 дни
Kira is the reason why criminals' last names are abbreviated.
VonTyrant преди 15 дни
"people in goverments just send him names" can't see how that could be abused.
Umar Ramzuzaman
Umar Ramzuzaman преди 15 дни
In The future there will death Notes digital.
Virtual Dhruv
Virtual Dhruv преди 15 дни
Light is the embodiment of Justice 🔥 We need someone to stop evil to prevail regardless of sacrificing innocents.
Sypheur27 преди 15 дни
Fun fact: death note is just the longest game of among us ever, lasting 6 years
Tyler Steele
Tyler Steele преди 16 дни
10 mil subs and 10 mil views. Super offical
john joseph Manalo
john joseph Manalo преди 16 дни
10:00 456 names... what a coincidence, if you know what I mean ;)
Sarthak Pandit
Sarthak Pandit преди 17 дни
i luv LUV deathnote too , and imo it is masterpiece with or without the last 12 episodes
Christilia Tay
Christilia Tay преди 18 дни
Hey matpat I got a question for ya: Since Light Yagami writes the names with a pencil, is it possible that when he uses an eraser to erase the name, the dead person will come back to life? (I’ve been wondering about this for a long time now) Edit 1: or if maybe I remember wrongly and he was using a pen the whole time, if your cross the name out until your can’t see it anymore, would that person come back to life? Edit 2: Or what if he destroys the paper?
alefox 379
alefox 379 преди 16 дни
No they remain dead, but in the pilot episod of the manga there was a thing called “death eraser” that could revive the people killed with the book Ps sorry for my english
Kiraa quin
Kiraa quin преди 18 дни
If i remember in manga point 1 and 2 Didn't work it like 1 way to dearh
Mprxherie преди 19 дни
Light doesn’t even wait for them to go to court he killed people who were shown on the news when they were accused, and while the crimes did go down he was killing people for victimless crimes so was it really worth it you ended someone’s life over something they more than likely wouldn’t have spent more than 5 years in jail and a crime they probably only committed because they had to I would have been more ok if they explicitly said he was killing people like known pedophiles he mainly targeted robbers
Zohaib Khan
Zohaib Khan преди 19 дни
Should've counted American politicians not prisoners
Megan Renee
Megan Renee преди 20 дни
just don't forget Ryuk's apples or he goes upside-down protect Ryuk at all costs
The Memeing Penguin
The Memeing Penguin преди 20 дни
Everyone and their dog has killed Goku at some point so maybe just maybe a death note could do the trick
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache преди 21 ден
Light: i'll take a potato chip and eat it Matpat: *i'll take a quote and repeat it*
Some One
Some One преди 7 дни
Only a week ago
Empa преди 7 дни
hello mr
Chuy преди 8 дни
Naveen Velappan
Naveen Velappan преди 14 дни
I'll see your name and scream it
Zymo 3614
Zymo 3614 преди 15 дни
Seriously matpat was rapping there
Pent A
Pent A преди 21 ден
Light should’ve won. Praise be to Kira
Nicolas Marin
Nicolas Marin преди 21 ден
1:53 exactly, Death note only has 25 episodes!!
AlexTheIdiot преди 22 дни
Why are my captions in German 👁👄👁
GAMER Xpro преди 22 дни
I would love to be the owner of the death note
Lozza the legend
Lozza the legend преди 22 дни
I wanna know why the series fell short after 25 episodes
Lozza the legend
Lozza the legend преди 22 дни
Kiwi_Jackson12 преди 22 дни
Death Note is definitely my favourite anime
Kasper Nordlund
Kasper Nordlund преди 23 дни
Actually when light first meets ryuk in the manga he flips through pages to show ryuk he is ready to be killed by him for his misdeeds, of cause we all know that dosent happen. In the manga it looks like 5 pages are fliped, meaning light also fills a page a day.
The Wakandan Panda
The Wakandan Panda преди 23 дни
Death note was amazing until Misa amane showed up
papas182 преди 23 дни
Sharika Agarwal
Sharika Agarwal преди 24 дни
death note: exists my hand: man that hurts
Nicole Burton
Nicole Burton преди 24 дни
I was disappointed when he didn't say "Believe it"
Grymm By Design
Grymm By Design преди 24 дни
On Goku vs. a Death Note... 1. Goku's true Saiyan name, Kakarot, would have to be known/written. 2. First rule of the Death Note: "The HUMAN whose name is written in this notebook will die." ....Goku isn't human.
Masterdragon Gaming
Masterdragon Gaming преди 25 дни
You should have done a theory If light became a shinigami
Masterdragon Gaming
Masterdragon Gaming преди 25 дни
The manga ending is best ending
Alex Flansburg
Alex Flansburg преди 25 дни
Jenna Julien podcast music at the start distracted me hardcore haha
Xeno преди 25 дни
goku kills kira. goku sense him. his real name is kakarot and no one knows his last name
Trick Shot Legends
Trick Shot Legends преди 25 дни
2:02 you mean the girls right
William Montague
William Montague преди 25 дни
Light was right
Rare pony fan
Rare pony fan преди 26 дни
Travis Cummings
Travis Cummings преди 26 дни
Yeah, to say that the Netflix adaptation was complete and utter garbage would be an insult to garbage
Fay Stringer
Fay Stringer преди 26 дни
I don’t know how many downvotes this will get but I much prefer reading death note than watching it but it’s a real shame that nothing I write in my books seems to make any difference ;)
Muazzam Imran
Muazzam Imran преди 27 дни
goku will never die obv
Copper Go Gaming
Copper Go Gaming преди 27 дни
cool whats yuor full name?😀 📖🖋
Endr1c преди 27 дни
death note only works on humans while goku is a sayin so no he cant @The Film Theorists
Dan Nordin
Dan Nordin преди 28 дни
Goku cant die by the death note cause in the rules of the death note its specifically said that it only works on humans and goku is a saiyan which means the death note has 0 effect on goku
Dino Mario
Dino Mario преди 28 дни
You killed the mat patts
Bárbara Pereira
Bárbara Pereira преди 28 дни
Near's name is Nate
Eri Gom
Eri Gom преди 29 дни
I wonder how many pages that would be?
MemoryMori преди 29 дни
The question isnt if Kira is Justice... The question is, Is he "The justice" we would choose?. . .
itsdantaylor преди 29 дни
You know, when light took over as L and the killings INCREASED that should have been a red flag for the task force.........or just the fact that Light was REALLY bad at his job and maybe after a month or so they should have reconsidered.
Yandel Castillo
Yandel Castillo преди 29 дни
Light:I will create a perfect world with no criminals and no killers. Us fans:But if you did that wouldn’t that make you a killer in a criminal so what’s the point light in theory the thing that you hate is the thing that you became in the end
JAWS 83 преди 29 дни
Like after L dies death note it's the worst tv show I have ever scene.. so over I think it's a bad anime.. the first half wasn't a masterpiece but it was great like the Japanese films..
Noble преди 29 дни
Ngtl i don't like most amines unless it's dark and cool like death note, Tokyo Ghoul etc. I'm just disappointed i didn't see this video until now and i didn't watch it till now- and in case you are wondering i don't watch the dubbed versions i suffer and read the subtitles cause I'm a chad.... and well.... because hearing the original cast speaking Japanese is just fun and sometimes if you pay attention you can learn basic Japanese terms
JAWS 83 преди 29 дни
The Melchanoly Of Haruhi Suyuzmia is a billion times better than death note why don't we talk about that one more.. that's my favorite anime.. and Gurren Lagann is a fun guilty pleasure anime.. death note is so depressing to watch.. and the Disappearance movie is my third favorite film of all time..
JAWS 83 преди 29 дни
Honestly Death Note is overrated.. I have kinda Lost all respect for it.. I mean the Japanese films were great that's all death note has going for it but neither of them are in my top 50 favorites..
Adel Rosales
Adel Rosales преди месец
Pol Mallo
Pol Mallo преди месец
the name i mean of the songs
Pol Mallo
Pol Mallo преди месец
which was the music you used in the ending
Pro Ant
Pro Ant преди месец
Guys, you know what I found? While I was re watching the final episode in 0.25x speed I realized that Ryuk seemed to have a face of remorse after killing Light. Maybe Ryuk wasn't as heartless as we thought.
NU121493255 преди месец
16:44 Sorry but no. In a Goku vs Kira situation Goku would ALWAYS win becouse the Death Note only works on humans and Goku isn't human.
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