The Impossible Squat Challenge (Just 1 Rep...)

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The Impossible Squat Challenge (JUST 1 REP)
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#Impossible #Squat #Challenge
Impossible challenges, they’re not impossible, but for 99.9% of people they are.
You’ve got the impossible pull up, where you need to go up for 1 minute and go down for 1 minute, this is insanely hard. The impossible push up is a 3-minute push up where you need to go down for 1 minute 30 seconds and then up for one minute 30 seconds.
Now there is another challenge that everyone can join...
Better form clip here:
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Igor's video:
Impossible Squat (CAN YOU SURVIVE ONE REP?)
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The Impossible Squat Challenge (JUST 1 REP)
If you read this hit the liek button with your nose

Browney преди месец
If you’re reading this you have to join the challenge, right now
Mr. Astro
Mr. Astro преди 2 часа
3:08, my legs are burning like hell
YaboiGinger преди 16 часа
2:27! Really impressed myself
Arthur D Wolfe
Arthur D Wolfe преди 18 часа
Today was squat volume day, and I did Hung Gar for six years which featured ten minutes of horse stance every training, so I am really not in the mood, sorry.
dheepak thiru
dheepak thiru преди ден
I accept this challenge
dheepak thiru
dheepak thiru преди ден
👏👏👏👏 you people are really great
Adam Nada
Adam Nada преди час
I joined the challenge and my score was 1:13 seconds
Subham vlogs
Subham vlogs преди 6 часа
i did 6 minutes althow i am just 13
B1a5t0i5e 85
B1a5t0i5e 85 преди 7 часа
6 minutes
Algis Veiksys
Algis Veiksys преди 7 часа
I made too 2 min even do im 9
Lil' Crazy Undee
Lil' Crazy Undee преди 7 часа
Yay i got 3:03 i beat igor yay
JAMES TAI преди 8 часа
2min 7 sec
Sajjad Ahmad
Sajjad Ahmad преди 9 часа
it was really hard but i beat you for 3 mins 36 sec
RAKSHIT CUBING преди 10 часа
I got 6:11
Ismam Habib
Ismam Habib преди 11 часа
amazing dance
Gaming budy
Gaming budy преди 12 часа
Bro always keep your back straight in this position and then you may hold for a much longer time.
Djheffeson преди 18 часа
I did 1:50 D:
LeNick Gamer
LeNick Gamer преди 19 часа
I did it 3 min This was so hard 😧
Arvid Malmström
Arvid Malmström преди 20 часа
Dang Igor is not strong i am 13 and i did karate and i did it for 20 min
Rasika Samanthi
Rasika Samanthi преди 22 часа
Oh this is nothing for kandyan dancers. We kandyan dancers hold this position for about 30 minutes a day. Now search what is kandyan dancing in google.
Craig Woodward
Craig Woodward преди ден
When I was in qigong we would do long horse stance. One thing that we did was hold different depths squat for 5 minutes each depth. You can raise up / lower down a few inches and work a different part of your quad. Also drawing in and up the groin/lower abs is helpful, the tendency is to feel that the muscles are inactive and being pulled down by gravity, and the internal core tension will oppose this. I have made it up to 30 minutes in one static position, and up to 90 minutes with changing the depths every 5 minutes. We focus on slow 8 count breath in/out. Took me months of training to hit these numbers. Sweet challenge guys, love your videos
Takoda Plett
Takoda Plett преди ден
Do a impossible dip
Jayden Zothantluanga
Jayden Zothantluanga преди ден
I tried i think I did it till 3:2
Akash Shetty
Akash Shetty преди ден
i wonder why (from when im commenting) 510 braindead people dislike such a video. like why in the world would someone NOT like this?
ix jow
ix jow преди ден
idid 2;04
cena преди ден
I think your back should be straight...Igor did it correctly...anyway good to see u do
Nsg Impossible
Nsg Impossible преди ден
bro i’m literally 12 and just beat browney at this :/
Langston Woods
Langston Woods преди ден
I actually have done this before for martial arts training my time was about 16 minutes
Finny Fun craft
Finny Fun craft преди ден
Hey I have been in 01. 33 time really If you want to watch l will put in my channel
Technic Gamer
Technic Gamer преди ден
i’m 9 and i gave out at 2 minutes 10 seconds
marcel butnaru
marcel butnaru преди ден
I have beaten their first record from the first try but when I saw they did it second time for 4 minutes I said ,,well shit I could've hold this stand 30 more seconds and I would have been 10 seconds ahead of them" and because I am lazy I didn't try to beat them the second time :/
cohinton hinton
cohinton hinton преди 2 дни
1:30 and I'm 10
Me D
Me D преди 2 дни
just look beyond for you new life goal (6:39...): btw, that "who lasts longer?" challenge would be a much more interesting one :DD.
Ninja Fanny
Ninja Fanny преди 2 дни
# AHADU преди 2 дни
Eni our country ETHIOPIA this sport was punishment for who disturb the class when we was a kid😢😂😂😂
Sarim Khan
Sarim Khan преди 2 дни
bro just smashed it
Zyad Zanaty
Zyad Zanaty преди 2 дни
Yo I was making it in kong fo training for 10 mins
Max Boardman
Max Boardman преди 2 дни
I got 2 mins 25 secs
Don Field
Don Field преди 2 дни
I did it for 4min10 seconds
Kid Hobbies
Kid Hobbies преди 2 дни
When I was In my karate class there's a stance almost exactly like this and we would hold it for upto 10-20 mins while doing punches of different kinds , so I tried like perfect horse stance and I lasted for 11.13 mins 🦵
Rebira Jemama
Rebira Jemama преди 2 дни
blue shirt over here, he never even shook
Mustafa Hrsic
Mustafa Hrsic преди 2 дни
I got 3:10 and my legs are burning
Coho Salmon
Coho Salmon преди 2 дни
6:52 he needs to pee, let him go pee
James Rotstein
James Rotstein преди 2 дни
1:12 was my first attempt its so hard
FearGFX преди 2 дни
The pull up and push up where hard for me, but this one seems to be more my kind of challenge. First try sorta easy made it to 3:30 but stopped because of cramps in my upper leg... Will definitely try this again
NLGaming преди 2 дни
I got like 5 mins
Iris Lupin
Iris Lupin преди 2 дни
I managed just about 2 minutes on a deep sumo squat (knees full on outwards) and 2 minutes and 16 seconds on a shoulder width squat knees only slightly outward. The burn, oh my god.
Pinku Naorem213
Pinku Naorem213 преди 2 дни
Hey I do 1 minute 48 second I am 10 year old
Sarim Khan
Sarim Khan преди 3 дни
i did this i am 9 years old kid yes🦵🦵🦵🦵💪🤟🤟🤟
Jad Abdo
Jad Abdo преди 3 дни
I did it 1 min 14 secs and I am ten years old
Yayas 37
Yayas 37 преди 3 дни
I was at 02:
Aman преди 3 дни
IGOR do everything in the cleanest form!!
Kaden преди 3 дни
I'm 12 and stiped at one minute and one second
Wyatt D
Wyatt D преди 3 дни
I did it longer then you 3
hulks pants
hulks pants преди 3 дни
Mr Krypt
Mr Krypt преди 3 дни
This guy beat you
Syrup 2060
Syrup 2060 преди 3 дни
I got 3 minutes 3 seconds
Rita Prasad
Rita Prasad преди 4 дни
My 2:33
noob gamer vc
noob gamer vc преди 4 дни
can we touch our hamd pn legs
noob gamer vc
noob gamer vc преди 4 дни
i mean touch hand on legs
Khai Li de Moor
Khai Li de Moor преди 4 дни
You need to push your butt forward.
Hyunwook (Aiden) Im
Hyunwook (Aiden) Im преди 4 дни
cool I am a fan of yours
Fortnitepro_roblox преди 4 дни
It looks like Egor is tryna take a huge shit: 0:49 also arjen had a bigger stance then stan: 10:00
Joshua Chicaroni
Joshua Chicaroni преди 4 дни
At least they are not going constapaited when it hit 219
200plaza преди 4 дни
I did the impossible squat for 2:14
Aqeel Ahmad
Aqeel Ahmad преди 4 дни
I can do impossible squats
Mantas Radzevičius
Mantas Radzevičius преди 5 дни
my time was 4:40 and ym 9 my legs war burning
Armaan Kaul
Armaan Kaul преди 5 дни
i did 3:35 sec
Football . TV
Football . TV преди 5 дни
I did 6 min
Football . TV
Football . TV преди 5 дни
I could complete but my brother said it is rong but it was right
kuzey Yuksel
kuzey Yuksel преди 5 дни
lets go i am 11 and have no muscles yet beet both of ytou guys you have no idea how much this means to me
Anurag Dhole
Anurag Dhole преди 6 дни
Somebody please tell me the music at 7:10!!
Khalil Peart
Khalil Peart преди 6 дни
We’re doing max tomorrow in athletics and now I regret doing this.
Lewis Adkins
Lewis Adkins преди 6 дни
I quit it 2 minutes
joel marlon
joel marlon преди 7 дни
I started to cry
Saiyan athletixx
Saiyan athletixx преди 7 дни
2:35 was my death
Phantom Gino
Phantom Gino преди 7 дни
I made it 2:00 min, is that good or...
Pawel Okrasinski
Pawel Okrasinski преди 7 дни
I Made 2mins
Ege Mete Akbatur
Ege Mete Akbatur преди 8 дни
İ tryed to do it and I did it for 3:37
CHANDAN преди 8 дни
Your bro was feeling awkward in fram watching you😀
Leon Parkes
Leon Parkes преди 8 дни
I got 2 mins
Jona Böhm
Jona Böhm преди 8 дни
You're bro seams like a cool dude make more vids with him pls
Lia P
Lia P преди 8 дни
My 1 minute gang, where you at? 😂😅
Ultra Nova Gaming
Ultra Nova Gaming преди 8 дни
I got 3min and 30 sec
SkillPawGaming -
SkillPawGaming - преди 9 дни
nobody is gonna believe me, but i’m doing this with my buddy, so far we is at guru, we’re going for out of this world
Jaceistheplace преди 7 дни
I’ll believe it when I see it
Andrew SchwartzYT
Andrew SchwartzYT преди 9 дни
im only 10 and can do it for 2 mins lol
Rene Eduardo
Rene Eduardo преди 9 дни
I did 2:39 it was so hard good video
peter kaltenberger
peter kaltenberger преди 9 дни
2:30 💪🏻🙂
Kakku games
Kakku games преди 9 дни
I did 3m 45s
shivank .N
shivank .N преди 9 дни
You have to keep your body straight but cool dude ☺️
Sarah Diaz
Sarah Diaz преди 10 дни
i got 9minit 90secint i do hokey so this is ez
Tammi Sexton
Tammi Sexton преди 10 дни
Next the impossible sit up
Kenneth PH
Kenneth PH преди 10 дни
I did that and i made to five minutes
FT JITI преди 10 дни
well i don't know if im a normel person but im 12 and i just beat Igor
Some what lost
Some what lost преди 11 дни
Try shaolin horse stand for 15 min.
Luis Fonsi
Luis Fonsi преди 11 дни
Hey Browney! Your friend's legs were more wider stretched than you so he can do that.
Eyal Ziv
Eyal Ziv преди 11 дни
i did 2 minutes
Abdias Morales
Abdias Morales преди 11 дни
I did 1:30 after a leg workout
Cyber ZMC
Cyber ZMC преди 11 дни
Im 11 and i can do it for 4 min 1 sec
Carlosboii123 преди 11 дни
Jorg just thinking about life when he ended
Carlosboii123 преди 11 дни
I didn’t get a notification for this
DTA19 преди 11 дни
The guy in blue is too wide. His feet should be right below knees.
kdjfjfjfjejdc преди 11 дни
I did 2:30 first time i am 13 yo 💪💪💪
Nathan BHT
Nathan BHT преди 12 дни
i trained for the first day of this video and now, today the 13 January 2021 I beat my record for 14min41 can't move now yolooooo
shahraan shatik
shahraan shatik преди 12 дни
I beat browny's brother iam 1:08
Buster Lee
Buster Lee преди 12 дни
impossible magic push-up challenge smash sub and smash liek
Nikola Djordjevic
Nikola Djordjevic преди 12 дни
I got 3 minutes 12 seconds first try
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