His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

Mia Reilly
Mia Reilly преди 51 минута
that was so good
Joseph Sadler
Joseph Sadler преди 4 часа
Heart braking amazing.
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy преди 6 часа
Excellent. Extraordinary. Blessings. Franny P.
Dalton Souza Alves
Dalton Souza Alves преди 9 часа
A letra dessa música fez Simon relembrar um acontecimento na sua vida pessoal. Quando a juíza foi abraçar o candidato ela tocou as mãos nos ombros de Simon para confortá-lo de algum jeito pois percebeu que ele estava chorando.. E quando ela foi abraçar o candidato aquelas palavras que ela disse: " sinto muito por tudo o que vc passou". Na verdade ela não estava dizendo diretamente.para o candidato, mas estava dizendo indiretamente para o Simon . Algo na vida pessoal dele o marcou muito e provavelmente ela sabia do que se tratava . Bom...as músicas certas tocam em um ponto emocional muito forte em nós e acionam gatilhos instantâneos de emoção. Abençoados aqueles que se emocionam pois ali está um coração.
RENA Z преди 9 часа
I look at this song differently now. Thanks young man- hit home
Justin Ripley
Justin Ripley преди 10 часа
Everybody: crying because he touched all their hearts. Simon: crying because he doesn't have a heart and wishes he did.
shooter 2335
shooter 2335 преди 11 часа
wow u made cheryl cry
Renan Ferreira
Renan Ferreira преди 11 часа
Analecia1997 Lecia
Analecia1997 Lecia преди 12 часа
Linsaaa voz Deus lhe abençoe sempre
nada yasin
nada yasin преди 12 часа
من الخرطوم 👍👍👍👍
Michelle Massie
Michelle Massie преди 12 часа
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Coolly'C TwoTiiim3s
Coolly'C TwoTiiim3s преди 15 часа
Encore encore❗️🔥
Hedwig Kwedhi
Hedwig Kwedhi преди 16 часа
I love Simon's reaction
Andie_ V2 Entertaiment
Andie_ V2 Entertaiment преди 16 часа
Oh my God this video virall on BGpost 316 milion VIEWERS...amazing
John Bieda
John Bieda преди 18 часа
Damn, I can not believe that actually made me cry and i consider myself a strong man.
Noella Shank
Noella Shank преди 19 часа
such an emotional song and good singer. You are truly blessed. Love. you made me cry. I just lost a nephew, our godchild and it's so hard. Love.
Flor Flor
Flor Flor преди 20 часа
I wish to have a friend like this guy, sincere. This is a real friendship.😭
Tünde Dobray
Tünde Dobray преди 20 часа
Nagyon szép!♡
Nessma Ahmed
Nessma Ahmed преди 22 часа
OMG! When ever I listen this I cry
domonique drummer
domonique drummer преди ден
386mill views lol damn this video made somebody rich
Madeline Sanchez
Madeline Sanchez преди ден
i cried so bad
Sally Geluz
Sally Geluz преди ден
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Tiajuana Walker
Tiajuana Walker преди ден
That young man had me crying because of he dedicated it to his best friend😢
Gilmara Nascimento
Gilmara Nascimento преди ден
Algum brasileiro aqui ?
Kathy Piotrowska
Kathy Piotrowska преди ден
wonderful, straight from your heart ! you are amazing
GenUser_ 2119
GenUser_ 2119 преди ден
He sings like an angle.
Paula Kay Cafree
Paula Kay Cafree преди ден
Truly Kind, Amazing Young Man....He deserves EVERYTHING GOOD FOR ALL His Day's....🙏😮😯just.spectacular!!!.. Great + Excellent in raising him, Mom ! Many Blessings too You and Yours 💕 ALL your Life ❤️❤️....A 'Bow' too You Loving Mom.....💜💚🎼🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀
Felc tutor
Felc tutor преди ден
that was the best
dell ;
dell ; преди ден
Definitivamente Josh acabou com qq armadura que alguém possa ter além de partir completamente o coração de Simon. Nenhum chegou a tanto quanto esse. Tanto que Simon fugiu de seus amigos jurados pela dor sentida com emoção.
anil thomas
anil thomas преди ден
This day angels and spirits of those departed watched this Lad sing and paid tribute to his love for his friend ...friendships like these are not made for this life alone. And yet people like me live on the same planet without a single friend.
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith преди ден
That young man sung wonderfully, but somehow I can't get into other people judging others on how good they sing, I hope he goes far !
Luciana Freitas
Luciana Freitas преди ден
Marcia Badini
Marcia Badini преди ден
Kristy Remme
Kristy Remme преди ден
your voice is AMAZING U ARE AMAZING DONT CRY BE HAPPY and...your best friend will be with you all the time.... just be happy..
Lisa Glenn
Lisa Glenn преди ден
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Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney преди ден
{Gamergirl }
{Gamergirl } преди ден
I Legit cried
Enrico Klatt
Enrico Klatt преди ден
so schön Danke
Lindenbaum1414 Linde
Lindenbaum1414 Linde преди ден
Traurig ...aber schön.......💓
Crazystuff преди 2 дни
Simon has his own pain
dm6565 преди 2 дни
I'm touched.
Los Aguilar
Los Aguilar преди 2 дни
Nathalie Perry
Nathalie Perry преди 2 дни
Heartfelt and beautiful, dang! Would not want to be performing after him 🥴
Larissa Sivan
Larissa Sivan преди 2 дни
The boy's voice is incredible, it certainly brought memories to Simon 🥰🥰
C.K canal kids
C.K canal kids преди 2 дни
😭✊🏽beutiful 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Keenan Soares
Keenan Soares преди 2 дни
I really felt like God was talking to me.
Souka Tm
Souka Tm преди 2 дни
Please i need lyrices of this song ❤
Follojesus FJ
Follojesus FJ преди 2 дни
Perfect song, voice, timing!!
Virginie Bardot
Virginie Bardot преди 2 дни
Gerald Raschdorf
Gerald Raschdorf преди 2 дни
Where are he going???
Eva Costa
Eva Costa преди 2 дни
Voz maravilhosa letra triste de morrer grande amigo a poucos assim mas ainda existem
Ann Morris
Ann Morris преди 2 дни
When you start to sing you get nervous When you get nervous you dont want to go When you dont want to go you will be in trouble When you finally there you sing in emotional songs When you sing emotional songs people cry When people cry they get tears everywhere Bye bye I dont want to miss anything else
Milyaa 2litt
Milyaa 2litt преди 2 дни
Not me crying 🤧🤧🤧
Silvana Melo Torres
Silvana Melo Torres преди 2 дни
Eu já vi. Mil vezes e todas choro muito não tem como não se emocionar
Flávia Figueiredo
Flávia Figueiredo преди 2 дни
É dificil para mim dizer que tenho inveja da maneira que vc é feliz sem mim😢😢
Grace Morgan
Grace Morgan преди 2 дни
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SAMH ALMEIDA преди 2 дни
Mc nego do borel
Demarko9891 преди 2 дни
jewel Of the Isle
jewel Of the Isle преди 2 дни
Kristen Spring
Kristen Spring преди 2 дни
U r awesome 👍❤️
A Goutam
A Goutam преди 3 дни
Its hard to make simon cry but this man is a genious who really touched each and everybody's heart including simon!!!
Nita Kakatkar
Nita Kakatkar преди 3 дни
Dr. Franjo
Dr. Franjo преди 3 дни
Chubby Ghost
Chubby Ghost преди 3 дни
Anyone else here at 4am?
Susan Achacoso
Susan Achacoso преди 3 дни
Boy is sow sad I am crying 😢 but be your song I like sad
Kavi преди 3 дни
This man grew up to be John Legend
Lilian Stapp
Lilian Stapp преди 3 дни
I cried myself
Nadir Pastoriza
Nadir Pastoriza преди 3 дни
Que lindo
rhonda pitzer west
rhonda pitzer west преди 3 дни
Beautiful voice talented from God
J Dezenzio
J Dezenzio преди 3 дни
Not many people knew this but Simon's mother had just passed away and he chose to go to work too soon because his mother was a huge fan of the show. He went back because he knew she would want him to do this. He was grieving when he heard this man sing and the lyrics hit him very hard. He could barely keep composed.
Molly преди час
@J Dezenzio where can I see it
J Dezenzio
J Dezenzio преди 13 часа
@Molly He gave an interview about it.
Molly преди ден
Oh how did u know that
Diane Venable
Diane Venable преди 3 дни
Thank you Josh, I miss my sister so much. I cry with you every time I play this. I play it often, it hurts but it kind of brings her next to me.
Margo Rawlings
Margo Rawlings преди 3 дни
Zachery Butter
Zachery Butter преди 3 дни
Imagine everyone in a BGpost comment section bringing up your mother’s death that you were still raw about. Let them sink into the man’s voice. Leave the dead to the dead.
Karl-Mogens Skovborg Larsen
Karl-Mogens Skovborg Larsen преди 3 дни
Its impossible that only the voice touched Simon, I think Simon has experienced something he didn’t want to look back on with this song and words.
Bella Villa
Bella Villa преди 3 дни
simon dont cry
Bella Villa
Bella Villa преди 3 дни
Futuro do Reggae
Futuro do Reggae преди 3 дни
Big voice👉🎼
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson преди 3 дни
Extremely emotional and a brilliant performance.
Linda Holden
Linda Holden преди 3 дни
Beautifully well sung,beyond words can say.
Cas Arends
Cas Arends преди 3 дни
my parents WHY ARE YOU CRYING SO LOUD Me crying bc is saw this vid
pablo irra carmona
pablo irra carmona преди 3 дни
Arturo Rosado
Arturo Rosado преди 3 дни
My favorite moment is when Simon blink after saying Yes, is like this guy singing help him say Goodbye to his mom and heal. Truly captivating.✌️
Emil Hogrefe
Emil Hogrefe преди 3 дни
Thats was good
Attila Abri
Attila Abri преди 3 дни
Wow, that was impressive!
Rony Display
Rony Display преди 3 дни
Q pena, ñ sei ler os comentários rsrs ☹️
mesha lewis
mesha lewis преди 3 дни
Simón never cry's but that has changed because he lost someone that he was very close to in a point of his life
Corayn Bell
Corayn Bell преди 3 дни
Great rendition of this song..never heard it sung so well!
Tommie Hessler
Tommie Hessler преди 3 дни
I will never hear that song the same way again.
Julieta Gallo
Julieta Gallo преди 3 дни
Pero que les pasa al jurado? Merecia el boton dorado (o como le digan aqui), fue practicamente perfecto. Sinceramente dejan mucho que decir respecto a su perspectiva de talento este jurado mediocre.
pen & teller
pen & teller преди 3 дни
i know simon cried inside bathroom after he arrives home...
Codevereaux преди 3 дни
me crying before it even starts....
Shahid Jamil
Shahid Jamil преди 3 дни
Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly преди 3 дни
Tito Rivera
Tito Rivera преди 3 дни
DRY BONES by Tito Rivera. I'm looking for support from the people of God to buy this book.
Kim Nowak
Kim Nowak преди 3 дни
Jemand Deutsches hier Aus 2021😅
FeliciA Bess
FeliciA Bess преди 3 дни
Just beautiful
Jonathan Marsh
Jonathan Marsh преди 3 дни
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Salvatore Nuccio
Salvatore Nuccio преди 3 дни
Complimenti davvero emozionante
She Sings For Her Dying Dad... Don't Cry :(
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